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Most Fun Ever!
erose00115 September 2015
I haven't had so much fun watching a TV show in ages! NPH is fantastic as usual, as is all the talent appearing on the show. I was very impressed with the guest stars, and also with co-host Nicole Scherzinger. To think the show is genuinely live makes it all the more impressive.

Look for trivia-type games with great prizes, heartwarming hidden camera bits (which brought back childhood memories of Art Linkletter's House Party, but for the social media era), live involvement of the at-home audience in addition to the studio audience, musical numbers with a twist, and funny, good-natured stunts and pranks. (No meanness, thank goodness!) And that was just the type of segments in the first episode, which means there are probably many other types of segments to look forward to in future shows. If it maintains this tone and stays this fun, it will be must-see live TV for this usually cynical, time-shifting TV viewer.

I am not familiar with the UK show that inspired it, but I grew up in the golden era of variety TV, where vaudeville was brought into our homes by the likes of Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnett, and Sonny and Cher. Variety petered out because vaudeville lost its relevance. This is a fitting update for the 21st Century, and I hope everyone finds it as relevant as I do!
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Neil Patrick Harris is Jack of All Trades and Master of Ceremonies
atlasmb17 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The evolution of the talk show has brought us hosts that do more than just interview. It's no wonder that someone decided to create a show that features the skits and bits with no interviews. The result is "Best Time Ever" which stars Neil Patrick Harris and is LIVE ("How live is it?" I wonder. Better to suspend disbelief and enjoy.)

The title is such a bold promise. Let me take you through the first episode and evaluate how they did.

There's a live audience. And there's Reese Witherspoon--a great choice for the first guest announcer. She's standing in a red box at the back of the audience. She's witty and beautiful, but why don't you put her on stage, Neil? Maybe because the producers are afraid that other guest announcers might become too interactive and destroy the strict timetable that a live show requires?

First Neil interacts with the audience. This turns into a bit about a couple from the audience who were recently married. Neil was at the wedding, unknown to them, and he has clips to prove it. He also was at a football game they attended. And at their hotel ala Zelig. (Did they really not realize there were cameras in their car? Never mind, just enjoy).

Then they announce that Nicole Scherzinger is the show's second banana. She's no Ed McMahon or Vanna White, but--who am I kidding. This is great casting.

It's time for a sing-along karaoke contest, featuring three unsuspecting contestants who are watching the show in their livingrooms (Okay, maybe I can buy that, but I would guess that some family members might spill the beans, especially since you don't want to embarrass your dad, who's watching in his underwear. Well, maybe you do.) Gloria Gaynor comes onstage to sing " I Will Survive" with mirror balls spinning. Two of the three contestants know the correct lyric when it is their time to fill in the blank, winning $1,000 each.

Time for a competition called "Neil vs.", where our host is pitted against an audience member or the guest announcer or Nicole in some kind of competition. (Okay, does Neil really not know what the contest will be? Does Reese not know beforehand?) This week's contest is physical. Neil and Reese are suspended in the air on a large tower that they have to climb. The first one to the top and down a zipline to the ground wins. (It seemed like Neil might have paused at the top to make the race tighter.) Neil wins.

Carson Daly then joins Neil. They show a video of Neil pranking the cast of "The Voice" including Daly, pretending to be the host of Austria's version of the show. He also sings like a contestant and none of the four judges turn around. Finally, he reveals that he is really NPH and they all get some chuckles. I thought this was the funniest bit of the night.

Oh, did I mention that Carrot Top--he of the flaming follicles--stops by for a five second sight gag?

On with the show--they play a game called "Get Lucky". A fairly random audience member answers current events questions for chances at a plethora of--sixteen actually--prizes. Before they reveal what she has won, they offer her the opportunity to risk everything for a chance to win all sixteen prizes. She wisely takes her winnings, which include a car and $20,000 cash.

They wrap up the hour with their End-of-Show Show, for which Neil has learned flairing ala Tom Cruise in "Cocktail". He does sleight of hand, then they bring out four pogostickers or pogoists, whatever they call the guys who bounce on sticks. Fortunately they wear helmets, because one guy barely misses calamity performing a backflip. Neil pogos too and shows some acro skills. A marching band enters the stage with dancers, the Alabama Crimson Tide mascot, and various other revelers and a disco fever is enjoyed by all, including Reese and Carrot Top.

Was it fun? Sure. Can they keep the energy level up in future episodes? Probably. Was it the "Best Time Ever"? Negatory, but I'll give it a grade of "8" for its first installment.
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Finally something hilarious I can watch with the kids
katemginn6 October 2015
No spoilers. Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris is my new favorite TV show. It's hilarious and wonderful. I am pleased that I can finally enjoy a show with my children! Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris is appropriate for all ages. I'm gleaning from other reviewers that it was inspired by another program in the UK. If that's true, it makes sense because Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris has an absurdist, tongue-in-cheek humor that seems to be slowly catching on in American comedy. It's overdone and ridiculous, but it's *masterfully* so. NPH is perfect. Nicole Scherzinger is perfect. I love LNPH! Love the A list temporary co-hosts! I wouldn't change anything about what these great entertainers are doing. In response to reviewers who complained that the audience participants did not seem authentically surprised, I respectfully suggest that this program's humor may simply not be the best match for you. The "reality" angle is brilliant if you appreciate that sort of thing.
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Valiant effort, but it left me wanting.
lenon11224 November 2015
Considering the fact that I love variety shows, game shows, and Neil Patrick Harris, I hoped this show would blow me away. Unfortunately, the production glitches, loose timing, mediocre jokes, and seemingly haphazard, over choreographed/produced, and rushed production, was the major flaw in this, yet still savable show.

I feel if he had/would go in more of a variety direction, with skits, reminiscent of Carol Burnett, with the game show segments taking a back seat to the entertainment, he would have a sure-fire hit on his hands. Currently, the games seem to make the show drag painfully along, between "almost great" performances.

Or, take it the direction of the long-running, German show "Wetten Das" where celebrity guests come on for interviews, sketches, etc, whilst simultaneously have contestants perform zany stunts for prizes, and cash, which are checked on throughout the show; sort of like two shows in one.

Hopefully, next season will bring about some changes, as this show definitely has potential, and Mr. Harris does a fantastic job at hosting it, however this show, is in need of some major tweaking.
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Best Show Ever!
sarikamcw27 October 2015
My husband and I have been watching this show for a number of weeks. It only got better with each episode. It holds your attention because it keeps moving from one exciting thing to another. We were so sad to hear that next week would be the last episode. It's one of the best variety shows I've ever seen, because it has magic, humor, good retro performers, audience participation and variety. Neil Patrick Harris is unbelievable in his quick changes, abilities, humor and talent. He has involved his son in the show. One of the best shows so far was when he celebrated his mother's birthday. He picks co- hosts from all different genres. Not only this, but you can watch it with your kids. I hope they bring this one back.
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watched for 10 minutes-just STUPID
Donniesout7229 September 2015
I love Neal Patrick Harris but this show, it seems to me, is just another attempt by NBC to find a show as good as THE VOICE and it hasn't happened. They have been 'trying' to find another WINNER but even with famous people like Reese Witherspoon and Alec Baldwin, the 20' high club? not funny! I watched about 10 min. and it was just STUPID. Neil is funny but not when jokes have to be written for him. I like people who are funny by nature and not having to have jokes written 'for them' like Chris Rock, Jim Carrey and Ellen Degeneres, just to name 3. people who ARE funny, don't need jokes written 'for' them. i don't think this show will last.
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NOT the best time ever.
Rachrachyrachael23 September 2015
This show was completely lifeless. I even said to my boyfriend while watching it, "What is the point of this show?" I just didn't understand what was supposed to be happening because it was so all over the place. First, there was a guest host, then there was audience participation, then a band was playing, then a game, and then a celebrity showed up....It just kept jumping from one random thing to the next. Not to mention it seemed very scripted with the audience members. It wasn't entertaining; random stuff just kept happening and it was just boring. I certainly will never watch it again, and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. I would not be the least bit surprised if this gets canceled.
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Uneventful and boring.
warblerluvr29 September 2015
Not so much the best show ever at all. I think it is mediocre at best.

For starters, I did not want to watch the show because I had a feeling it was going to be lackluster and boring.

My husband wanted to watch it, so I had to record my show so he could watch.

My husband and I were bored throughout the whole show. The only reason he kept watching is in hopes at least "SOMETHING" halfway entertaining would happen.

I got out my phone after 10-15 minutes and played a game I was so bored but he still insisted on finish watching "just in case" it might get better.

I don't recall that we even laughed once throughout the show.

Thankfully my husband said he didn't need to watch it again.

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Another AGT-like farce
marcustee16 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I feel this show and the show that it follows (AGT) are completely set up. When NPH interviews the couple in the audience from Alabama, they give no indication of surprise that Harris was at their wedding or at any other time during the interview. (watch it again if you're not certain) They both just sit there and stare at the screen as if they had seen it all before.(which I'm pretty certain they had.)

And who in their right mind would believe that NPH was an Austrian? That was the worst make-up and accent, and the "Voice" team all act like they didn't recognize him? Seriously?

I remember back in the day people would say that TV execs thought the American public were too dumb so they would dumb down their shows to accommodate the audience. It appears that they are doing that to a much greater level these days.
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Worst Show Ever
Huck_Haines15 September 2015
Maybe not the worst ever, but certainly in the conversation. It was hard to tell is it was supposed to be funny, suspenseful, a game show or who knows what.

Everything seemed preplanned and not spontaneous at all. The couple in audience who had a series of surprises exposed to them seemed bored with the whole thing. The woman who won a car and a trip barely seemed excited. Was the whole thing a fix? Was it a big prank on all of us?

Even Neil Patrick Harris seemed like he knew the whole thing was falling flat no matter what he did. I'm guessing he regrets getting involved in this mess at all.

I really wanted to like this show and maybe this train wreck can be saved, but I wouldn't bet a nickel that this show will still be on the air at Thanksgiving.
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Complete Waste of Time if You Don't Think Harris is the Greatest Person Alive
VertigoOne15 September 2015
Apparently, someone out there thinks that Neil Patrick Harris is the most interesting person alive - one of them is Neil Patrick Harris. Never has a show seemed so forced, annoying, or completely pathetic. Poor Reese Witherspoon.

Everything in the show, despite its huge potential - with its star- studded debut - falls flat. I don't feel the need to laugh if I sense that the humor is being shoved at me. There was no humor being shoved at me - only Hollywood "stars" with bloated egos.

I have never been a big fan of Neil Patrick Harris, and this show did nothing to change my mind. #worsttimeever
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Bring This Show Back!!
sanecatlady18 January 2016
As usual, a great show like this has been canceled, yet the completely stupid, boring, predictable and moronic shows like Two Broke Girls remain on the air. T.V. "execs" have no clue these days. I bet they would have canceled Doogie after one season, too. This is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time and I looked forward to watching it. NPH is awesome, as always and this show brought real entertainment back to television. I sincerely hope a different network picks this up and brings it back. The network obviously does not know a great show when they see one, Ratings were not as high as the network expected, so they cut the show? It happens all the time..most likely an inexperienced person running the show. Hey..any other network with an eye for what the public wants to see...we want shows like this..Please pick it up for another season in a good time slot...You won't regret it!
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Don't expect much
qasimraza78822 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Fans of NPH love his humor and his ability to make his audience laugh. In this show, he isn't trying to make you laugh and fall out of your seat which for some fans, is rather disappointing.

The show has too much on star power which eclipses the participating audience members. Speaking of audience members... where do they get such calm and reserved people? That's where the show seems disingenuous. There are no screams, no jumping or running from the "fans".

I think the show can still redeem itself if it caters itself to fans of the show genre and the host.
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Not the Best of Times!
ccorral41917 September 2015
TV Review: Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris. With director Glenn Weiss (Peter Pan Live - 2014) at the helm, and NPH wearing too many hats (Host, Writer and Producer), this new series (inspired by the U.K. program "Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway") was not the best time ever! Sure, the production was live, but that doesn't mean it gets a "pass" on being good, interesting or entertaining. Heck, if Weiss couldn't pull off "Peter Pan Live," why would NPH think he could pull off his live show? The various entertainment segments were time consuming and less than interesting, guest announcer Reese Witherspoon appeared forced in everything she participated in, and poor Gloria Gaynor looked out of place. I think one of the "The Voice" judges summed up the show best (after being punked by NPH) by saying "What the ...." In the words of the "Shark Tank" panelist "For that reason, I'm out".
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