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A funny but sad episode of Gravity Falls
polarbearjosh15 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I always expect an episode of Gravity Falls that will make me laugh at least once but I never expected one to make me feel bad for a character. This is where this episode comes to give both those things. Blendin's Game is quite an experience for any Gravity Falls viewer and it's certainly one of my favorite episodes of the show.

While it certainly doesn't link to anything related to the author or the journals, it does give us more about what the residents of Gravity Falls were like in the past (10 years ago actually) such as revealing Toby Determined wanted to be a Broadway star and how Soos decided to become a Mystery Shack employee (if you watch the end credits). In speaking of Soos, much of the episode is focused on him hating his birthday (apparently, his father left him at a young age and was supposed to have came to his 12th birthday but never showed up). Never I felt such sympathy for a character on this show and I'm glad the writers did such a thing for that to happen well. The ending where he decides to forget about his Dad leaving and to accept his grandma and the Pines as his family was quite heartwarming too.

The other focus is on Blandin Blendin wanting to get revenge on Dipper and Mabel from what they did in the Time Traveler's Pig. He apparently wants to battle them in Globnar (which is a game show like challenge that's similar to Tron meets American Gladiator) so he can have them killed but only to be defeated by the twins once again. Luckily, both Dipper and Mabel were able to save him from death from Blandin's ruler the Time Baby after remembering on how much they have done to him and Blandin himself becomes a new ally to the Pines twins. Much of the comedy comes from this plot such as some crazy one liners from Mabel as well as people being zapped to death in a comedic way.

Overall, you can pretty much say based on from what I wrote, this a highly recommended episode of Gravity Falls episode to watch. It has both comedy and drama that really work well in their own plots.
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Edvis-199715 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Well now literally we know 100% Soos is a really brainless person. When you have wish and u waste it on pizza instead of helping your friends to find out who's author of the book. Seriously...
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