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Sex & Nudity

  • In one scene, a woman is not wearing a shirt. She has a sports bra on. Nudity is not sexual or graphic.
  • A woman is in her bra and underwear as she inspects a cut.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman sits in her bra and underwear while inspecting a large, bloody gash on her thigh. For some, this might trigger thoughts of self harm. The character prods the cut in a way that is clearly painful to her, suggesting she means to cause herself pain.
  • A character removes debris from a wound using tweezers. There is blood, but it is mostly dried (not gushing). Character appears to be in pain.
  • A character jolts upright and gets a bloody nose after a shocking realization.
  • Seriously disturbing violence WITH SPOILERS is explained in the spoiler section below. I advise reading it if you are unsure of watching it without knowing about a significant instance of violence and gore.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Not recreational, but prescription: character mentions in passing taking an anti-depressant/anti-psychotic medication. Brief comment made in the context of saying they took the medicine on an empty stomach and feel ill.
  • A character gives someone a trinket with a marijuana leaf design on it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A character sneaks up on someone and holds a gun to their head.
  • Someone with a severe medical condition describes being in pain, and does not always have a say in what happens to them.
  • A man injects a woman with a sedative against her will. She becomes unconscious.
  • Scenes of intense emotion as a character recounts past trauma to others while crying, visibly distressed.
  • A character is holding a knife while recounting painful trauma. The character seems unstable. Someone takes the knife away.
  • A frustrated character suddenly rips the landline phone off the wall.
  • A character describes being held in captivity.
  • Tension between two characters when one discovers the other has been lying about something for years.
  • A woman explains that she was glad a person was disabled, because it meant the person would need and rely on her forever. It is a brief comment, but one that has disturbing implications of overprotectiveness and misuse of the disabled person's dependence on her.
  • A character breaks into someone's house through a window to look for evidence/information.
  • A character seems to be on the verge of an anxiety attack. Mostly breathing hard, splashing water on their face in the bathroom, looking into mirror. Character feels very betrayed by a close friend.
  • A beloved character deliberately runs in the direction of danger to help others. It is sad and frightening. Character uninjured.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • As two characters embrace, someone walks up behind them and shoots them both to death. They visibly collapse. The killer turns on someone else and threatens to shoot them.
  • School shooting. An unknown teenage boy (not a character we have seen before) is seen approaching the cafeteria in a tactical vest with an assault rifle. He begins firing into the cafeteria and at students. A lot of screaming, ducking for cover, audible gunfire, frightening emotionlessness of shooter.
  • Someone tackles a distracted gunman from behind, causing scattered gunfire. The bullet hits a woman in the chest.
  • A character is shot in the chest. Lots of blood visible. Oxygen mask, ambulance evacuation. Character is incoherent, looks very sickly and pale. It is never definitely stated, but it seems that the character dies. Others react very emotionally.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After drugging a woman, a man drives her into a remote area and leaves her on the side of the road. She is conscious when he does so. Before he leaves, he is straddling her while she is motionless. He holds a blade to her throat. The scene might be triggering for some, as she appears very vulnerable, he is volatile, and his stance suggests he might sexually assault her, though he does not. He stands to leave and she tries to reach out for him. He kicks her and drives away.
  • Numerous teenagers stand up to the school shooter.

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