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What's in a name?
dierregi28 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
All the characters of this very dysfunctional family are interesting, with Akiva being obviously the most charming and perhaps better adjusted. After the first two failed engagements, Akiva is falling for his cousin, while their battling fathers are totally oblivious to the fact.

Trying to pursuing his artistic career, Akiva manages to get fired from the school by his father Shulem, who's asking him for a formal apology to be reinstated.

In the meantime, Giti is giving birth. She's probably the most annoying character in the show, with her mix of passive-aggressive attitude, her lying and her hypocrisy. After having committed to name her child Zelig for free, and without knowing her husband got some money in return, she "changes her mind" because she's afraid of the widow (for whom previously she felt sorry).

Giti tries to get Lipa to break her promise, without knowing about the money and she's seriously displeased when Lipa officially names the child Zelig. I was actually pleased to see her disappointed face, because she deserved some punishment for her inconsistent behaviour.
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