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Sex & Nudity

  • The film opens with Donita and Suzi in a car, pretending to have sex to freak out people outside. They rock the car, as they moan, and Suzi repeats the words "Just shut up, and fuck me, dammit!"
  • Suzi exposes her breasts in one scene.
  • A clip featuring L7's performance on The Word features Donita pulling down her pants, revealing her pubic region and her buttocks. The Word also features men's naked buttocks.
  • A man at a festival is completely naked. His penis is shown.
  • There is a story about Mötley Crüe recording an album in the same studio that L7 were recording their album in. In the story, we hear of how Mötley Crüe invited the members of L7 into their studio to hear their new album, and their studio had cut-outs from porno mags on the wall, so L7, as a joke, bought some gay porno mags, featuring naked men, and put them on the walls and invited the members of Mötley Crüe in to hear their new album. Archive footage shows both Mötley Crüe's studio with the naked women, and L7's studio with the naked men.
  • Donita throws a bloody tampon into a crowd.
  • A photograph features someone mooning.
  • Band members are seen with dildos at various points in the film, though they're always used in a juvenile way, rather than in a sexual way.
  • When asked why L7 went independent, Donita jokingly responds that they wanted all the "hookers and cocaine."
  • A montage features various male roadies of L7 in nothing but underwear, intended to be jokingly sexual.
  • Donita is seen with her pants down, urinating on the ground.
  • There's a line in the L7 song, Fast and Frightening, that says "She's got some much clit, she don't need no balls." This is line is brought up a few times in the film.
  • Dee, on the phone, gives a detailed description of the various sexual acts she performs on her boyfriend, and ask the person she's talking to what his girlfriend does to her.

Violence & Gore

  • The band talk about how their security team in Brazil were armed. Footage shows a security member hiding a gun when he realizes the camera is on him.


  • Lots of swearing throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Substance abuse issues are talked about, with all members of the band having their own issues that they had to deal with.
  • Donita compares Green Day's music to adderall, L7's music to quaaludes, and Nick Cave's music to heroin.
  • All members of the band are seen smoking throughout.
  • Both Jennifer and Suzi talk about their respective drug problems in great detail.
  • People are seen drinking alcohol.
  • When asked why L7 went independent, Donita jokingly responds that they wanted all the "hookers and cocaine."
  • Jennifer is seen rolling a joint at one point.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Death is talked about quite frankly in the film, including the loss of a road member, Kurt Cobain, and a father.
  • There's frank talk about substance abuse issues.
  • Suzi reflects on how she felt she wasted her life in L7, when she could have had a different life.

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