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Isn't it shyronic? (that this has become a success)
Horst_In_Translation25 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This project from 2009 was made by The Lonely Island and Rihanna and you can pretty much replace the former with actor Andy Samberg as he is dressed up as a nerd in a classroom here being obviously very nervous standing next to Rihanna and when he is supposed to sing, he rather mumbles. At the same time, a group of youngsters are sitting in said classroom and watching the uneven duo. And actually, this class of pupils is the only somewhat funny thing to see how they react when witnessing the action. That sure says a lot about the two in the front. It's fairly cringeworthy how Rihanna (in her early 20s back then) is singing every line, also that she forgot her purse and yeah I never found Samberg funny, certainly not in this very generic nerd costume making fun pretty disrespectfully of shy people. Rihanna isn't much better and yeah it says it all that you have to speak out loud that he urinated in his panties to understand where the humor and comedy (or lack thereof) is coming from in this movie. If you wantg to call it that even as it only runs for pretty muche xactly 2.5 minutes. Sure doesn't show people's strong taste in movie if SNL sketch has almost seven million views since its reupload by the original channel on Youtube back in fall 2017. Like I said, the original is much older and has its 10th anniversary this year. So all in all, it is definitely a failure and kinda bad to see they even made a sequel here not much later. SNL at its most horrible. Oh and nope if it not Beyoncé's last name on the board, just the word "knowledge" for whatever reason. And by the way, Beyoncé may have had some weaker effort in her career too, but as far as I know she has not stooped this low. But it fits kinda well that Rihanna is in here because she is really more of a media phenomen than a gifted singer. let alone actress. Highly not recommended.
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