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marktyoung16 January 2021
This has to be one of the worst, and most bizarre, alien 'documentaries' out there. It is literally Nick Pope sitting there making random connections between pieces of information and making wild conspiracy theories linking them. Oh, and there are bizarre images on screen (like actors pretending to be at press conferences, video of planes flying, stock photos, etc) to try to distract viewers that they are literally never presented with any evidence.

It's bizarre as Nick Pope talks about TV interviews and NY Times pieces, but they are never shown on screen. There are no interviews with anyone. Even people like Tom Delong who would be very sympathetic.

And of course, it ends with rampant conspiracy theories and talking about the "Deep State" in a Trumpian way. It's the same boring and tired shtick.
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If You're A UFO Freak, It's Worth a Watch
jonfolz-588-69108224 November 2019
I enjoy Nick Pope. He'san authority on all things UFO and he has that puedo-aristocrat British voice that adds an air of believability to and subject. This is a well researched and well written recent history (2015-2020) of the UFO question. If youve got an hour to kill, are interested in UFOs and enjoy b-roll put to good oratory, this video is for you!
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Weirdly interesting
muamba_eats_toast6 April 2020
Unfortunately the most basic of research shows some of the incidents mentioned to be completely false whilst others are sensationalised or true but unspectacular alone. I was still enjoying it mind for the majority although the conspiracy theories about operation blue beam st the end were a little much even for me who likes a good conspiracy theory. Overall enjoyable but do your own research don't take it as gospel even though it is presented until the final segments in a believable manner.
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No, just NO
Chiller11726 March 2021
Seeing this bloke suddenly pop up out of nowhere without warning for just a few minutes is bad enough... but according to another reviewer, who seems to detest this blithering idiot as much as I do, this irritating bloke is blathering on for the entire program. How can anyone justify giving this bloke more than five minutes of airtime, let alone a whole program? I wanted to watch this on blaze tv, but thought that I had better look on here first, just to be safe... I am so glad that I did, as I think I would have ripped my tv from the wall, and threw it through the window if I had just settled down to watch, and then up popped this large foreheaded idiot.
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