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Primed to impress, James Wong is performing Tchaikovsky's violin concerto for his teacher, Mark Fewer. The run-through comes to a stop as Mark notices that James' ring finger is moving erratically. After failed attempts to control it, James realizes that he may be faced with a career-altering problem. Weeks later, James sits alone in a practice room, research papers on 'Focal Hand Dystonia' sit by his side. Whilst practicing, he learns that he is late for a quartet coaching and rushes to the hall. When he arrives, Mark informs James that he is being replaced. That night, a depressed James wakes up to a phone call from his girlfriend, Emily. Increasingly distant since the incident, he ignores her fifth call of the day, instead seeking solace by picking up his violin to work on his physical issue. As the involuntary muscle contractions persist through each paying attempt, he soon breaks down from frustration. Concerned, Emily unlocks the apartment door to find James crying on the floor. ...

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