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Wonder Woman 84 - mixed opinions
24 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
So, here we are after months and months of delays DC finally relased the highly anticipated WW84, and it is... well... cool. My opinions about the movie are mixed so I will seperate them into 3 categories.

1. Good:
  • Gal Gadot - she is a GODESS, i repeat GODESS! Excelent as Wonder Woman, full of emotion, extremely likable understood the character and did a great job just like in the first movie, maybe even better
  • Pedro Pascal - I just want more of him! Altough his character wasn't developed that much, Maxwell Lord, and is a bit of a predictible personality you can still see he is having a blast playing him and is so entertaining.
  • The visuals - a really beautifull movie to look at ( fireworks scene ), definetly worth seeing it in a theater
  • Story and message - it kind of felt like a Disney movie with is main theme of "nothing good is born from lies" and it's vibrant characters and looks, the pogression of the story is solid and preety interesting, altough it starts slow trying to explain and tell a lot of exposioson about the past and the present, but the second act picks up the pace and it is way more entertaining and action filled than the first act.
  • Chris Pine - loveable as Steve and a nice character
  • Fight scenes - great and really well done ( Mall robbery being the best ) and again. Gal Gadot shows a lot of emotion in them

2. Mixed:

  • Kristen Wiig- after the first act i kind of started hating on her character Barbara, which was likeable, with all of the cliche villian tropes she was taking, and when Chettah shows up for a 2 minute fight at the climax her looks reminded me of 2019s "Cats" and was a bit cringy
  • Writing - some moments could have been less chessy and could have been written more deeply than they were ( scene where Diana says goodbye to Steve was short and was not that emotinal in terms of dialouge and the reunion of Lord and his son also felt so fast and not that emotinoal )
  • Pacing - sometimes a bit slow, sometimes a bit fast, not good, not bad

3. Bad:

-CGI and green screen - at some moments despite looking fabolus you can clearly, i mean clearly see the green screen moving ( every close up of WW running is awfuly done ) and the CGI being absolutly ridiculous ( Cheetah again ) which sometimes ruins the good moments in the movie
  • Logic - I may be nitpicking but some of the moments really do not feel well explained. Like how does Steve now how to drive a modern airplane, modern looking g63 jeeps pulled me from the 80s vibe of the film, for some reason she can fly all of a sudden, and sprint with heavy objects and trucks... these are just some and there is more
  • Timeline - so people won't understand Suprerman in Man of Steel because of his alien powers but almost every single person acording to WW could wish an extremly powerful weapon or to start another war or kill someone or become rich or kill a race or... i think you get it
  • Opening sequence - In my opinion, enjoyable but wasn't really necsesary at all since the first movie explained everything about Dianas childhood

At the end, WW84 while flawed is still an enjoyable movie with enough action and heart to make it entertaining to watch. I think that it could have been better like the trailers showed, but sadly it was not. Would recommend seeing it in a theater for the lovley looks.

5.5/10 for me
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Remember, remember, V for Vendetta, the writing, character and plot, i know of no reason why this movie should ever be forgot!
8 December 2020
First, I have to give credit and praise the team behind this film, for releasing a movie so politicly powerful and sharing a strong message how "we", as "we" the people living in our country shouldn't be afraid of our governments 4/5 years after 9/11 and during the massive political protests in many countries around the world.

It is sad to think that 15 years later in this rough, chaotic 2020, when I saw this movie for the first time, I realized that my countries government isn't far away of being like the government presented as a villain in a fictional, sci-fi, DC made film based on a graphic novel. Hope that in the future things will change for the better, but we should not stand low and keep on fighting.

The movies writing and characters have so much emotion, care and love put into them. The plot and the story are powerful, heartwarming yet entertaining. Action is well filmed and exciting. And the acting is just, WoW! Hugo Weaving kills it as V, and Natalie Portman's character Evie's growth through the story from beginning to end was so well done that id had me tearing up!

In my opinion, a MUST WATCH! Honestly my favorite DC movie ( yes, love it more than the Dark Knight ) and one of my top 5 favorite movies.

A perfect 10/10 from me.
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It's dumbness makes it good
30 November 2020
Looks like i was really bored during the weekend. The plot is scaryly predictible and not exciting at all, dialogue sooo cheesy and dumb, characters make such cliché choices and act like stones. It is bad, but this is a perfect example of "so bad it is quite good" type of movie. Really enjoyed it's dumbness :)

4/10 for me
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The Mandalorian (2019– )
This is how the Disney renesance movies should have felt!
10 November 2020
I can't describe how happy this show makes me. It understands the tone and the overall FEEL of what makes Star Wars, well, Star Wars!

The story is kept simple yet ingaging and you just want to watch more. Mando is caring, protective, and a total badass. I adored his character! Also have to praize how the show intredouces him in the first episode, BRILLIANT. Baby Yoda/The child is bloody adorable! The more we pogressed as viewers the show is more close to feel with the original trilogy, which is a great thing. Characters they meet are interesting, like Cara Dune, which also brings unique character to the world around them. Fight scenes are preety good too.

Altough, it ain't perfect. There were some problems with the pacing of the show in my opinion, some characters could have been more udalized and some subplots finish a bit faster than the others, but i don't think it pushes the fun and the goods away from the story.

I would highly recommend this show especially to Star Wars fans. It's fun, serious, gets the tone perfectly and and it intoduced Baby Yoda to the world :)

8/10 from me.
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The Lion King (2019)
A 6.9? Really?!
24 October 2020
There are soooo many movies better than this overrated piece of garbage that have lower scores or are in the 3.5 stars rank yet are better and deserve higher scores. No soul, no charm and no character describes this movie. Good effects and actors but that i it. Go watch the original, you will not regret it.

2.5 for me.
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Sorry if it is just me, but this is not my Spider-Man
30 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Actors were great and some action sequnces fun but it felt lacking in every other aspect of it. Such a shame because it had the potential. The entire story line felt like a poor remake of the 2002 film. Villian is not fully realized and acts like a cliche the entire film, i would take the cliches if they were done right. Andrew Garfield altough great as Spider-Man it is kind of weird and not good as Peter Parker. Gwen Stacy does not have any personality other than having a crush on Peter and making Anti-Lizzard potions at the end with no explenation how. Uncle Bens death felt, again, like a plain copy of the great and beloved 2002 film. Stan Lee cameo was great and funny, personally one of his bests. Sad because it had so much potential and, for me at least, did not worked.

Definetly not the worst Superhero film, but not that good either.

I would rather watch Spider-Man 3 over this at anytime, where i now it is a mess but at least the character motivations were clear.

Do not have anything much to say. Sorry but 5/10 from me.
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Bumblebee (I) (2018)
Great emotinal movie and a step in the right direction for the franchise
29 September 2020
Honestly I skiped watching this film when it came out because after Revenge of the Fallen i lost interest in any Transformers related media. This not only took me by suprise, when i watched it during lockdown, but also weirdly became not only my favorite TF movie, but also one of my top 5 movies of all time!

The movie is more focused on character work than plot (like Alita battle Angel and Shazam for example) yet it worked. Bumblebee and Charlies relationship was so much fun to watch grow and actually made me cry during some scenes of the movie. They are the heart and soul of the movie which made it more rewatcable. It also makes sense since Bee in every other version of TF is suposed to be the human side of Autobots, caring and more friendly, and always had a human side-character next to him, which makes sense to ad Charlie as support to him. This also brings down a negative because most people may not be that interested in a Mean Girls type story with "finding your place in the world" theme, with some quiet and more lighthearted moments not excpected from this type of movie.

Now for the script, it feels like an actual 80s friendship movie (Karate Kid, The Iron Giant, Free Willy), chessy, funny, emotinal and overall easy to follow. It might be boring to some people, but it worked for me.

There was a scene similar to the 2007 movie, which was in the trailer, where he trashes the house which later links to the story going foward, which was cute and funny, but it kind of ruined the more emotinal parts which i adored and loved with the goofynes, and thats the only scene i kind of didn't liked.

The casting of the movie was very good in my opinion, with Hailee Steinfeld shining as Charlie, and John Cena actually being not that bad as Agent Burns as i excpected him to be. I also have not found any other character to be anoying, and Dylan O' Bryan was perfect as Bumblebee and i want his voice back for the sequel. Decepticions were great and well realyzed. More positivity, the action sequences were pretty great, the 80s vibe of the movie with his Best of soundtrack and overall story was enjoyable and designs were great and in my opinion better than in Miachel Bays films.

The movie may not be enjoyed by people who liked the previous films or don't want another 80s growing of age story, and maybe because of the design changes, focus on character and the movie not having a clear plot like in most action/adventure movies, but that is on you to decide. The movie is more about friendship and overcoming your problems and finding someone who can understands, cares and listens to you and helps you move foward as a person.

Overall, this was a breath of freshair for me and a big number of people who were fans of the franchise but not invested in the mostly bad Bay films, (I loved the first one) with great action, characters, soundtrack , G1 cybertron with full on fan base material and visuals that made it a pleasure to watch, witch gives it a special place in my heart.

Definitely recommend you see it and form your opinion. 8/10 for me
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Baby Driver (2017)
My Favorite Movie and a total suprise!
19 September 2020
I watced this movie during isolation just to kill some time, not expecting much. Good God was I wrong about thinking it will be just OK!

The entire movie from begining to end had my atention and gave me this feeling i really have not felt from any type of movie before! The casting choices were amazing, driving sequences breathtaking and the soundtrack that the movie followed step by step changed my perspective of music in film ( LOVED IT )!

I heard that some people did not liked the growing relationship between Baby and Debra, that it felt flat and was added to the movie with no purpose, but in my point of view I understood the problems these two were facing and loved how they connected trough music! They were in my opinion the heart and soul of this movie.

Short, this is an extremly fun, fast-paced, beautifly crafted film and with my allready existing love for cars I felt this movie had everything to make it amazingly rewatchable!

Highly recommend you see it!

Curently my favorite movie of all time - 10/10 from me!
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