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Well done
30 September 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The issue with sound is probably the main pitfall in terms of production. I had to watch it with subtitles because it was challenging to understand the speakers, especially during the footage from the interrogation room. However, I would say that creating a documentary on the basis of the family's social media, police body cameras, and interrogation was on a plus side for me. It added realism to the story. I understood what happened from the very beginning. It was an expression of relief on her husband's face that made everything clear. Yet, I would never understand why such cases occur. It is beyond my grasp. Yes, the wife was incredibly annoying or at least it appears so in the documentary. I would understand why her husband would want to divorce her. However, what is the point to continue living with a person you hate or, more so, conceiving another child. I'm more than sure now that he killed her and children instead of divorcing simply because of money issues. Divorce would meant that he had to pay child support, move out of the house, and find a better job because she earned the most of money and it was her house. It is possible that he married her for money as well because I do not believe she became that annoying and incredibly controlling all of a sudden. The documentary conclusion was correct, the murders were premeditated.
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Sherlock: The Six Thatchers (2017)
Season 4, Episode 1
2 January 2017
The creators of the show definitely lost their touch. The show speculates on the success of the previous seasons. Some of the story lines were too predictable. Moreover, in the middle of the scene, I saw a shotgun microphone hanging right over Cumberbatch's head. The production is extremely sloppy and the story is overwhelmed with constant repetitions from the previous seasons, like Sherlock is searching for a new case and cannot find one, solving ordinary police cases brilliantly. Watson, as always, serves as a third wheel, while his wife solves cases together with Sherlock. The ending is just stupid and extremely banal. We all have seen the similar scenarios million times in multiple movies. It is very disappointing :(
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