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Sea Wife (1957)
22 May 2013
I found this a rather light-weight and superficial film. The actress who played the Sea Wife was particularly unconvincing.

The main story is told in a flashback, which I thought far too long and, thanks to the intriguing start, loses much of its interest, since you spend much of the time anticipating events that happen pretty much as you'd expect. It would have been better to put the start of the film near the end.

The ending also seems rather lame (to me, anyway), and the only thing the film really has going for it is the stunning scenery and good camera work.
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Aquila (1997–1998)
A terrific series!
21 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a truly great series; the BBC at their peak. Why they never followed it up is a mystery. Two boys find a machine, which can fly and do all sorts of things.

They work out what the controls do, what fuel it needs and, most importantly, how to stop it getting them into trouble! In the course of the series, they find themselves learning Latin, physics, archaeology, Roman history and much more which bewilders their teacher, as they were not considered good scholars.

They eventually find out it is actually a 'lifeboat' from an alien spaceship. The two boys have very different personalities, but compliment each other and are firm friends. The interplay between them is a joy to watch, and the way they tackle difficulties inspiring.

Why it hasn't been released on DVD I don't know! I'm sure it would sell like hot cakes!
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Great TV
21 May 2013
This was a series of connected stories; Power Of Three, Mark Of Distiction, Season Of The Skylark, The Tungsten Ring, and The Weasel Goes Pop. Each story was four episodes long. It featured two guys and a girl, who met up as flat-sharers. They were Johnny Martin (Teddy Green), Kate (Pamela Franklin) and Mark Dennison (David Griffin).

I remember much of the series as being fast moving and maintaining interest. I enjoyed it very much at the time, but so far as I know, it was never repeated. The three protagonists got involved in solving various crimes, and also had some other adventures.

The device mentioned in another review was a Camera Obscura, which used mirrors and prisms to project a picture of the outside onto a screen. This was often used in the series to find out what others were doing.

Sadly, no further series were commissioned. and I expect the series is now lost. I, for one, would love to see it again. I wish they could make TV this good now!
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