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happy to see that 4000+ people got it and have a soul
14 July 2021
I haven't seen yet the original Leverage series. But was absolutely happy to watch this show. And absolutely faboluos to see the average rating raised so high. Surprised me how many people appreciate its approach and the " good wins" storylines. So good to see modern time Robin Hoods and happy endings, meaning a kind of moral satisfaction. Its quite rare but I am who I am, and I like and miss shows with humor, positivity, some drama and than a satisfactory ending.

Dear Gina Bellman, please do not retire as Sophie D. Make for us a 2nd season. Special thanks to all the cast , writers , directors, creators ... cleaner staff. To Everyone.

This high rating means that audiance is hungry for such stories as well.

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Blindspot (2015–2020)
It was not just me who's been getting disappointed
25 July 2020
Before watching the the Final final came here to check if it was just me who think the show has gone flat, very predictible and far beyond credibility . Especially this last season. It seems the majority of the reviewers are agreeing with me. I cant remember how long did it go along the Sandstorm line, maybe it included season 3 too . For me it was a not- really-believable but enjoyable entertaining conspiracy theory show . Anyway, after that the creators/writers have just lost it. Too much of a beyond-unbelievable conspiracy theory . Too many inconceivable caracters . I suggest not to start to watch it to avoid disappointment.
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Giri/Haji (2019)
2nd season please !!!
21 July 2020
Who is loving Killing Eve ? ( you should read this question on your inner voice the way you are talking to an adorable puppet, expecting exagerated tail wagging and excited slimy licking ) . And from Giri-Haji you are gonna get it too !

Giri / Haji has this same effect on me . And I am loving it . it feeds my expectations to be surprised , upset, confused, feeling empathy and the " WTF : what would IIII do ???? " feeling . I really do not care how much the caracters and the whole story are completely believable. There are other film genres and directorial tools for that . Meaning to be absolutely realistic. Just give me something unforgettable and exciting. Giri / Haji delivers these to you....for me definitely .

Plus as the silver lining : the occuring dry witted intelligent sense of humour. Educated or common knowledge like, Sarah: "Dont't lie for me Argentina.." . Sorry, I am not able to quote the educated funny lines, but I promise when it was on scene I understood and found funny :)

Now it is Your choice: to try something not conventional - and I beg you to quit if you dislike it. After the first episode. Otherwise : WELCOME TO THE GIRI/HAJI FAN CLUB.
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Blade Runner (1982)
the most meaningful and beautiful film ever made
10 July 2020
My non-native English is far not enough to express how I feel about this film. Out in the USA in 1982. In my country in1988-89 or so.

( I make a remark right now, that the Life of Brian and the Holy Grail plus some others were also as much as life defining for me , but in a different way. Truly and honestly ).

This film , right now, is still could represent a NEAR distant dystopian future . Even if it is an AI with the full potential scale of HUMAN emotions.
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In the top 5 comedies ever made . I am grateful for this film breaking the language barriers
10 July 2020
Dear Friends, In case you are a Swedish or a Hungarian person ( plus any other unexpected nationalities ) somehow interested in this film : PLEASE DO NOT QUIT ! WATCH IT !

Anyone, who is wandering here, please give it a try. You are going to see unexpectedly the unexpected. Suspence thriller movies of Hitchcock and such are still on the international top hit/ top rating lists. Alike the Monty Python bests in comedies . In the late 80's it was really a cult film in Hungary. For me it still is. With my friends from the same generation , we still are quoting / mix in the everyday conversation quotes from Picasso. Because we are Henial. Please help me not to let forgotten this gemstone. Watch, enjoy, rate .

In any other case : mortadella! mondiale ! imbecile ! idiota ! Mercredi !!!!!

All that means: SHAME ON YOU !
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Tabula Rasa (2017)
excellent. thanks Belgium !
7 July 2020
And thanks to Netflix, HBOgo etc. too to help people are to step out from their mindset and their small world limited by local providers' channels . The acting was amazing, the unexpected plot twists are mindblowing . Binge-worthy definitely. ( BTW: I still do not understand why is it a problem if some shows are slow burning. Who is irritated and/or bored : JUST QUIT IT ! )

And setting aside that this show as fantastically good as it is, I loved this one - and several other European series - because the women and men are not fakes. They are not the Baywatch type swimsuit models with steroid pumped muscles, no 3D fake eyelashes, sleeping with make-up on, no silicon boobs. Interestingly European women are natural beauties most of the times and at most ages. They are not sleeping in bras and take the bra off even during sex :0 !!! And they are not ashamed to show their wrinkles and eye circles either. Not even on the TV. They are just humanly, normally beautiful . I keep watching tons of UK series, watched Swedish, Danish, French, Finnish, Icelandic, Polish, Spanish, German, South-Korean series, cooperations like The Bridge and The Tunnel...just what jumped into my mind. And I am really proud and comfortable for being a European woman . Looking forward seeing more European and non- USA stuff ( no offence USA- you will always come up with some real good staff ).
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Perry Mason (2020– )
26 June 2020
It is as bad as the otherwise wonderful John Malkovich's Poirot caracter in the ABC Muerders. ( Kenneth Branagh failed it too ). Or the whole TV adaptation of the Agatha Raisin books.

Interestingly after Jeremy Brett two excellent Holmes caracters have been produced and played by B.Cumberbatch and J.L. Miller. And despite the totally different personalities of Dr. Temperence Brennan in the TV show and the books both are enjoyable.

So, write proper scripts with interesting , well developped caracters. Changes do not make harm unless you are not up to the task to make ( even loosely based )adoptation about worldwide known and loved heroes.
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The Favourite (2018)
where is the story people watch films for ???
26 June 2020
1 - 1 star for the 3 excellent actresses. I wonder if they have ever seen the full film... 1 star for the design. The rest - R.I.P. I watch films for entertainment. Not to mention the feeling of catharsis since we are speaking about an overly award-winning movie. And then there were none....
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The Rookie (2018– )
It is soo good after Castle with Nathan Fillion
17 May 2020
Sorry fellow IMDB users- like generally to all who highly appreciated Castle. CASTLE was not crap, but in my opinion it is far to deserv 8/10 review. It is like 6/10, meaning forgettable. I did not watch Fillions's Butterfly 9/10 rated space soap opera ,because it is defined a western and soap opera. Not really my 1-2-3st choices. I have to find a path to approach with acceptance.

BUT: after the start of THE ROOKIE, after just a few episides I am finally smitten by him. And all the other main or supporting characters. The script and the actors .

All ROOKIE STAFF : congratulations and I keep up high hopes for you to be picked up for several more seasons.
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Avenue 5 (2020– )
I guessed with so many British actors this can be somethimigng....
27 January 2020
I wonder about the nationalities of the people writing rewievs about it after one episode. IMPORTANT: no harm meant to be expressed towards any non -European country. Every country is making invaluable films and TV shows. Just all countries and generations might have different choices because of different backgrounds.. I am European, middle aged, loving British absurd humor , love irony and satyre.... And here we are, what we are getting it from Avenue 5. ( I am referring comments before mine) The story is messy and chaotic ? Yes, because what's happening is the same: messy and chaotic. You don't understand what's funny about the characters and story ? Just quit it, you gave alraedy your 1-2 stars evaluation. I do not suggest to re-try. OMG : Character development ??? Story development ??? We just arrived ( in a tight half an hour ) at the peak of a dunghill situation by the end of the pilot. By the end of the season there might be some development.. There are no nice characters ???? What ??? Who's rule is there should be any ?? Who's decision is if a character is nice or not ??? Only yours. So, now am looking forward seeing episod 2. Comon FANraisers :-)
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Just loving it
10 December 2019
Cmon people, this show deserves more than 7.8 . And I watched series with below 7,0 rating and I really liked those. Just be yorself. Try and decide.

Personally, I am not able to watch all the time deeply serious, full of action and cruel stories . However those are perfectly written and performed. In this series the interacting of the main characters is fun, entertaining. Intelligent sense of humor. And I love these quirky ones. And I perfectly enjoy the shows where is no archenemie, just workmates being for once nice and supportive to each other. And our everyday life is not either an action movie with all time bloodshed and cruelty and unexpected storyline swings. And adrenaline rush.

Yes, if I want to recommend this series to someone I know and I guess would be interested, I would compare here in the EU to Midsomer murders. It is wellknown and still succesfull after 20 years, nothing to be ashamed of... But for the more sophisticated tv junkies I would rather compare it to the Death in Paradise. All my respects to the True Detective, to the Breaking Bad and even to the Top of the Lake or the scandinavian new cime noir ( The Bridge, the Killings, Sorjonen, Trapped). But: this Brokenwood Mysteries is not the same genre to compare to. It is that simple. I wish I have awaken the interest of the right people, Best watching experience wishes you : Eva, middle aged Hungarian
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The Blacklist (2013– )
My real rating is 9
11 November 2019
BUT: I whish the rating of this show would increase a bit. It is not about how much the whole show reflects the real work of the American whatever agencies and activities of mobsters and criminal minds/ supervillans. For sure, the goal of the showmakers was not was not to get it carried it to the 7th season on the shoulders of Red, but actually it happened like that. And I don't mind Because James Spader's performance is brilliant, outstanding, excellent...and so on...and BTW: congratulations to the scriptwriters too I am a Hungarian, soEnglish is not my mother tongue. Unfortunatelly all TV shows on Hungarian channels are doubled, and many of them really pretty well. The caracters are not "lost in translation ". But Red has been totally lost.Even with his original facial expressionc, mimicries. Long live James Spider and give us such performancies for some more decades !!!! P.S. Is it pervert to be in Platonic love with Red ?????
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Fawlty Towers (1975–1979)
my rating is 10 stars plus a million
30 April 2019
I am really sad the Internet came to the picture so late. This epic, iconic or basic series has just 75 thousand+ viewers ???!!! Even the UK audience voted this The Best Comedy Ever just afew years back. Meaning 21st century. Because IT IS. People of the Earth ! Just take your time to watch 1 single episode. And after, you can quit if you can... But if you cannot quit, please give tis series a rating. Hopefully 10 stars.
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Black Books (2000–2004)
in the TOP 5 comedies EVER
30 April 2019
Dear UK, hats off !!! I know this is not the freshest series and I saw, though it first just a few years ago. But MEMORABLE . And I just came across of it accidentally.UK comedies for me are still ( mostly ) the best. I rearly LOL. It was a series of LOL. Let's take: in the 1st episode the Little Book of Calm...Ohhh.. Manny... And I smoke, and I drink more than average....I understand the situations perfectly :) And it's very in....And I hope Daddy doesn't want my hair get cut short... And I love this whole - sadly short - show. as it is. perfect. period.
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Sense8 (2015–2018)
A MUST SEE basic icon
16 April 2019
My English might not be sophisticated enough, it's not my mother tongue. I am a 55 y.o., atheist and heterosexual woman from Eastern-Europe. And I want just simply support the lovers and devoted fans of Sense8 and encourage more people - especially the youth - to watch it and discuss. Someone said in the reviews that these series made him/her a better person. Cannot agree more. And I wouldn't say I was intolerant before watching Sense8. . And yes, professional and self-appointed critics can find flaws/mistakes, you can find it boring, disappointing, unnecessarilly explicit....or whatever. But: who denies this was made with deep educational intentions ? (OK. Fanaticly religious people) Is this that bad ? Even if it is not perfect ? Human beings being understanding, tolerant , cooperative , helpful to each other ????? Being friends ??? For me Sense8 was IT. Alltime favourite. Gemstone. Sincere thanks to the Wachowkis and all the cast and crew. LOVE YOU andLOVE YOU ALL FANS :)

Continuation in 2021 Covid era : i am surprised and happy that ppl sitll wathing Sense8. Its a shame this one has only below 1000 reviiewes. Not becos of controversial comments. With humans involved, it is natural. I dont mind it has not mindbending twists , more actions. Or has it ? I am happy for the continuous watching. A certain part of pple still intersted. And dont think even for a second, that pple will change. Happyending. ?!

Yes! I loved it !

The Wachowkis might not be the best fimmakers ever, but in case Sense8 if they just turned a a few pple to think "What about the link and care of those , who live and suffer and tolerate in this world (universe) ??

REALLY? ESCAPISM? Some of us have the finances to do it. But not sure if it is goes to where is was intended to. And did you thor oughly checked to whom you transfer?

Sleep well !!
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