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Poll: Another 'Another Round' With Leo?

Another Round (2020) has been one of the latest 2020 sensations, having just won the Oscar for Best Foreign film and earned a nomination for director Thomas Vinterberg.

Following this triumph, rumors started to spread that an American remake was in preparation starring Leonardo DiCaprio, what's your take on this news?

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    Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

    It's the opportunistic move. I'm personally tired with Hollywood constantly banking on previous successes and preventing a foreign gem to have an identity of its own. An original foreign film will simply become the original of an American film.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio at an event for The Oscars (2016)

    It's the smart move: this is clearly a star-vehicle project with a potential Oscar-worthy performance. I'm a big fan of Leo and I can easily see such a role earning him another nomination, if not his second win. From an Oscar standpoint, I'm really enthusiastic.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby (2013)

    Cheers! Many American masterpieces were remakes -many remakes of recent films- so with the right director, a helluva script and a great cast, we might have a new classic in the making. Besides, Leo had already starred in a remake regarded now as a classic.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road (2008)

    It's the timing that bothers me. Why should an original foreign film have its thunder so quickly stolen by Hollywood? Why not wait a little so it can build its reputation... Leo's version will overshadow it on the long run anyway (it's almost already started).

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