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Poll: Superpower's Farewell

In the TV-series The Boys (2019) a story about totally corrupted superpower-characters is told. The characters which have superpowers are mainly similar to characters of the Detective Comics Extended Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and TV-series and some other superhero-movie franchises, as well as other superpower movies. "The Boys" tells a really bad farewell on the common view of characters with superpowers. The picked examples are often not exact like the characters they cover, but come close to them, share noticable similarities, traits or simply a very similar outfit. The gender is not necessarily to be considered.

Which of these characters is the meanest comparison to its counterpart?

Tell us here.

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    Antony Starr in The Boys (2019)

    Homelander, counterpart to Superman.
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    Dominique McElligott in The Boys (2019)

    Queen Maeve, counterpart to Wonder Woman.
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    Chace Crawford in The Boys (2019)

    The Deep, counterpart to Aquaman.
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    Jessie T. Usher in The Boys (2019)

    A-Train, counterpart to The Flash.
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    Nathan Mitchell in The Boys (2019)

    Black Noir, counterpart to Black Panther.
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    Aya Cash in The Boys (2019)

    Stormfront, counterpart to Thor.
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    Shawn Ashmore in The Boys (2019)

    Lamplighter, counterpart to Pyro.
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    Karen Fukuhara in The Boys (2019)

    Kimiko Miyashiro, counterpart to Deadpool.
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    Brett Geddes in The Boys (2019)

    Termite, counterpart to Ant Man.
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    Dan Darin-Zanco in The Boys (2019)

    Doppelganger, counterpart to Raven.
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    Ess Hödlmoser in The Boys (2019)

    Cindy, counterpart to Darryl Revok.
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    Sean Patrick Flanery in The Boys (2019)

    Gunpowder, counterpart to Comedian.
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    Brittany Allen and Jessie T. Usher in The Boys (2019)

    Popclaw (on the left), counterpart to Wolverine.
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    Alex Hassell in The Boys (2019)

    Translucent, counterpart to Invisible Woman.
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    Laurie Holden in The Boys (2019)

    Crimson Countess, counterpart to Scarlet Witch.
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    Jensen Ackles and Antony Starr in The Boys (2019)

    Soldier Boy, counterpart to Captain America.
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    Shaun Benson in The Boys (2019)

    Ezekiel, counterpart to Mr. Fantastic.

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