More Overhype - QT is running on empty
22 December 2015
Is it necessary for Tarantino to write his own scripts?

He has jumped on the 'Frontier' bandwagon and seems to have taken '8 little n*****s' up a mountain. Why does he have to use that word so often? and he bought fake blood in barrels. I almost long for the subtle violence of 'Reservior Dogs'.

It has been years since I've been able to make it to the end of one of his films (probably Kill Bill) and I guess we're just lucky he hasn't cast Depp, to make the experience worse.

The best part of the film is the Roy Orbison song 'There Won't be Many' at the very end.

Where did the $60m go?? At least 'The Revenant' had an excuse but there was one set in use for most of the show here.

QT had a great cast and lord knows what he used to tempt them - fulfilling childhood fantasies of dressing in cowboy outfits? (those hats stayed on much longer than necessary). I had the feeling that they were barely containing their laughter when the camera was recording, and why should they take it seriously?

Anyway - QT has joined M Night S(whatever his name was). He'd be better of not wasting our time with more of this but if he is compelled, make it the minimum 90 minutes.
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