Review of Requiem

Smallville: Requiem (2009)
Season 8, Episode 14
I miss Lois Lane. Also, thank you so much LEX LUTHOR.. you did the impossible.
5 July 2017
7.2 Lex Luthor was good for something because he was the only one who could break up that tragic couple: Clark & Lana. Lana really brings the melodrama and I have had enough !!

Why did the writers have to f-up so badly when it comes to the Clark-Lana relationship & LOIS? When I re-watch this series again, I will DEFINITELY skip all the episodes Lana appear in this season.

Oliver finally does what most of these idiots could not do... finish Lex Luthor. Also, I am so Oliver called Chloe out on her BS.

Oliver & Lex are the MVPs of this episode.

The great Lois Lane is back in the next episode and I am so grateful because Clark will put his big-boy pants on and will become the man that he is suppose to become.
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