Buy My House (2022– )
Not sure about this one
7 September 2022
I am a real estate agent and any of these homes can sell on the open market. Every. Single. One.

The Redfin offers were ridiculously high and would be a bad investment if the markets were what they said they were. But ok whatever.

Any city has plenty of real life, non tycoon type investor buyers. If houses don't sell, it's always the price compared to the condition of the house and the comparable son the open market. So if a house doesn't sell, it's usually the sellers not budging on the price. And none of these tycoon investors on this show would pay any more than open market offers would get you, otherwise they would go broke. And that wouldn't make them tycoons.

BUT I do like the parts where they invest in the people, not the houses. So that part is awesome!

So again, what's the point of this show when thee homes could sell on the open market??
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