Mommie Dearest (1981) Poster

Rutanya Alda: Carol Ann


  • [after discovering dirt underneath a large indoor planter] 

    Joan Crawford : Ohhhh... Helga. When you polish the floor, you have the move the tree. If you can't do something right, don't do it at all.

    Helga : I'm sorry, Miss Crawford...

    Joan Crawford : Gimmie the soap. You see, Carol Ann, you've got to stay on top of things every single minute.

    [doorbell rings] 

    Joan Crawford : Carol Ann, will you get that?

    Carol Ann : Yes, Miss Crawford.

    Joan Crawford : Helga, I'm not mad at you, I'm mad at the dirt.

  • [Joan is passed out in her dressing room] 

    Christina Crawford : I came in and I found her like this. You think she needs an ambulance?

    Carol Ann : She doesn't need an ambulance. She's drunk.

  • Carol Ann : [embracing Christina at Joan's funeral]  Chris-*tina*! *Tina*!

    Christina : Carol-Ann.

    Carol Ann : My little Tina. She always loved you so very much, Christina.

    Christina : I need to believe that. I need so much to be able to believe that now.

    Carol Ann : She did.

  • Carol Ann : Your mother's been practicing and practicing. You know how perfect she always wants to be. Well this time, she must be perfect. Do you understand?

    Christina Crawford : She wants everything to be perfect.

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