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One of the Best Series
waelbinali17 November 2005
Not quite sure why this was not well received. This is one of the best comedies to come out of the UK. Both Jennifer Saunders as the Comptess and Dawn French as her slutty maid are in their element and the other series regulars like Alison Steadman as Jennifer's nemesis, Lucy Punch as Alison's not so virginal daughter and Adrian Scarborough as Bouffant, Jennifer's queeny hair and wardrobe employee are fantastic as the supporting cast. Not quite sure why only one series was made. The comedy is very similar to what Jennifer Saunders has done in Absolutely Fabulous with play on words rather than physical comedy, although there is still a smattering of the latter as well. A lot of sexual innuendos which to me are hysterical. I do hope they will come back for another bunch of episodes. Anyone who has seen Dangerous Liasons and wants to have a laugh about the French Court should try and get a hold of this series.
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wow !!!
cows_and_pigs30 August 2002
I watched this series almost 2 years ago now and even though it was panned like hell its definitely one of my favourite comedies along with blackadder and the vicar of Dibley, Jennifer and Dawn did so well together in developing the characters to make them look comical but at the same time quite lifelike, the comtesse de vache played by jen is in a bubble that was french aristocracy, she knows that she's rich and a b**** and thats about it !! Guest appearences include Kathy Burke who plays the comtesse's sister and Richard E Grant as a wannabee marquis de sade (but you can't really call him a guest star seeing as he'll do most things for a fiver) This tv series HAS been made into a dvd but only in australia try and catch it if you can on uk gold who usually show it once a year !!
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Positive and enthusiastic
janczuk3 September 1999
Let Them Eat Cake has been written by Peter Learmouth who wrote the good first series of Surgical Spirit for ITV, after Learmouth left as writer it went downhill. Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders have previously worked together on many projects including their hit BBC TV series French & Saunders. Let Them Eat Cake is a riot from start to finish and will undoubtedly go down as one of the funniest comedies of the 1990s. Like one of Jennifer's previous parts, this character has no morals and only succeeds in being successful by having such a lack in moral standards. Shocking, witty and very, very funny. You'll wet yourself!!
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Absolutely perfect!
joe-15215 July 2002
I was laughing very well, I like british humor like this and I like Jennifer Saunders. Great! I wish this serie would have more episodes. For it seems another perfect sitcom Black Adder with Rowan Atkinson / Mr.bean.
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A uniquie and hilarious British comedy classic
mazunderscore6 January 2007
A nice little one series British Comedy, brought to us by two of the funniest women in the business.

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders are hilarious as these two mad-capped characters from 18th Century pre-revolutionary France.

It's set in 1782, the very volatile time just before the revolution got into full swing in France. Jennifer Saunders plays the ignorantly evil and abrasive, Comtesse De Vache who is aided by her strikingly clever and ruthless maid Lisette (Dawn French) and her flamboyant and determined messenger Bouffant.

Together they do their best to out-wit the Comtesse's equally evil rival Madame DePlonge all the while trying to gain popularity with the King and Queen. This really is a great little series. I'd recommend it for anyone who is a fan of not only Saunders and French, but also of 18th Century French history.

It's a shame the DVD is so hard to find in Australia!
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God I love French and Saunders
miss_niss22 February 2004
These two are comedy gold, god love them.

This show was hilarious, I laughed myself silly so many times, I hope this comes out on DVD.

If you like ab fabulous you will like this. It is set in France during the revolution but thats about as historical as it gets. They are both fantastic and it is such a shame that this didn't get a second series.

I love the episode where Saunders is accused of murder, and they lock her up, but of course shes innocent because she could never open all those doors. God it made me laugh.

Definitely find a copy.
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Probably one of the most brilliant shows ever written!!
As if Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders weren't already brilliant enough with their own comedy show, Absolutely Fabulous and The Vicar Of Dibley - this little treasure was made in the late 90's.

I didn't discover it until about 10 years ago but I cannot stop re-watching these episodes. French and Saunders do what they do best! Play on words, sexuality, history, periods and costumes etc etc etc.

Absolutely brilliant. So many double meanings and references you get something new each time you watch it - combined with a brilliant cast with an impeccable comical timing that I haven't seen since the John Cleese days.

If you enjoy British comedy of all styles this is a MUST. And if you don't like this type of comedy, watch it anyway - just for the sheer genius of these women and this over-the-top crazy show that still has me rolling on the floor.
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An absolutely fabulous comedy!
Wenchpie27 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you like 'French and Saunders style' humour then you'll love this series. In my opinion it received somewhat unfair and certainly overly harsh criticism at the time it was first aired. I seem to recall certain criticisms being leveled at the character development - well what were people expecting, a high quality period drama? This was never meant to be accurate, it delivered exactly what was promised - a comedy BASED around the time of the French revolution. Other posters have already outlined the main characters so I will simply say that the cast worked together beautifully to deliver a seamless performance.

A pity only one season was ever made, although apparently this was always the intention (hence the final line delivered by Jennifer Saunders), although I always felt that there was definitely scope for more episodes. It will remain a favourite with me for many years.
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I dare you not to like this!
oogy_boogy13 December 2001
This was incredible! I couldn't believe just how funny this was! I was watching it and i didn't realise what it was for a while and i thought it was funny, then i recongised the main characters and i thought "YAH!!"

This is funny, and it doesn't try to take itself serouisly, its just plain fun and NOTHING MORE! I loved this because it had the same sense of style and flair which ab fab did, it was funny and it also had everthing which made you laff.

I loved this, it was funny and it was orginal, i just plain LOVED THIS!!!
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Wish they release them on DVD
dick365926 July 2003
I also had a great time watching this comedy. I really hope that they(BBC) will release this on DVD. I enjoyed the episode Making Voopee.... this is a classic one I was so happy to see it again ans again, we saved a couple of episodes and making voopee was one of them, but I hope it will come on DVD soon. If we all write to the BBC perhaps they release it!
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anyone for voopee???
johngraham648 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is a lot funnier than the critics would have you believe. Panned when it first went out on the BBC there is a lot to enjoy here.

Jennifer Saunders (who, it appears, is not a fan of this show) plays a costumed, period version of Edina from Ab Fab, with a little less clown tumbling and a lot more knowing winks. A fun performance and well written.

Dawn French supports as her over-bosomed and over-sexed maid. Cleverer than the aristocracy and certainly not above a little bribery! Oh and she gets ravished repeatedly by the Marquis de Sade! Well, why not?

Then there's the star of the show - Bouffant! He camps his way through it all with wonderfully cutting comments and a despising stare that could shatter glass. And don't mention the wigs....

And lest we forget the Madame du Plonge and her nubile daughter... Quite an excellent ensemble cast.

If you haven't caught this - or did so ages ago - it's now out on DVD.
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Hidden gem
riggo-7350311 July 2019
Brilliant writing and witty... why the BBC never repeat?
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