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Really funny!
billandersen1 June 2002
I first saw TV Total while working in Germany in 1999-2000. Problem was the show is in German and I didn't know that much then. Eventually my understanding of German improved along with my appreciation for the TV Total.

Appearing 4 nights a week (Monday-Thursday) on the German network "Pro 7", in concept, it's similar to the "Daily Show" on Comedy Central. The host, Stefan Raab, has an army of interns who scour German television for bloopers, strange people, pompous politicians,and generally silly events. Then he weaves them into a one-hour show where he takes full advantage of the material. Stefan is a really funny and multitalented guy, with a special ability for physical comedy.

Probably the funniest part of the show is a regular segment called "Raab in Gefahr" (Raab in danger), where Stefan puts himself into situations where he's likely to be hurt doing a physical stunt, slapped while insulting someone, or creating general mayhem. One of the better examples was his posing as a flight attendant (unknown to the passengers) where he handed out porno magazines to passengers as they boarded the plane.

Raab is somewhat of a controversial figure in German TV, much like Howard Stern is in the US -- he never misses an opportunity to take the (self-) important down a peg or to kick someone when they're down. For this reason, he is either loved and hated in Germany. Recently the show went from once a week to four times weekly, which many viewers think has diluted the quality of the material.
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Getting better again
andihouben21 October 2004
Well, last year it was pretty bad. But I think at the moment it's getting better more and more. Mainly because of the many guest appearances. There are notable guests like Will Smith, Kylie Minogue, Eminem, James Brown and many others. Also to say is, that the German comedy scene has become a community in some way. All the German comedians are working together at the moment it seems. And TV Total seems to be it's center.

I like to see this show. Furthermore I'd like to mention the activities of Stefan Raab in the music Business. His parody of DSDS (Deutschland sucht den Superstar), which is by the way the German version of pop idol, was pretty successful and he also made the Grand Prix de la chanson eurovision more interesting again.
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the-tester4 March 2003
To update on this show...

Meanwhile Stefan Raab has enlarged his show-crew.

Lucas, a young man who is not very smart, presents all-day-objects to the audience, trying to explain what it is not using the name of the object. This part is called "Lucas Dingsbums" as a parody of the late 80s, early 90s show "Dingsda" on German television, in which children had Lucas' part. In anathor part, "Lucas erzählt Witze" Lucas tells jokes to the audience followed by a brief summary why the joke is funny. This leads to the audience laughing about Lucas' way of explanation since he doesn't understand the jokes himself.

The guitarist Klaus of Stefan's band has become a part of TV Total as well. Klaus always has had long hair, but they have been cut of in a spectacular event on show by new-entry #3: Kerstin. Klaus is usually asked about his opinion on several things. His answers are somewhat very unspectacular, but the audience always laughs.

Kerstin, a very young barber/hair-stylist, came into the show to cut Klaus' hair after a two-month-contest against other barbers. She now seems to take over a part similar to Isabell's.

Stefan himself has moved into a new studio with his show. Now he has a remote-controlled moving-desk, with which he drives around during the show (very funny, but mean for the camera-men, who can't follow him...).
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Avoid this crap at any cost!
ftt11 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When TV Total was aired once a week it was a really nice show. But since its airing has been broadened to 5 times a week, it has become more and more annoying. Raab uses the very same (sometimes racist, sometimes childish) cliché-based jokes (like i.e. all Polish people steal bikes and car radios, all people in former GDR are unemployed, all males living in Cologne are gay,...) to provoke a few cheap laughs out of his audience. Some of Raab's silly ideas like the "Wok World Championship" make the whole thing a little more watchable but not actually funny. If you're looking for something funny, the worst sitcom will do better than this show.
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