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The story is completed by going back to the beginning
The game of "Crisis Core" sheds light on the events that lead up to the original game of "Final Fantasy VII", that was outlined in the short animated story (in Japanese) of "Last Orders". First it should be mentioned that this game is an ACTION RPG game unlike the original FFVII, so it is designed to move at a faster pace. This game is breath takingly beautiful, it has pushed the power of the PSP to new levels that i didn't think was possible. The voice cast has returned from the animated movie "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children" (with the exception of Mena Suvari). The game is a must have for all of the FFVII fans out there. It tells a wonderful story and is polished off with wonderfully sculpted CGI scenes that may even rival the movie. The game size is also very good my first run through (where everything was not completed) took me over 17 hours. I hope you all enjoy completing the story as much as i did.
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A Consummate Masterpiece
TheMasterMind20124 November 2008
I have always had a fondness in my heart for RPGs, especially Square RPGs - their numbers have always ranked in my favorites - and Crisis Core is no exception. It also proves a long held suspicion of mine: An RPG doesn't have to be 60 hours long to be not only fun, but emotionally moving and poignant.

Because the game is only 20 hours long, it clips along at a good pace; there is always something happening, plot-wise. The battle system is fun (albeit a bit easy on easy, and impossible on hard) and intuitive - I got the hang of it after three battles and felt like I had mastered the intricacies by the end of the game - and the music, while quite different from the pieces we have all come to know and love from the original, is just the right balance of familiarity - Aerith's theme, certain battle themes, and the 'main theme' of FF7 - with originality: many of the themes have been remixed with a drum and guitar accompaniment. Certain scenes in the game have been lifted straight out of FF7, but reanimated with 3D graphics and voice acting, and let me tell you: that is a trip in and of itself.

But it's not the graphics, music, or battle system that make this game; even the plot, at 20 hours of game play, isn't a sprawling epic the likes of which we have come to expect, but a refined, relatively select series of events. Because of this, the characters are what really drive this game toward it's inevitable conclusion. Any avid FF7 player will know how this game will end before they ever begin, but the fun is in watching Zack grow up. Other characters, such as the iconic and enigmatic Sephiroth, get a much needed dose of characterization. In the original game, Sephiroth was, as unpopular as this opinion seems to be, pretty darn one dimensional, on account of the fact that we never actually saw him outside of flashbacks, with a serious oedipal complex. What we did know about Sephiroth from the original game gets a lot of fleshing out in this game, making him an interesting, compelling character.

The characters will all grow on you, and when the final credits role, don't be surprised to find yourself shedding a few tears for them.
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One of the best games I have ever played!
evil-ozzy25 March 2008
OK... first of all I have played through the original Final Fantasy VII and I have watched the movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children on many occasions. All I've gotta say is that this is the best game currently out for the PSP. I'd almost go as far to say that Crisis Core is better than the original Final Fantasy VII... but not quite. The graphics are amazing along with the music, cutscenes, and storyline. If you have already played through Final Fantasy VII for the PS1 then the ending will be no surprise. The only thing I didn't like about this game was the DMW system which usually gets in the way more than it helps. Overall I give this game a 10/10.
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Awesome... nuff said
BGonzo08118526 May 2008
This game is a complete redemption from dirge of cerberus. I seen someone wrote a comment saying they finished the game in two hours... I must have played a completely different game then.

This is one of the best games I've ever played. If you are a true blue FF7 fan then you would really like the in depth story telling and gameplay. The game explains so much about Zack and Cloud's past, along with project 'G' which is probably going to lead into a Dirge of Cerberus sequel(based on the secret ending of DOC).

Overall, I give this game a 10 out of 10 and strongly recommend this game to any Final Fantasy 7 fan. It was 16 hours of well spent time.
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Okay game, but in the end it just increases my desire to see part seven remade on a more powerful system.
Aaron137529 July 2008
Yes, I want to see part seven remade and this one kind of shows you how that might look. Not only would the graphics be improved, but they could add voice overs too. Not that this one was not good, but it was not really all that great game play wise. An action rpg which is fine seeing as how Zack is the only character you control, the main problems stem from the various missions in the game. They total 300 and anyone who completes all of them could probably beat the final bosses blindfolded as I had no trouble with them and I had completed only half. I would have rather have had more game play in the main story. More locations would have been nice too. Also, pieces of this story don't really fit into what was established in part seven of Final Fantasy. One would probably be correct in assuming that none of this was thought of when they were making seven. Still they did an okay job with the story. What is the story, basically this one tells the story of Zack as he makes his way through the ranks of soldier doing various missions. He is tracking a rogue soldier operative named Genesis. Along the way you meet many of the characters from Final Fantasy VII including Seipheroth, Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie and others though the main one for Zack is Aerith. The fighting is a sort of encounter the enemy and then fighting them action rpg style. It is a bit annoying to try and use potions and such in this one, still it is a very fast paced combat. So for a nice little back story of FFVII play this one as it may have a lot of faults it still has a very memorable and sad ending.
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This should be made into a movie
Kutyahal9 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Vow, this was really good! I never played any video games, I watched a 3 hour cutscene version of the game on youtube. But it was almost like watching a movie! I found the movie by googling Sephirot, who was mentioned in a Hobbit video on youtube (that Thranduil resembles him). I liked his design and I wanted to see more of him. Boy, he is obsessively hot... Anyway, I got involved in the story. I didn't like advent children (it didn't contain enough Sephiroth for me:), but Crisis Core was a treat!

Zack was a nice guy! I wish he had more time with Aerith... And I am so glad I had a chance to see Sephiroth before the Nibelheim incident. He was so cool! I wish his story was even more extended!

This should be made into a real movie!
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