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Sex & Nudity

  • The show contains many sexual references/visuals, though nothing is ever shown. Alice, the guard, is a transsexual as made evident by a bulge in her skirt and other masculine traits.
  • Some animated nudity in shower stalls, though nothing graphic.
  • Two inmate characters are clearly gay, and an entire episode revolves around their planned marriage.
  • A scene spanning roughly one minute in one episode shows characters being "horny", ripping off clothes (again, nothing graphic is shown) and jumping on each other. Intercourse is hinted at.
  • A character who appears in one episode is a voluptuous, naked woman with nothing but "X"s on her breasts.

Violence & Gore

  • The shows main focus is violence, and is definitely one of the most graphically violent cartoons in existence. Every episode involves inmates having limbs/heads torn off, ripped apart, shot, stabbed tortured, and other extremely graphic scenes depicting death. Each death is extremely gory, usually showing copious amounts of blood and organs. It is animated, but is highly realistic and could disgust an adult.


  • There's a lot of sexual dialogue, but not much cursing. Words like hell, ass, bitch, bastard, dick, goddamn and asshole are as far as it goes. Any stronger words are censored.
  • Shit was uncensored in Season 4

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A major character is known to be recovering from every addiction there is, especially drugs/drinking. One episode focuses on the building of a bar.
  • Another episode shows characters smoking an unknown drug through a bong.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Superjail! is very graphic, bloody and violent but is very over-the-top which makes it comical.
  • TV MA for Continuous sequences of constant pervasive strong graphic bloody violence and extreme gore throughout, disturbing images, crude humor, language, some sexual content, nudity and drug content.
  • Many scenes. Almost always involving violence and gore. Also, the show is very similar to "Oz", which has a similar premise and has brutal scenes of violence as well.

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