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Sex & Nudity

  • A male and a female car act as though they are kissing, but they pull away quickly.
  • We see a male and a female car on a "date" at a restaurant.
  • A female car reminds a male car that he needs to take her on a date.
  • On multiple occasions cars refer to one another as boyfriends and girlfriends.

Violence & Gore

  • Holley Shiftwell shocks multiple cars with a hidden tazer gun.
  • In multiple scenes, cars are shot with ab electromagnetic pulse weapon, which causes their engines to smoke (they are implied to blow up) and they lose control, resulting in crashes.
  • Cars are outfitted with machine guns, rockets and other spy-weapon paraphernalia, resulting in numerous bullet-riddled and explosion-peppered chase scenes. Cars frequently crash and smash into the scenery and often crumble on impact. One spy, for instance, gets killed, and his body shows up as a cube of crushed metal.


  • Name-calling (twit, rusty piece of junk, stupid.)
  • Mater is quite fond of saying "dad gum" and "gee." He also repeatedly mentions his propensity to "screw things up." Put downs include "idiot" and "jerk!"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see cars popping bottles of champagne.
  • We see cars at a bar drinking from martini glasses.
  • A truck drinks from a martini glass.
  • A car remarks that drinks at a reception are free, another car responds with "then why I am here."
  • We see a car taking martini glasses and pitchers from a bar and trays.
  • We see filled pint glasses lined up on a bar in front of cars.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire movie is slightly darker then the first, and may surprise viewers expecting a light-hearted kid's movie.
  • It's implied that a car who was prominently featured in the first movie has died.
  • Although the characters who die/get hurt are not human, realistic animation and voice acting truly makes you think a person has been killed.
  • A spy car is tortured and then blown up. (see Violence & Gore)


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Mater is seen in scenes flirting with Holly Shiftwell to be his girlfriend.

Violence & Gore

  • In what's easily the film's most suggestively disturbing scene, a vehicle is tortured as his engine is revved and his internal fluids are slowly set to boiling through an electromagnetic pulse weapon. The victim begins smoking and reacting in pain and eventually blows up (offscreen, the viewer can only see what seems to be a small portion of his eyes, on the extreme left of the screen).
  • When Mater gets cornered and captured by the bad guys, they use knock-out gas to subdue him. Mater, McMissile and Holly are bound to a giant mechanism set to crush them. Later, Mater realizes he has a ticking time bomb strapped to his engine.


  • Guido, who speaks only Italian, uses the word "cavolo" ("cabbage") two times ("Come cavolo faccio a saperlo?!", "How the cabbage can I know it?"; "[...] questi bulloni del cavolo [...]", " [...] these screws if the cabbage [...]"). Italian, it is used as an expression of frustration, rare in films or TV productions, but it is not considered too bad to say in real life.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Mater has a bad dream about how embarrassing he was acting, and worst of all, how McQueen lashed out at him. This scene is VERY frightening.
  • In the beginning of the movie, Leland Turbo was caught by two lemons and his fate is later revealed that he was brutally killed and turned into a metal with a tire sticking out.
  • The main villain appears in a Palpatine/Sidious-like way, bith as an apparently good character and as a shadowy figure which appears via video calls as an opened engine hood with an altered voice, resembling Ernst Stavro Blofeld from the James Bond films. This appearences might frighten young people or sensible ones.
  • Two cars and a truck are tied up inside a clock, with the cars set to be crushed in the gears. They all escape unharmed.
  • Mater has a bomb attached to his engine, with a visible countdown timer.

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