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MPAA Rated R for strong pervasive crude and sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity, language and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • NOTE: All things mentioned including the sexual abuse, child abuse, bestiality, and incest are meant to be comedic.
  • Almost non-stop sexually related humour involving the use of pretty much every sexual slang or crude term.
  • Throughout an entire sketch, an extremely human-looking female robot is shown naked for extended amounts of time as a board of technicians, chairman and woman discuss the problems it is having as the test subjects attempted to perform sexual acts on it. Very graphic. Breasts are clearly seen throughout and commercials are shown with breasts clearly seen and some appearances of pubic hair and vagina.
  • An adult woman dresses as a sexy teenager, shown dancing in a near sexual manner.
  • An adult man is shown dancing with a female teenager, caressing her and rubbing his face in her cleavage.
  • A father mocks his teen son's pubic hair. Buttocks are briefly seen.
  • A father acts as if he's attracted to his teen son and discusses "what if" scenarios regarding teenage homosexuality (not very graphic, just very awkward).
  • A mother, acting like a peer, says to her teenage son that "[her] friends want [them] to go all the way," and sexually kisses him and caresses his face. She then asks, "Do you have protection?" The scene then cuts away.
  • A man and woman, acting like peers, sexually harass their own son by calling him a "faggot" on multiple occasions; he is shown once tied up with faeces rubbed on his bare chest (which says "FAG") as they force him to say that he performs oral sex on other men.
  • An entire sketch, about 8 minutes long, revolves around when a woman asks her boyfriend to defecate on her as a sexual fetish. It's later discussed between the man and his friends and they graphically discuss defecating on women and what to eat to make the experience more pleasurable.
  • A young man points out that his girlfriend performed oral sex on a homeless man to get some magic beans; he then mentions on how he got an STD from her.
  • A woman mentions how her ex-boyfriend got her pregnant and she had to get an abortion; she also says that he cries after having sex.
  • A man threatens a man at gunpoint and tells him to perform oral sex on another man (it doesn't happen).
  • A young man describes several sexual acts he wants to perform with a girl he is in front of regarding caressing, oral sex and sexual intercourse. Inserting fingers into each other's anuses is mentioned.
  • A woman says that a man, while stalking her, was masturbating and ejaculated on her window; she says that the semen broke the glass.
  • A woman says that the "stuff in [another man's] hair is not hair gel" (implying it to be semen). Said man then flicks what is implied to be semen in another man's face and the latter man reacts in disgust.
  • A woman rubs her breast into a bowl of guacamole in a public restaurant as a dare. (This is only a prosthetic breast).
  • A man encourages another man to French kiss a woman, caress her breasts and feel her buttocks.
  • A man makes extremely raunchy jokes about a female's genitalia, pubic hair, etc. No nudity shown.
  • Following a dare, a woman hands her underwear to a man, takes a turkey baster, fills it with hot sauce and it is implied that she inserts it inside her vagina in public and inserts the sauce into her genitalia. She reacts to it and begins to tear up. No nudity shown.
  • Following a dare, a man caresses another man's buttocks in a public restaurant (whom he doesn't know).
  • During a quick montage, a male stripper is seen in a public restaurant (no nudity) and another man is shown dry humping women in a restaurant and making several crude sexual gestures simulating oral sex and several sexual positions.
  • A woman suddenly reveals her extremely large breasts to a man, wiggles them up and down, and they enter her apartment giggling and sex is implied.
  • A man says that he slept with his friend's girlfriend.
  • A fairy says that she "sucks cock for gold coins."
  • A man refers to African-American penises as being over "a foot and a half long" and being able to dribble a basketball.
  • A woman discovers an animated cat masturbating while being sexually aroused by photos of her boyfriend in a bathing suit. The animal's penis and scrotum are graphically shown.
  • A man gets a tattoo of a realistic-looking ejaculating penis next to his mouth.
  • A couple is seen having sex, briefly. No nudity is shown; all we see is thrusting under bed sheets and the woman having an orgasm. The cat then chases the woman, exposes its anus, and violently urinates all over the woman as she screams in horror.
  • An animated cat performs sexual acts on a teddy bear and shoves a hairbrush up its own anus; it is then seen convulsing and moaning in pleasure, all while watching a couple have sex from a closet door.
  • A man is shown performing oral sex on an animated cat as the cat moans in pleasure and thrusts its crotch into the man's face.
  • A woman asks a man if he is circumcised, which makes the man embarrassed.

Violence & Gore

  • Several technicians for a company discuss how their product cuts off boys' penises when they attempt to have sex with it; a boy is briefly seen screaming with a finger chopped off and a bloodied hand.
  • A man gets shot in the eye and another man gets shot in the nipples. Blood is seen in a comical manner.
  • A leprechaun is held hostage in a basement. He is tied to chair and is pistol whipped. A few of his teeth are knocked out, he then spits a lot of blood onto a mans face. He is then bashed in the face multiple times. His face appears to be bloody. He then head butts another man, his face is bloody as well and then he kicks the leprechaun.
  • A man holds up other men at gunpoint with a grenade.
  • In the advertisement, a woman was being eaten by shark. Very graphic.


  • 55 uses of "fuck". Many other obscenities throughout including: "shit", "dick", "prick", "bitch", "cocksucker", "cock", "pussy", "tits", "faggot", "ass", "asshole", "cunt", "whore", and "twat".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drugs: None
  • A man and woman drink whiskey in a restaurant as well as what is implied to be champagne.
  • A man is shown smoking a cigarette.
  • Teenagers are seen at a party with red plastic cups, implying alcohol consumption.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Violence is shown, but it is cartoony and meant to be comical (see the Violence & Gore section for more information).
  • Graphic toilet humour is shown, discussed and depicted throughout, with what could be sickening to audiences.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Throughout an entire sketch, a man is shown with testicles below his chin. He is in a public restaurant and his blind date is appalled as no one else reacts to it. Later, a pubic hair falls in the own man's soup and he eats it; his blind date is then shown dry heaving in disgust. The woman poses for a picture with the man, and the man's testicles end up pushed against her mouth, and rubbed on top of an infant's head.
  • An adult couple lays in bed and as they prepare to have sex; she straddles him and they discuss scatological fetishes and defecating on the woman's neck. The man puts lotion on her neck and takes off his boxer-style underwear as he prepares to defecate on her. His buttocks are briefly shown. He later runs into the street, gets hit by a car, and graphically defecates everywhere (he ate many burritos and drank a bottle of laxatives beforehand). He and his girlfriend then proceed to passionately kiss in a pile of his faeces as he graphically and loudly farts.
  • One sketch revolves around a 12-year-old girl who is shown with her pants stained in blood due to her first period. Also, a couch is shown having a stain as well and as she walks past a wall, blood smears behind her. Two boys panic over it as they don't understand what's happening to her. They then try to think of ways to "plug it up", with suggestions such as a bag of frozen peas, a floor cleaner, a sponge, etc. A father then says to a middle school boy that he must put his "erect phallus in her vagina" to stop the menstrual bleeding as they talk about uterus lining.

Violence & Gore

  • The ground-up bodies of two leprechauns are seen being carried into trash cans.
  • A woman gets hit by a pickup truck and then shot in the chest by a shotgun by an animated cat; the woman then proceeds to beat the animated cat to death with a shovel and several small child see the commotion, leading the little kids to stab her with plastic forks while the woman screams and blood spurts from her dead. She is implied to have died afterwards.

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