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20 Mar. 2014
Stuttgart butcher Hans Emmerling's fatherless apprentice Max Baumeister (18, no diploma) was fatally skull-smashed with a dough-roll from behind in the freezer section. The gentle kid had no enemy, unlike Hans, who since a few years antagonized the entire neighborhood, so he makes a more likely actual target, estranged even from his former buddies, filing formal complaints even for pittances, embarrassing his wife Gisela, who must keep the clients satisfied. Max accepted his bullying, within bounds, being promised generous help to open his own restaurant, even if ...
23 Oct. 2014
Mord unter Freunden
Gaming producer Steve Schöttle was fatally stabbed at his home-hosted birthday party, obviously by a guest. *First or last with him was friend and firm partner Florian Abel, who recently declined a lucrative job in the US 'out of loyalty'. Steve's DNA now shows he was one of to robbers who killed a Heilbronn jeweler, probably the starting capital for the firm, so Florian may have been his partner, but that's disproved later. *IT-Spezialist Rico Sander find out the jeweler's daughter, Nina Schilling, recently moved in town as Florian Abel's girl friend. Shortly after ...

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