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3 Jan. 2019
Rasende Wut
Albanian-born ex-con Agon Gashi was fatally stabbed in a luxury sports-car, which he rented without a driver's license in Turkish manager Leyla Atalay's rental firm Kessel Cars, but she lies "not to know him": Rico finds a picture of her brother Murad, who owns the firm, racing with him. Gashi presumably fatally wounded years earlier in a drag race Robert and Sofia Lang's 17-jährige Tochter Eva. Agon Gashi's family received monthly payments since his jailing from Klaus Bühler's dubious import-export-Firma, which sells them stolen cars. Rico finds a blackmail video, ...
17 Jan. 2019
Tote Augen
At "Taxidermy Competition 2018", top competitor Leo König was throat-slit, probably by a rival from Hans Murr's preparation workshop, where he worked brilliantly. Hans's son Till Murr, seen nearby the day, was to be passed over as successor by Leo König. Yet Leo gave his notice for a lucrative job with big game hunting safaris in Africa. Dr. Gerling's . Apprentice preparator Bianca Heller recently stabbed his tires after he dumped her, and stole one of his stuffed birds for her final exam, but neighbor vet Dr. Gerling, an ecologist whose blog called for culling ...
24 Jan. 2019
Good Vibrations
Günther Lehberger was skull-smashed in a prestigious rehab clinic. The gutter reporter checked in under an alias to expose the methods and chef Klas Eckert, and his celeb addicts. *Eckert claims ignorance, but his wife and spa therapist Sylvie was his study friend, and paid for air tickets to leave with him to Fuerteventura. Schlager singer Jack Silber and actress Anabelle Winter both has their careers damaged by Lehberger. A Beach Boys love song proves a vital clue.
31 Jan. 2019
In sleep doctor Karl Petridis's lab, holiday job student Ulrike Schmidt is found skulk-smashed in the industrial laundry. She recently rowed with patient Moritz Lehnert whose leaving the security video also recorded. She also had one night stand with nerdy student research assistant Theo Steller, who naively went for a relationship, only to find she picked his brains to steal his only change to attend a prestigious scientific conference in Gent. Supervising professor Dr. Karl Petridis cheated with Ulrike on his narcoleptic, utterly dependent wife Jana. the hidden, ...
7 Feb. 2019
Das zweite Gesicht
The professional 'white witch' of Heslach, Emma Brecht, was fatally skull smashed with her crystal ball. Her 'black magic' niece Pia Brecht, who hides being on the other team, claims a magical curse. Emma's client list includes alleged reformed repeat offender Ronny Cordes, a former motor gang killer, who claim Emma Brechts showed him the righteous way, but has no solid alibi. Unsatisfied clients couple Peter and Annalena Haller hired her to save their marriage, but Peter Haller believes to be cursed since he field for divorce, also lacking an alibi.
21 Feb. 2019
Joint Venture
Two months after his jail release, drug-convicted Erik Hamsun is skull-smashed on a cannabis greenhouses-littered garden. Fiancée Melanie Runge claims he was reformed to start a family together. *Retired garden owner Hella Lorenz claims -with admirer neighbor Hubertus Bauer- she never comes there, being physically unable since year, but her beloved, doting drug trade-suspected teen grandson Marko Kramer continued the drug trade on her plot, yet has an alibi. The murder weapon is found in Melanie Runge's home, the key clue in the actual cannabis growing equipment.
28 Feb. 2019
Liebe, Love und Amour
Karaoke-bar owner Sonja Börsch is skull-smashed at home, a day after forensic technician Jan Arnaud's latest performance as rare regular client and near-neighbor. Her ex and friend since school Jürgen Blochm was to drive Sonja to her father Helmuth Börsch's deathbed in home town Maulbronn. He basically managed the bar and used it for money laundering, most receipts being fake. Sonja's lesbian partner Anne Sukowski and her aunt Hildegard Hellwig knew both but won't talk. Bärbel Hüsch, who met Arnaud the fatal night, has a stalker-past an may have been jealous of Sonja ...
7 Mar. 2019
Rising Stuttgarter painter Anselm Pollak was fatally shot in his workshop. His ex-wife Anja Pollak will just miss him as good father for their daughter Anja. Anselm's trusted agent Lydia Kleeve is shocked to loose the goose with the golden eggs. His works, many in a Stuttgarter Staatsgalerie exhibition organized by curator Melinda Rehm, instantly double in value, most other works being owned by slick millionaire dealer-collector Niels Reinhoff, giving all three a motive. Anselm's ex gets a hefty life insurance. the team finds Lydia Kleeve, Melinda Rehm and Niels ...
21 Mar. 2019
Gelobtes Land
In Stuttgart Cowboys western club, member Konrad "Conny" Moser was killed by a throwing knife in the back, having recently returned from the US and won out, with buddy Andy Hartmann, over club president Wolfgang Breuer and wife Sabine on how to spend a major testamentary legacy. Near-adult son Lukas "Luke" Moser never forgave him being left behind in Germany all his youth. Andy Hartmann was seen lurking around the club. Wolfgang's alibi falls trough. Kaiser and Schrotti join undercover before the eventful club jubilee feast, when another knife is thrown.
28 Mar. 2019
Henriettes Erbe
Jo Stoll is in shock when hearing, after making love at his arc, the car of his missing beloved Henriette Frenzen was dragged from a dumping lake, where a murder took place. Henriette's half-brother Timo Müller returned three months ago from an allegedly lucrative Argentinian period, suspiciously in time to inherit from their father with Henriette half of family firm F&J, now all alone, and she wanted to sell her shares, to manager Georg Jäger's dismay, while his wife Theresa suspected he had an affair with still-missing Henriette, but Jo can't believe she would have ...
4 Apr. 2019
Jo Stoll is suspended for shooting Henriette's killer Jenny Brenner, whose weapon remains missing. Robin Sturm made a fatal roof fall after a fight. Expecting Robin's baby, threesome-partner Sally Schlossmache dumped housemate Alex Probst. A swastika-tattoo reveals they all were Neo-Nazi cahoots. Rico finds Robin secretly dated Turkish Samira Akar, who claims she ignored his extremist past, which he seemingly disowned since. Jo finds orderly Robin nursed Jenny Brenner and pushes Jan to check it's the same weapon, ignoring his suspension. The Neo-Nazi trio made plans ...
24 Oct. 2019
Ganz allein
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