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Filipino schlock thriller has its cheesy moments, and the CT crew do well by it
lemon_magic9 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you approach a movie like this with an open mind and a "naive" point of view, "Blood Of The Vampires" is fairly good in a drive-in movie/grind-house way. The lead actors and actresses look good; there's a little bit of money spent on sets and costumes; lots of people get bitten on the neck (which is the whole point of a grind-house vampire film); there's a nice apocalyptic climax at the end where the power of the Church summarily disposes of the threat (along with the obligatory castle fire). Even the dubbing into English is decent - yes there are more than a few lip-syncing gaffes, but the English voice actors apparently got to rehearse and keep their best takes, so you don't have to deal with the irritating tin-eared line deliveries that plague most Asian and Italian imports.

On the other hand...the plot falls apart like wet tissue paper. Most of the events of the 2nd half of the movie would have been prevented if the old guy had remembered to LOCK THE DOOR to the catacomb where he kept his vampire wife. Or just kept her chained up in the first place.And also to actually keep an eye on his son when he KNEW his son had been bitten. And what's with the Filipinos playing the servants in black-face? Would it have been so hard to actually get black actors? And this is supposed to be a hacienda in Mexico, not a plantation in Carolina...wouldn't there be Latino servants be default?

The Cinematic Titanic crew have a lot of fun with this's perfect fodder for the kind of wisecracking and sarcasm they do so well. CT isn't quite up to the mark set by the best episodes of Mystery Science Theater,since they don't have the lunacy of the bumper episodes to pump up the energy of the viewing experience (say,"Manos" or "Eegah!) ...but ripe movie episodes like this, by virtue of their inherent lunacy, are just as enjoyable as lesser episodes from MST (like "Time Chasers" or "Quest of the Delta Knights".)

Worth seeing if you like cheesy vampire movies and/or Mystery Science Theater style japery.
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