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The. Absolute. Worst. Movie. Ever.
dipsy-lee5428 April 2013
OK. the back story behind me seeing this film... I lost a bet.

This film was basically used as a form of torture on me, clockwork orange style.. and it worked. I have never witnessed something this awful before in my life. The worst part is, I'd seen it before, under a different name 'Eldorado'... The only saving grace was that they had chopped out an hour of the film before changing the title to Highway to Hell...

However, even after it had 60 minutes chopped, it still felt like 3 hours or more. People who know me and read my reviews realise that I am used to watching the occasional bad film, to try and save everyone else the heartache, but I think this is my last. I really can't take it anymore. I can only compare it to watching roadkill slowly decompose for 3 days.

the reason it gets it's one star is not because you can't give a film 0 stars (which you can't), it's because it does make you realise how precise your time on Earth is, and you're likely to make the most of the rest of your afternoon whilst you frantically try and catch up lost time you'll never ever see again.

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A dream within a dream
nogodnomasters21 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film appears to be an avant-garde musical grindhouse spoof of the Blues Brothers. The great Peter O'Toole narrates while Daryl Hannah reads poetry from Edgar Allen Poe. Also known as "Eldorado 3D."

The Jews Brother, Oliver (Richard Driscoll) and Stanley (Darren Morgan) are sent on gigs by their near blind agent (Steve Guttenberg) who confuses their job with that of a stripper. Eventually all the subplots wind up in Eldorado. Michael Madsen plays a detective searching for the wife of a strip club owner driving a big yellow Trans Am. Bond girl, Caroline Munro is unrecognizable as Lily.

The background set is surreal. The music is all lip sync (thankfully) . The dialogue needed work. Other movies spoofed included: "The Pirates of the Caribbean,", "O Brother Where Art Thou," Blazing Saddles," "Kill Bill," and "10,000 Maniacs." There were a few more and some I didn't catch. This is a different type of movie, not for everyone. In fact most people don't like it.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, nudity (Alexis Caley, girl under table, strippers, etc.)
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