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Audra McDonald: Madame Garderobe



  • Madame Garderobe : [faces off with Tom, Dick and Stanley]  Come here, little boys!

    [dresses them up in ladies' clothes] 

    Madame Garderobe : Three pretty boys!

    [Tom and Dick scream and run, but Stanley looks pleased] 

    Madame Garderobe : Be free, be free!

  • [the castle staff turn into regular objects] 

    Lumière : [holds her in his arms]  Plumette? Plumette! Oh, my darling, Plumette. Oh, no.

    Madame Garderobe : Maestro, you were so brave. Goodbye, mi amor.

    Maestro Cadenza : Amore. No! Don't leave me.

    [Froufrou falls down] 

    Mrs. Potts : Chip! Chip! Have you seen Chip? He ran off. Where is my little boy?

    Cogsworth : Lumiere, I... I can't... speak...!

    Lumière : [sadly]  It's alright, Cogsworth.

    Cogsworth : I can't... Lumiere... my friend... it was an honor to serve... with you.

    Lumière : The honor... was mine.

  • Madame Garderobe : MAESTRO!

    Maestro Cadenza : At last!

    Madame Garderobe : I'm coming, my love! The fat lady is singing!

    [piledrives Clothilde] 

    Maestro Cadenza : Bravissima!

  • Madame Garderobe : [at the Prince's ball]  Oh, how divine! Glamour, music, and magic combine! See the maidens so anxious to shine / Look for a sign that enhances chances / She'll be his special one / What a display! What a breathtaking, thrilling array! Every prince, every dog has his day / Let us sing with passion, gusto, fit to bust / Oh, not a care in the world!

  • Beast : [to Belle, gruffly]  You'll join me for dinner. That's not a request.

    Mrs. Potts : Gently, Master. The girl lost her father *and* her freedom in one day.

    Lumière : Yes, the poor thing is probably in there scared to death.

    Belle : [Unbeknownst to them, Belle has turned her pink gown into a rope so she can escape. The Beast knocks on her bedroom door again, softly this time; nervously]  Just a minute.

    Lumière : You see? There she is. Now remember: Be gentle.

    Mrs. Potts : Kind.

    Plumette : Mmm, charming.

    Cogsworth : Sweet!

    Lumière : And when she opens the door, give her a dashing, debonaire smile! Come, come, show me the smile!

    Cogsworth : [the Beast gives a wide smile, showing his monstrous teeth. The servants react in fright]  Oh, dear!

    Plumette : Oh, no!

    Beast : [his smile vanishes; graciously]  Will you join me for dinner?

    [He turns away and shakes his head at the servants as if to say, "This'll never work"] 

    Belle : You've taken me as your prisoner, and now you want to have dinner with me? Are you insane?

    Plumette : [the Beast becomes visibly enraged; the servants back away in fear]  Uh-oh! He's losing it!

    Cogsworth : Oh, dear!

    Beast : [pounds on Belle's door, yelling]  I told you to join me for dinner!

    Belle : And I told you no!

    Madame Garderobe : [awakens startled]  Oh, what time is it? What's happening?

    Belle : I'd *starve* before I ever ate with you!

    Beast : [roaring]  Well, be my guest! Go ahead and starve!

    [to Lumiere] 

    Beast : If she doesn't eat with me, then she doesn't eat *at all*!

    [storms off] 

    Beast : Idiots!

  • Madame Garderobe : [meeting Belle]  Pretty eyes, proud face, perfect canvas! Yes! I will find you something worthy of a princess!

    Belle : [awkwardly]  Oh, I'm not a princess...

    Madame Garderobe : Nonsense! Now let's see what I've got in my drawers!

    [She opens one of her drawers and moths fly out] 

    Madame Garderobe : Oh, how embarrassing!

  • Madame Garderobe : Oh, I could sing / Of the pain these dark days bring / The spell we're under / Still it's the wonder of us / I sing of tonight...

  • Madame Garderobe : [transforms back into human by hurling various colored strips of cloth at Cadenza]  Oh, Mae-STROOOOOOO!

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