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Review from someone who did not play the games
siderite14 March 2015
The worst thing about the pilot is that it is not that sci-fi. It starts promising, detailing the threat and "the mission", it shows the characters, then they all go to an isolated place where technology works against them. So basically, an entire setup for a medieval like quest, only on an alien world.

Other than that, the plot is predictable, but not terrible, the acting is good and it kept me watching it, even if I knew how it would end from the first half of the movie.

As I have not played the game, I have no quarrels with that aspect of the movie, however it did seem that it had nothing to do with how a specialized fighting force would behave in the 26th century. Also, it didn't really say anything about the Halo universe. As a complete noob, I had no idea who MasterChef (he he!) was and what a Halo was.

Bottom line: forgettable, but not that terrible. It did seem really low budget, though, and I have to ask myself what is the purpose of a low budget sci-fi series pilot which brings nothing in terms of story or characters? It only prepares an even less worked on series, right?

Update: didn't realize that "the pilot" was the whole first season. Heh!
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Reasonable start but going downhill
Rob_Taylor18 December 2014
I generally like any kind of military scifi, but I have to say, this show is starting to tax my patience.

When I recall that the episodes are only twenty minutes long, that is actually far worse than it sounds.

The initial setup and "mission" are quite promising, but after that first episode, what was an interesting scifi concept turns into "Quarry Walking Simulator 2014". This begins in episode 2 and continues all through to the end of episode 4, which is about an hour of viewing.

There is a rather weak attempt to turn the show into a psychological study of people put in a difficult situation, but it doesn't really work. The short format of the series, plus the sub-par writing and acting, only makes the characters annoying rather than interesting. Instead of tense drama, you end up with trite stereotypes and predictable scenes.

The CGI isn't brilliant, but it does the job, but, as I have already mentioned, mostly it is a tale of people slowly losing control whilst walking around a large quarry. Quite where the purported $70 million dollars it cost to make the show went is a bit of a mystery.

SUMMARY: A poor man's Pitch Black, hampered by bad writing, acting and with precious little of the extensive HALO universe to show for the budget. Monsters that are clearly designed by someone who thought Matrix Revolutions was good. Considering what was done with the Battlestar Galactica webisodes, there is really no excuse for this.

VERDICT: The wait for a decent HALO series continues...
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No effort, B-list acting, Syfy CGI.
dansrage-668-6021622 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers

So I'm a big Halo fan, but not fanatically so, I've enjoyed 343i's offerings to the universe and the Karen Traviss trilogy of books. I've enjoyed both Forward Unto Dawn and the animated anthology, and they took some liberties, but this is just lazy, I don't feel like anyone involved, the actors, the writers or the directors actually gave a damn about what they were doing. They had $70,000,000 to make this series, Ridley Scott is directing, I was expecting something well above what you'd usually get from a scifi TV show, maybe something with the production values of Battlestar or Star Trek, after all Forward Unto Dawn had a much lower budget and was a triumph, but no, what we get is at best a Syfy Channel original series with B-list acting and laughable CGI. For comparison, both Defiance and Falling Skies had better special effects, better acting and felt more genuine than this, and those shows were pretty terrible.

The issue is, this is not an original series, this takes place in an established universe loved by millions around the world, with rules and lore that need to be respected. Nor is this a new adaptation of the universe meant for TV, this show is broadcast on Halo Waypoint and aimed at Halo fans who own Xboxs and are already invested in the series.


So, the first episode starts, and we're introduced to an alien...that no Halo fan has ever seen or heard of before. It looks like a Star Trek TNG alien, an actor in crude makeup, completely trampling all over Halo's reputation for exotic and creative aliens. Halo fans have fought tooth and nail against all the races of the Covenant, ranging from 3 foot tall methane-breathing crustaceans to one ton colonies of sentient worms driving battle suits, and we've never seen anything as lazy as this. So we get over that, and in comes a Covenant dropship, it looks good enough, it raises our hopes, and then we see the Sangheili it drops off. Or rather we see a blurry, jerky representation of a Sangheili Elite that looks like it was made in Blender. If you've played Halo you're accustomed to beautiful CGI directed by Blur studios that gives Avatar a run for it's money, and Blur studios this is not. So this blurry figure stumbles through the forest, and the half dozen ODSTs tracking him lose him, as the 8 foot tall, half-ton dinosaur in full battle armor disappears down a human-sized manhole cover. Our protagonist, the wooden and disinterested Locke, follows him into the sewer, and attempts to fight him. The Elite has a plasma sword, and repeatedly misses at close range, while Locke's M6 Magnum, a gun that can punch through an Elite's shields and armor in a few shots in the games, is about as effective as a paintball gun, and the Elite escapes. When Locke catches up to him in a shopping mall (where nobody seems to care that an Elite in battle armor is walking around, do they do their grocery shopping in Zealot pattern armor?) Locke climbs onto his back and unloads his M6 into the top of the Elite's head, the magnum breaks his shields but fails to penetrate his helmet. Again this is the iconic, fan-favorite hand cannon of the Halo series renowned for penetrating armor and shields like they're wet toilet paper at ranges that would make a rifle blush, this Elite's brains should have been soup by now. So this 8 foot tall Elite that's able to flip a military jeep like it's a Power Wheels toy is unable to shake a 180lb human, and is apparently driven to exhaustion by a 5-second struggle, dropping to his knees, the plasma sword he was carrying 20 seconds ago conspicuously missing. Locke, a high ranking ODST, then allows the alien to monologue, despite knowing what a Zealot is, and thus knowing that he can't be taken alive, allowing the Elite to set of his dirty bomb when he could have just executed him.

At this point I had lost interest, and the episode continued to butcher the lore, with outstanding examples such as the navigator telling the computer to "search the galaxies" for trace elements when Halo takes place in one galaxy, and there being a Pelican dropship that looked about three times larger than it should be, which is inexplicably capable of slipstream travel. The cast of ODSTs prattled on about honor for the duration of the episode, despite an ODST being a ruthless shock trooper with about as much regard for honor as a drunk in a bar fight, known for bad attitudes and getting the job done at any cost.

In summary, the actors did not care about their acting, the writers did not care about the source material, and the director obviously thought this mess was passable, or just didn't care, after all it's just a video game for nerds, right? I can't say I'm surprised, but I am disappointed, Forward Unto Dawn showed us that Halo can translate well into shows and movies, it was a great jumping off point for expanding the Halo universe into a multimedia empire, and instead the opportunity was squandered.
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$70,000,000 Garbage by producers with no respect for the franchise.
legitimateballer14 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I've played since Halo 1 on Xbox Original. I have all the halo games that have come out, I have the xbox original, xbox 360, xbox one.

Forward Unto Dawn did an excellent job with only 12,500,000.

I think Ridley stole the money from halo to fund his exodus movie.

The acting is poor, the script is garbage, CGI looks flat-out FAKE (The Elite in the mall???). Ridley Scott, the assault rifle doesn't shoot like that nor does it have that type of precision from that distance. It might not matter to you, but it matters to us because we buy the game and made the xbox successful by being loyal to the halo franchise since the beginning. Halo is the flagship game of xbox.
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Good Sci-Fi Adventure
claudio_carvalho2 May 2015
In the 28th Century, the prolonged war between humanity and the fanatical alien alliance the Covenant has ended with a tenuous treaty. Despite the ceasefire, Earth's outer colonies remain vulnerable to the Covenant's covert intrusions. The ONI – Office of Naval Intelligence has been tasked with counterintelligence to beat the Covenant.

In Planet Sedra, Commander Jameson Locke (Mike Colter) and his team witness a Covenant's spacecraft and a Zealot Elite warrior disembarks with a bomb. They unsuccessfully try to stop the alien that explodes the bomb in a mall. They realize that it is a biological attack with an element fatal to humans. Sedran Commander Aiken (Steven Waddington) captures the middleman Axl (Jonathan Harden) that tells that the element is obtained from Alpha Halo, where the day longs 16 h and the temperature in the sunlight reaches 482o C. Aiken, Locke and his team head to Halo in the spacecraft Condor with pilot Macer (Christina Chong) carrying a Havoc weapon to destroy the place. On the arrival, they find two terrorists but are trapped in Halo by weird worms that are attracted by technology. And in five hours the sun will rise.

"Halo: Nightfall" is a good and underrated sci-fi adventure. The story was released edited on a DVD as a feature and it works. I have glanced at the negative reviews and apparently they belong to fans of a video game that are not satisfied with the movie. However, for those like me that do not play the game, this movie is highly entertaining. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Halo: Nightfall"
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Much Like The Halo Installation it's set on, Nightfall may Leave its Viewers in the Dark and Feeling Cold
totalovrdose28 March 2015
When attempting to watch Nightfall on the Halo Channel, which came equipped with The Master Chief Collection, I was unable to, the Channel experiencing, much like the game, one of many intolerable issues. Awaiting with much anticipation, I purchased Nightfall on BluRay, the question that is perhaps on reader's lips being: should I do the same? I won't respond to this, but after reading this review, maybe, dear reader, you will generate an answer of your own.

Locke (Mike Colter - who is quite possibly the single most handsome man alive), alongside his team, is operating on Sedra, an isolated backwater on the fringes of space, though this is just a smokescreen. Much like Williams on Horizon in Mass-Effect 2, Locke, an ONI Lieutenant, is spreading his employer's technological influence.

Tracking a smuggler across the planet, he and his team encounter a Covenant threat, one they are unable to suppress, a massive biological attack crippling the city. Investigating the alien technology which brought ruin upon them all, it's origins are uncovered: Alpha Halo, or, more aptly, a piece of the installation, destroyed by Master Chief. If Locke, his team, and members of the Sedran military want to stopper this threat, they are going to have to go to hell to do it - little do they realize, the real threat to their survival, has been with them all along.

Similar, occasionally, to Prometheus, Aliens and Red Planet, most of Nightfall takes place on the desolated ruin of Alpha, which is far from attractive. Though the opening of the feature shows lush, fertile wilderness on Sedra, Alpha is a distinct, unappealing contrast. Ridley Scott's influence as executive producer is visible in the camera work, the atmosphere, and the creepy imagery associated with the Covenant threat the joint ONI-Sedran team encounter. The effects are amazing, despite never been as grand as massive Hollywood productions, though it would have been superb to experience more, especially in the scenes when the team is being savagely attacked, the uniqueness of the alien menace being riveting, and the decision to inhibit it in the background is quite insulting.

Although Nightfall is designed to tell Locke's back-story, the series is narrated from the point-of-view of Aiken (Steven Waddington). We are, much like Aiken, on the outside looking in, and never do we truly comprehend the mystery that is Jameson Locke. Unlike Lasky in Forward Unto Dawn (FUD), whose family, friends and character were effectively delivered on screen, Locke remains very much an unknown quantity. Aiken too receives little depth, an issue that all characters in the series equally suffer. It's revealed that Aiken was once a Spartan, but it's never postulated why he left, though a visual representation plausibly hints an answer.

Honor, respect, sacrifice and the Godlike power of taking life are major themes explored in the series, Aiken and Locke exhibiting a willingness to do what must be done. At the same time though, the series conveys how fear and hostility can tear through the bonds of even the most loyal comrades, as everything goes terribly wrong. Nightfall efficiently blends together contemporary issues, likening the story to the world dynamics of today. ONI is representative of America: a massively powerful, dominating influence upon everyone else. Sedrans are much like America's allies: they receive guidance and protection, but are never given the same respect as ONI gives to its own people. The smugglers, who are later encountered, are similar to Middle-Eastern extremists (and not just because of their ethnicity), with their lackluster technology and oppression faced at the hands of ONI.

Although the opening of the series is positively brilliant, and easily captures the viewer's attention, the slower pace that begins to ensue, could be likened to a driver suddenly putting on the brakes for a majority of the feature, despite the well articulated suspense. A feeling of clichéd predictability begins to creep into the later portions of the series, while at the same time, action scenes are short lived, and many confrontations appear to be more verbal, than physical.

Nightfall is a decent stand alone feature, however, much like Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome, the Halo universe could have kept on spinning without its induction.
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Just awful
nilton-jorge-mota25 January 2015
First, I have to say I am a huge fan of Halo series, I was not expecting a plot exactly as the original series but come on, this is simply horrible and I love sci-fi movies!

I've seen all 4 episodes wishing something well worth mentioning would occur but until today i have disappointments all the time.

I will be honest with you, the first episode was not that horrible, it make me curious for the second one even if did not impressed me at all.

The story is a mess, no interest and acting is really poor.

Please give back the viewers the 70 millions!?!?! spent in this movie,

From my point of view, the way things are, this series has no future!!!!
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AdidasLoyalty10 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start out by saying that I love the Halo story even though it's kind of a ripoff of Stargate but Nightfall is basically copying the script of the Riddick movies. Forward Unto Dawn was good, but this is so boring, nothing really happens in the second and third episodes. There are so many shows 343 Industries could have made but they decided to be lazy. It's cool seeing other Spartans but they're not even in armor and their size doesn't add up, Spartans were genetically altered but they don't really look like anything special. Since 343 has taken over the stories outside of the Halo 4 have been boring and kind of annoying. It comes free with the Master Chief Collection, but otherwise don't buy it.
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Should be called Halo Franchise Downfall Movie
clarkmick3317 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
To get immediately to the point - This movie was SH*T!

The acting was poor and very amateurish - everyone was a soldier so in Halo Nightfall this meant everyone had really no personality at all. Ultimately you do not care if anyone dies. (Which thankfully a lot do).

I don't know what happened between the movie Forward into Dawn (which was awesome) and this piece of crap. Seriously! What happened to the producers, directors and editors from that movie?...did they walk out and the production studio then have to grab some 15 year old Red Bull brained Halo geek to finish the job?

I don't know where the budget for this movie went? - I reckon the staff just used half of it to buy beer and buy x-box consoles. I love the Halo franchise but this production just pisses me off.

Some how they don't have enough special effects budget for more than one Covenant soldier - the rest of the movie the cast are trying to survive against a modified Hunter Worm that is attracted to technology.......oh no.....this premise means that besides the point that it belongs in a 70's B-movie reflects the fact that its a bloody good excuse not to use any money to do anything worthwhile in the movie. No CGI rendering needed for Covenant soldiers, ships, weapons - just get the cast to run away from crappy CGI red worms!!!

I don't think a single weapon is fired in this movie. There is no technological innovative warfare that the Halo Franchise is built on. Its just lifeless people on a lifeless planet running away from giant sci-fi b-movie red worms.

I think this movie is a big arrogant middle finger to fans of Halo who will probably spend money to watch this movie because it bears the name of Halo (which it shouldn't). Halo fans could have done a better job.
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A Decent, if Not Great Space Mystery, Thriller, Adventure
tabuno8 January 2019
21 November 2017. This television series, edited into a movie version along with Ridley Scott getting an executive producer credit for the first episode possibly for marketing purposes and brings another big screen story of the sci fi video game franchise to life. The Alien (1979) inspired spacecraft and landscape design are decent. Some of the early futuristic features incorporated into the movie are even more compellingly fascinating, including a scene resembling the window view of Tyrell's office from Blade Runner (1982). The script was overly ambition trying to incorporate both a monster story, a survival story along with a supposedly divisive cultural class story which the last component wasn't well depicted in the movie. Credit is well deserved for the improved version of the sci fi monster motif used in the movie, a definite improvement on the run of the mill monsters. One weakness that comes up is the somewhat incongruent topography changes and the mountain or crevasse scenes that don't always line up, especially one of the ending shots. The movie becomes a bit mushy and typically predictable with its incorporation of evil intentions even though there is some aura of moral integrity depicted. In some ways, it even follows some of the same overly dramatic script points in Journey to the Center of the Earth of 55 years prior to the release of this Halo. The ending climax is also a bit of stretch as to the apparent allowance of the idiocy that leaves open the opportunity to actually be able to kill someone, such is the use of a distinctly irritable script manipulation for the sake of an intended ending. In sum, this sci fi action, mystery, thriller comes across as a watchable, somewhat enhanced version of typical space adventure movies, but nevertheless not quite reaching the ranks of superior, quality sci fi.
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Generally insulting to Halo with one or two bright spots.
nic-214-22226716 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have to say, I have been praying for years to everything I can think of to get a Halo film or Halo series started and now we have one - and it is a massive disappointment with minor bright spots.

The Plot - The story to this series is pretty weak. I mean, it isn't terrible, but I find myself yawning and looking for other things to do when watching each episode (I haven't watched the latest one, I just can't be bothered). It is relatively predictable, and that isn't a bad thing necessarily, but here it makes it pretty boring to watch.

The Presentation - (Mini-Spoiler) Okay, the show starts off with a bang; immediately throwing you in the midst of elites trying to sabotage a city. Sounds good, no? No. There is no easing into a pretty poor story, there is no character development of any sort, and because of these two points, you just can't seem to give a.. you get the point. The beauty of the Halo world is completely marginalized and presented shallow. Honestly, it is insulting.

Acting - LOL. The acting or dialogue or directing given to the actors is on the cusp of bad and mediocre. It isn't engaging, but that could be because there is no background story, no character development, and you barely even feel you are watching Halo. If you tie all those points together, you could have Johnny Depp acting and it wouldn't make a difference.

Overall, this series is insulting. Admittedly, they spent a good deal of time and money on the gear and the vehicles and all that jazz, which looks authentic and freakin' awesome, but apart from that bright spot which is always done correctly... this is not Halo. This is not the beauty of the Halo world as described in the books and games.

Let me put it this way... if I had a friend who had never heard of Halo, I would steer clear of this series as it simply is not even in the same realm. Supremely disappointed. Whoever is in charge needs to take their time, spend money where money needs to be spent, consult correctly, get better actors (not A+++ actors, just better), and NEEDS to understand the beauty of the Halo world. Stop butchering this; it makes me, as a long time fan, irritated.
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Better than expected, still less than fans deserve
stakmaster31 March 2019
While Nightfall is a step above most other video game televisions or film adaptations, it is still unfortunately delivers less than what is expected from a modern drama and quite honestly less than what fans of the long running game series deserve. Halo obviously had an incredible series of video game entries but also was really the first game series to pioneer a literary universe alongside it with many award winning sci-fi novels that routinely place in the New York times best seller list. Television and film is an arena Halo has yet to conquer as successfully and Nightfall is, sadly, not going to change that.

My biggest complaint would be that at the end of the day the story really has very little to do with Halo. That's a benefit for those watching who have never played Halo, but a letdown for those fans looking for that kind of story, and honestly considering the scope and quality of what is available for sci-fi why would you watch this if you were not a Halo fan? Most elements here, if you had simply swapped the names to non-Halo terms, would not change the context or value of the plot at all. It is a sci-fi film with Halo paint essentially.

The CGI is absolutely laughable, but the costumes are quite exceptional and really the CGI turns out to be very limited as this turns into more of a character drama than anything else which I enjoyed. Most of the characters are fleshed out with unique motivations and it creates a lot of loaded, tense conflicts between then as they decide what they have to do and what choices need to be made. If I can say one thing is that this is the realest Halo had ever felt in terms of characters and motivations. Everyone has clear reasons for what they do and say and how they act towards each other and it pays off in a lot of tense interactions between them.

Maybe someday we will get the Halo show we have been asking for, and this certainly isn't it, but it still was enjoyable for me and honestly a lot better than what I expected from a low budget video game adaption.
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I can not figure out how did they menage to screw this over
xsamir30 June 2017
After Forward Unto Dawn I have so much hope for this series. When the series came out it was a sh***. I love scifi but this Halo series was unbearable to watch. Even Killjoys the series that I don't think much of it, is a class for it self compared to Nightfall. I'm ashamed to call this part of a Halo universe.
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not bad
SnoopyStyle23 August 2019
It's the 26th century. There is a tenuous treaty between humans and the alien alliance called Covenant. Despite the peace, the Covenant is still sending operatives in a dangerous secret war. On an outer planet called Sedra, Commander Jameson Locke (Mike Colter) leads a squad hunting a Zealot Elite warrior with a suspected bomb.

I saw this as a ninety min Showtime movie. It has a lot less shooting than I expected. Actually I expected a lot less of everything from this movie. The acting is pretty good led by a capable Mike Colter. The characters are mostly one dimensional but that's fine for this type of movie. I like their conflicts once they get to the ring. The first part isn't as compelling and is limited by its production. Overall, I'm relief that it doesn't suck. It's not bad.
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Gamer Candy
ronniegwilliams125 May 2019
If you love Halo you will enjoy this. Not quite as good as Forward Until Dawn but worth a watch for sure.
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A nice addition to the lore
claudiojourneyman8 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*This Review Contain Some Spoilers*

It seems that, between the Halo expanded universe fans, it's a consensus that Halo Nightfall it's a disappointing entry in the rich expanded universe. Well, I'm an addicted to the expanded universe, to the games, and I simply loved Nightfall!

With an intriguing, mysterious plot, we are invited to discover what happened to the remains of the Base 4 Halo ring from the first game, after Master Chief destroyed the Halo through the explosion of Pillar of Autumn reactor, which is very, very interesting. I always wondered what happened to the Halo remains. This web series answer that question.

Lore aside, the plot itself is very good, with lots of suspense and nervous situations, which keep the audience in the edge of their seats. The demolition/recovering team face a mortal dilemma after arriving at the halo remains.

Generally, the special effects are great, the only let down is the CGI Elite, specially when compared to the Elite in the other Halo web series Forward Unto Dawn, which had less budget (12 millions against Nightfall 70 million budget). Despite the Elite, though, the effects are top notch and it stands out when you watch in HD and when you remember that it's not a theater movie, but a web series. The sound is amazing too, good music, good sound effects, technically, this movie/series deliver.

So, with the addition to the lore to the expanded universe, the plot, the tension, and good effects, it's very hard to understand why this web series are not receiving the same praise of the Forward Unto Dawn (which is amazing too). Plus, this entry it's easier to the non-fans of video-games than Forward Unto Dawn, since it's more self-contained than that series.
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Nice action, good series
XIFlickaIX23 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
To be honest I hadn't expected much from it but when I watched the first episode I was blown away. It had some good action and the plot line is keeping you pulled in.

When I had seen the trailer I wasn't to sure about it if it would be worth looking at but I am glad I did. I am very curious about how they will move forward with it, as the big bomb is already exploded in the first episode. For those who love the Halo game, this is something they would love too and those that like sci-fi/action this would be something to watch.

I can't wait for the next episode, hopefully it will be as good as the first one, only bad part of it, it only is 25 minutes, so when you get completely drawn into it, its about to end.
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Don't listen to the haters!
ThelVadam16 March 2015
This film is really worth watching, whether you're a Halo fan or not. It provides an incredibly engaging story the likes of which I haven't seen since Pitch Black, Alien, and Storm of the Century.

Halo: Nightfall introduces a mostly new cast of characters never-before-seen in the Halo universe; yes, this means that Master Chief is not in this film. Some have claimed this is Nightfall's greatest failure; in actuality, this is Nightfall's greatest strength. By giving us entirely new characters, Nightfall calls upon the Halo universe's unique quality to show that every human can make a difference, even if you don't have the strength or fortitude of a Spartan supersoldier. This is what makes Jameson Locke such a compelling character; he is an ordinary soldier with an extraordinary ability to lead. Mike Colter does a fantastic job of conveying this sense of purpose. He plays Locke with intelligence and charisma. Steve Waddington is a tough yet endearing co-star as Colonel Aiken, and though she isn't given much to work with, Christina Chong shines in the brief moments she is allowed to, as does Luke Neal. While the other characters aren't given much development, this is forgivable considering, in Colter's own words, this was always written to be a film, not a series.

It is important to go into this film with the knowledge that it is NOT an action movie; it is a sci-fi survival-horror film with action elements. The purpose of this film is to give context to the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians (I won't say much more so as to avoid plot spoilers). This film accomplishes its purpose perfectly while providing an entertaining piece of fiction which combines the survival-horror and sci-fi of Pitch Black and Alien with the wonderfully-explored psychology of Storm of the Century (e.g. survivors turning on each other). Each character has his/her own motivations which ultimately lead to compelling tension. The result is a great film; Ridley Scott (with Sergio Mimica-Gezzan) and Halo is a match made in Halo (uh- I mean- heaven).

Overall, this is really worth checking out if you're into any of the genres I described above. I myself am a Halo fan who has played most of the games, but I watched this with several friends who aren't Halo fans (one of them has never even played a single Halo game), but they enjoyed it just as much as I did. Halo: Nightfall is definitely worth getting on Blu-ray. It comes with lots of cool special features, too. Who doesn't love those? :)
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Fantastic. Coming from a major Halo Nerd.
jacoblillagore24 March 2017
Nightfall absolutely NAILS the characters, all of them are different from one another. Not only that, but it keeps you on your toes. The plot advances at a very good pace, but it may get dull to some. The tone is very Halo esque (no spoilers here). It really characterized Locke better than Halo 5 did, but then again, Halo 5 had little to no character development. Action was very fast paced and motives are clear. Sometimes an actor may mis-say a word, or just not be clear, but that is the only flaw. Worth every penny.
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Just make a halo movie that revolves around the master chief. It can't be that hard.
paydenmaddux20 September 2019
For what this movie had, it was... at best, very very very not so much ok. This movie could have been amazing. But the problem is that it didn't feel like halo at all. It just felt like a bunch of idiots trying to make a movie with halo weapons. The cgi was bad anyway, and all the characters... oh my word they were so bad. In most movie you are able to connect to a character. In this movie, you couldn't. Just like a few other adaptation of video game to movie, or books to movies, this one failed at being a halo movie basically at all. If you like it, good for you. But I stand by my opinion.
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no, no, no
quapsel2 September 2017
This is the syfy special of Halo? There are 3 types of alien in thism ovie.? 2 only in the first episode? and a lot of bad choices. But the threats stay fairly limited and not ramping up.

luckily the human characters are 1 dimensional so you don't really care. And almost have 2 actors that do their job. i don't want to blame them. Scenery did a good job.
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harfang-0662511 October 2015
To be honest I never had high hopes for this mini series. It felt like a cheap marketing trick before I even saw it. Of course I thought to myself "They spent 10 million smackers making it, how bad could they screw it up?"

Pretty bad

Instead of analyzing it to death, I'll list the disappointments:

-There is little or no character depth

-There is not enough character development of Locke, who I might add is the whole point of the mini series

-The whole series has a bit of a cheap feel to it, from the environments to the guns

-The plot is not emotionally engaging and goes nowhere

-God help us, the clichés
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Generic Sci-Fi with no Relation to the Franchise.
tallengs-434761 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*Minor Plot Spoilers* I'm not the biggest Halo fan, I'm not going to lie. I've played all of them, but I'm not going to complain about how many shots it takes a magnum to break an Elite's shields, but I know enough about movies to say how lazy this is. The plot of this series is boring. It takes place mostly on the broken Halo ring from Halo 1 where a group of ONI soldiers have to plant a bomb to destroy some anti-human element found there. Most of the plot is just this group of humans wandering around a wasteland and arguing about sides Survivor style. I was hoping maybe to see a return of the Flood on the ring, but instead we get... hunter worms? Thats right. Hunter worms not in their armor. They act as the generic sci-fi sound hearing monster and brought nothing interesting to the table. That was a curious choice to make, seeing as the flood could have done basically the same thing and make a bit more sense... speaking of curious choices, one of the first scenes of the movie they introduce a new alien species out of the blue that I've never heard of., so I looked them up and they were just made up specifically for that one scene. So under utilized that they don't even have a wikipedia page. Anyway, the marines go around the planet, draw lines, betray each other,and eventually get off the planet with their mission done. The characters themselves are as dull as they get and they all lack character. Locke? Well he's a marine commander... that's all. Master Chief had more emotion and he's equatable to a pet rock as far as emotions go. People complained about the CGI in this show, but I thought it was pretty decent for a TV show... then I saw its MASSIVE budget and realized how bad it was for the money. Yeah the CGI was good, but at times it just looked fake. I'm pretty sure the graphics of Halo 4 outmatched this by far, but still, the only star I'm giving this show is for the CGI. So, in the end this show is as boring and generic as it gets. Every plot point is predictable and can easily be seen a mile away.It was bad. It was boring. It was not worth your time. But my biggest question is simply, why is this a Halo series? Watch this... A group of Alliance marines fights an evil alien, the Slurgs, and finds out that there's an anti-human element on a planet orbiting around a super nova. There they find an evil alien worms called Hunter Worms. It's up to them to destroy the element and avoid the worms. Boom, I just made this movie entirely non- Halo. The only real reason this movie was Halo was to draw in the massive Halo fanbase, but it used so little of Halo's lore that it didn't seem worth it. The good news is that it didn't seem like it was a cheap cash-in, but it just didn't need to be a Halo series at all. I would feel a lot more comfortable reviewing some B-Movie generic sci-fi, but now I have to review a Halo generic B- movie Sci-fi. If Locke is the main character in Halo Guardians, I think I'll skip that one.
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Is this really based on a Halo game? No!!! Seriously?
drskytower-131611 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I have not seen the earlier Halo episodes, but I have played the games so I know the basics of the Halo universe. This movie started off interesting, but my goodness, it sure tried my patience after half an hour. After an hour of sitting there my butt went numb with boredom.

This had to be one of the worst sci-fi tele-movies I've ever sat through.

1) You can easily outsmart a energy-sword wielding Elite just by jumping over him and shutting a flimsy door in his face. When you open the door he will be conveniently gone.

2) If you jump on an 8-foot tall Dino-Toad in full battle armour and shoot a couple shots into his helmet with your pistol, he not only doesn't fight back he quickly falls to his knees in defeat and then throws himself over the hand rail to his death.

3) This huge armoured alien can wander around in a human shopping mall unseen but in full view. He doesn't even bother to activate his active-camouflage, because well, humans are blind.

4) Lekgolo worms will not attempt to make themselves into a Hunter form. They just swarm together in giant masses big enough and powerful enough to bring down Pelican drop-ships.

5) If however, you turn your ship off, the Lekgolo worms will completely ignore your ship. Oh, and use pack-horses to transport your smuggled whatever-the-hell you're smuggling. Also, wear peasant clothes, because the Lekgolo worms will still attack as they can detect you whether or not you're using your i-OxgyenMask, or your i-Phone, or your i-Pad... or your feet walking on a solid i-Surface...

6) Even though you're a trained soldier, trained by ONI or UNSC or whatever, make triple sure to kill those peasant civilian-smuggler types who are unarmed and have no way of fighting back against you.

7) Spend the entire flick wandering around a boring quarry, trudging along the same paths. Just show em from different angles so the (hopefully) tiny-minded audience doesn't figure out this all looks the same.

8) Spend 80% of a made-for-TV-movie based on a science fiction first-person-shooter video game sitting around talking. Because the demographic this flick is aimed at wants to watch people sitting and talking. Especially when the acting, story and special effects are sub-par.

9) Wonder at the revelation that every Halo game you've ever played involved you running and gunning down alien covenant soldiers, space-zombies, huge ape-like alien warriors and flying super-advanced killer machines built by an extinct super-race.

10) After the hero and the token female survivor escape the deadliest red worms in the Universe in the stolen smuggler ship, grab the DVD disc and sigh with satisfaction as you snap the thing in half.

This still goes to show that movies based on video games do NOT work! Boooo 343 Industries! I wasted my $$$ hiring this turd from Video Ezy!! 0 out of 10!
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Very Disappointed with the movie
mr_danny_cull23 April 2015
the story line was slow and boring, and then the cussing & the movie is supposed to be rated that a 7 year old could watch it, i personally would not want my child watching it. I'm not entertained but offended by the poor quality used in the making of the movie, i would highly recommend that movie makers use ethics, when i purchase a movie i like to be entertained not offended, the excessive use of profanity, and nudity, sexual content, and drug use or alcoholics. is offensive to me and not needed to make a movie. this will be the last halo movie i purchase due to the poor quality of film making, standards need to be set and followed. very disappointed with the movie and it's content.
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