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Entertaining, but not too much
resireg-3141524 August 2017
Well, being a fan of the movie and the series, I felt a little disappointed with the last installment of the series.

First of all, because they added some unnecessary characters, like Susie's (Amy Poehler) British and unfunny boyfriend. A new yuppie couple (Mark and Vivian) who is very intimate with J.J. (Zak Orth), and Coop's (Michael Showalter) fianceé. They were a nuisance, and I felt like their scenes were just not interesting or relevant to the whole plot.

I found some contradictions, because in the original film, McKinley and Ben are very closeted about their relationship, and they were very open in these episodes. Let's remember that this was the height of the Aids scare (before the movies like "Philadelphia" helped mainstream people to sympathize with HIV positive gays), and being openly gay was not so accepted at the time (especially in a place with children).

Susie and Ben were very close (they ran the drama classes) while they barely interact this time.

What was missing this time, were the children themselves. Despite one teenager alpha male (Deegs), there were no child humor like we saw in the movie and series, which used to make me laugh a lot.

There were some plot holes like what happened to Gail's former partner (in the end of the movie, she gets engaged to a 11 year old kid), what happened to the robot guy (who in the movie was J.J. brother), and in the end, there is a scene on the beach that I won't explain because there are spoilers.

I had a good time watching it, even though I think that I was hoping that Coop's love story would have ended differently.

The best of all for me is the bromance between Victor and Neil. The last being the professional sidekick of a person who is actually below him.

Watch, but keep expectations low.
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Absolutely loved it
suebell-7725710 August 2017
I loved every moment from start to finish. Ten Years Later is beyond hilarious and true to 'the spirit of Camp Firewood' in every way. Love the cast, creators, and the unique chemistry they've created. Every joke, every detail, is spot on. If you watched the movie a million times you'll want to do the same here.
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It's good to be back, even if it's for hour (or four)
Neuey344 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Two summers back, Michael Showalter and David Wain did something unimaginable by resurrecting a cult classic into a prequel TV series that managed to capture the spirit of its successor. This time around the song remains the same. Every character comes back (except Bradley Cooper) to some extent and the duos writing chops thrive on this limited source of talent. Having a convoluted story does help fit everyone in organically which is why the Bush and Clinton cameos make sense (somehow?). Compared to the "First Day of Camp", the inclusion of new characters (Mark Feuerstein and Sarah Burns) at times bloated the four-hour run time as J.J.'s story line was given greater importance. Other than that it was great to see a universe full of characters still have a story to tell and enrich the lore of Camp Firewood. With a storybook ending, it's safe to say the world of Maine summer camps left at the right time. Walla-Walla-Hey!
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Ridiculous, Insane, Hilarious AND sweet
kjacobs-206964 November 2017
Wow. Despite the great reviews, I found "First Day At Camp" to be beyond boring. In addition to being so distracting that everyone was clearly 20 years older, there was just nothing there.

I love that this movie said screw it and after starting with the cutesy satire of "where are they now" schtick early on, it is unashamed to just go off the rails. Disparate story lines that somehow connect together, ridiculous "cameos" and story lines, and just good fun all around.

One of the more pleasant surprises that I have had watching a TV show in a long time
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The true power of friendship.
axel-desoomer4 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten years later. After i watched the prequel I was really looking forward to the sequel. Did it disappoint? No not for me. I can understand people don't like this show because it is just weird, but it is fun.

The cast was good ( for the most part still the same) but i did had a hard time with recognizing people. I should have watched to movie or prequel again before watching this series. Anyway, after a couple of episodes i was back.

What i really liked about this show was the ending. They make 7 episodes ( this series only) to build up a story and at the end it is totally wrong and different. Love the message in the series that friendship is really important.

I would recommend this to people who are into overacting comedy shows. And the people who loved the previous WHAS.

(would be nice if they played higher and higher at the end.
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Still great Fun, but a Tad Underwhelming,
lesleyharris309 August 2019
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later is a very enjoyable mini-series with loads of great moments and a phenomenal comedic cast. It is fun to see the majority of the cast from the original movie and the previous mini-series, First Day of Camp, come back playing appropriately aged versions of the characters that suit their acting range this time. Paul Rudd is particularly hilarious as an older version of Andy.

The series did not delight in every area, I will be honest, I certainly thought First Day of Camp was a more successful reunion series for the cult film, and it did feel here that they were pushing it a bit, at times. There were jokes and bits that went on for far longer than was necessar, and it definitely had some palpable scripting issues throughout.

However, we can put the flaws of the eight episodes aside and appreciate it for what it is, purely ridiculous, stupid comedy that consistently remains delightful. Not perfect but always entertaining, Wet Hot American Horror: Ten Years Later is solid and worth the watch for fans of the franchise.

The campmates of Camp Firewood return 10 years later, as they promised they would in the original movie, for chaos and shenanigans.
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Diminishing returns
shanayneigh19 August 2017
Although not a masterpiece, the original movie from 2001 is a charming and entertaining one. It was funny. The sequels have been disappointing, with every installment progressively worse.

Everything about Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later screams "first draft". It's like they were spit balling in the writer's room saying "wouldn't it be funny if" and it never progressed beyond that step. I have witnessed that firsthand on comedy projects I have worked on where the writers are howling with laughter and slapping each other on the back, just to have everything fall flat when you shoot it and hand it over to the poor editor who is the one who has got to try and save it.

Perhaps one problem is that the core croup come out of sketch comedy via The State. There is no narrative flow to Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later. It's easier to mask that in a 90 minute movie, like the original, but when you stretch it for 8 episodes (or rather 16 episodes, since both Netflix shows have the same structure) it becomes quite tedious.

One show also made by people from The State that manage to pull this off beautifully is Reno 9/11 (one of my favorite shows). But the structure of that show (essentially a COPS parody) lends itself perfectly to the sketch format, it doesn't have the need for the same narrative flow that Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later aspires to.

But the cardinal sin with Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later is that it unlike the original movie, isn't very funny. Most ideas are half baked, and the actors are going through the motions. It didn't help that every time someone shouted "Walla-walla-hoo!" I wanted to kick their teeth in.

Perhaps the original movie was lightning in a bottle.
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orlalajane15 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was soooo disappointed by this series. I found the movie and prequel series hilarious and had such high expectations. I didn't laugh once. Adam Scott was terrible in this (although he was so funny in parks and rec) as well as the two new additional characters they have added- the joke is that they edited them into the old clips, however, this is not funny. I watched all eight episodes in anticipation of it finally getting funny but to know avail. It was incredibly tedious and boring to watch and I don't think it even remotely resembles the extremely absurdist, unexpected and sometime dark humour of the previous wet hot American summers. I think that Michael showalter and David wain ran out of ideas here:
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Falls Flat
LONGSTON9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Major disappointment! Loved the movie and the prequel, but this one was a big old mess! Waste of an amazing cast. And the whole, "this didn't really happen" explanation is such a lazy cop-out. Prequel was dumb-funny witty with tons of heart and raunchy comedy. This one was just dumb with tons of poop jokes/gags that fell flat. Don't head back to this camp!
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amirrunoron10 December 2020
Sad. bad. no. stop. In case this was not obvious enough - This is a bad attempt at "nostalgia" I cannot believe that all these great "talents" cast here made this awful awful show. I could not finish the first episode. Cringe.
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Way Better than WHAS: First Day of Camp, Has Some of the Charm of the Original
chas4379 August 2019
I feel this was truly written for fans of the film, whereas First Day of Camp was written for kids who didn't really understand the film.

Best of all, pretty much every character from the movie is back. If you love the film, this is worth a go.
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Absolutely BRILLIANT- Michael Showalter, comedic genius of our time
KayMack2320 August 2017
Showalter is a genius, a genius! Just thigh slapping, tear-jerking laughs throughout that won't stop.

My only complaint, and it's a biggie: Janeane Garofalo's HORRID cosmetic surgery. She looks as if she is a face-transplant survivor, you've seen them, they get some cadaver's face onto their own, and it just hangs there perpetually suspended and creepy. Well, that's what Garofalo's face looks like. It was so distracting, in every scene she's in I could do nothing but gape at her awful poor face. I don't think she was capable of making any expression except stunned apathy- if that is an emotion, that's hers. Her mouth is like Mr. Toads in a perpetual frown. In the very last episode, she manages to grin!! How did that happen? She must have gotten some special anti-toxin injection, as it was the sole instant in the entire series where I saw her face other than deadpan.
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Still waiting for the funny
kingramze24 August 2017
Have you ever seen someone tell one of their friends an inside joke that you weren't in on? That's this series for me. Clearly, the absurd characters are meant to be funny caricatures to begin with (especially with the wigs many are wearing), but they also say and do things that they believe are funny and sometimes other characters agree are hilarious. Maybe the joke is that they're idiots who find stupid things funny. I don't know. Maybe the entire series is a giant Andy Kaufman style joke on the viewers for watching and expecting humor.

I get that this was intended to be some sort of parody. Full disclosure, I have not seen the original movie or anything else from this franchise, but I can't imagine that affecting my opinion.

Humor is a subjective thing, so your experience may be different. This isn't a parody in line with Spaceballs, Scary Movie, Hot Shots, Galaxy Quest, Monty Python, or Tropic Thunder. It's not a style of humor like Groundhog Day or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Best I can tell, it's a sophomoric, awkward grimace, dry, situational humor similar to that found in "The Office" but even less grounded in reality. It's that sort of thing that maybe some laugh at because the situation is so nervous and cringe-worthy. It's a dry humor, but not a witty humor like found in Monty Python and other British works.

There must be an audience for this type of thing. I'm guessing there's some overlap between people who enjoy this and people who watch the USA version of "The Office" and Napoleon Dynamite. Those being hits in the states, there must be those that would love this. Just not me.

I think it's either hit or miss with this style of comedy, and for me, it's a miss.
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So... when are the jokes expected to arrive?
blake-johnson64647 August 2017
Horrible. If there is anything i have learned about new TV series' its that the pilot has to be a killer episode to get the viewers hooked for the rest of the series or at the least the next episode. I watched the first episode on netflix and could not wait to remove it from 'my list'. It attempts to draw humour from the daggy 90's references and style but the jokes just fall very short. In the first episode i laughed twice and one of those was a little forced, trying to influence my mind to find it funny but to no avail.

I have not seen the original movie or any other of the franchise so i do not know if the corny brady bunch style acting is supposed to be part of the humour but it didn't do it for me.

Don't waste your time with this one.
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Absolutely Stupid
johnkenerson27 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it was unfunny, badly acted, poorly paced and had a horrible "story" (calling this disjointed turd a story is being generous)

Oh and of course, evil republicans as the boogeyman (Reagan and Old Bush)

But Marguerite Moreau looked really good.

Pass this one by.
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Leave WHAS alone
natetfiles4 August 2017
I'm sorry, I want to start this by saying I love the original movie, it's sad how much I've seen it, and I was very excited for First Day and 10 Years Later and went into both with an open mind. After my extreme disappointment with the First Day season I stayed quiet, I thought it might just be me. But after this season I can't keep quiet anymore. This is me speaking personally as a fan of the original, I'm not saying these sequels are not good but my review is in relation to the movie. I see the faults of these series as having two main points. First and foremost, part of what made the movie so funny was that the plot and stories were all believable and quintessential movie plots where  certain quirks within that structure made it funny. In the two series, we are given downright absurd stories. Again they are fine by themselves but the dynamic that worked so well in the movie is gone. Secondly, I understand the want and somewhat need to add characters or change plot points to fit the new story but it has become outlandish. Trying to force it has become too much. One of the funniest parts of the movie was the lack of continuity but the low budget feel and actual production made that acceptable and played into the humor. You can only get away with so much before the joke becomes stale. I just want to finish by saying I respect the cast so much and their talents combined is unparalleled. I have loved their work since the movie came out, from "They Came Together" to "Mike and Tom Eat Snacks". Its disheartening to see them not used to their full potential and the fun of the tight knit group watered down by so many added characters. I cant help but put some blame on Netflix for taking a movie that was popularized by its addition to their library and milk it. Again, these are my personal feelings and I hope you enjoy the series more than I did, but i encourage you to rewatch the original and enjoy the simplicity in the humor (watch it on DVD with the added fart sounds).
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aaleronvancouver1 March 2019
Most accurate depiction of Ronald Reagan I've seen to date.
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Just as bad as its predecessors!!
Marynewcomb201320 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I had heard this was a bit different than the other two, so I gave this a shot. The first two episodes were ok but then it fell in stupidity line with the others!! First off, having some cast members play the presidents was a crappy idea!! Ronald was never on the heavy side & was 80 at the time this "reunion" took place!! This has him around 55-60 years old!! The guy playing Bill was the worst though. Next stupid thing was having a guy that's a can of mixed vegetables taking a waitress from behind was the stupidest thing I have seen ever I think!! Bringing people back from the dead was also an ill fated idea!! Why would you do the soap opera thing in a comedy? I did manage to watch to the end & seen a another HUGE mess up!! It went a month after the reunion & would have been September 1991, the lady talking to Coop about his book mentions ,"three presidents". That was not possible at the time because Bill was an unknown to the majority of the US at that time & did not win the election until over a year later!! The list of stupid mess ups and plain stupidity goes on and on!! Don't waste time with any wet hot American summers!!!
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Starts off mediocre
Bryan-10 August 2017
After watching First Day at Camp I had high hopes for this. It doesn't live up to the previous entry but it stands on it's own. Admittedly, after the first episode I was disappointed but it starts to jam in more jokes on the future episodes. FDAC is a tough act to follow. This is funnier than most shows but that's not a high bar.
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Complete garbage!
joeseph-8296230 December 2018
I liked the original movie (even if it is juvenile and stupid; at least it was campy humorous) but this is complete garbage. Nexflix dives full force into the Hollywood leftist propaganda garbage pail. This is the real reason Netflix closed the review section - so they can pretend most people enjoy this trash.
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