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tiffanytrnx6 September 2018
If I didn't read the book, my rating might have been higher, but there were lots of scenes from the book that I would have enjoyed in the movie. For instance, most of the book is about Nathan trying to find out who A is. I would have loved to see that, but unfortunately they cut it down to just a few scenes with Nathan. The acting was great and what was presented was good, but if I had to choose between the movie and the book, I'd pick the book. So if you get the chance, read the book. You'll really enjoy it, especially if you enjoyed this movie.
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I was skeptical , really, really skeptical...
arusinghnz10 June 2018
When I read the premise, I felt it was a rip on the YouTube series, without giving credit. But I decided to watch it anyway. And, I really enjoyed it. Since its a teen romance type drama, something I haven't watched since my own teens back in the 80s, I watched it without that fore knowledge. The only YA I watch are sci-fi or fantasy based films.

So, to watch Every Day and to still have it hold my attention and keep me captivated, without all the flash bang effects of other CGI multi-million $ productions, it did a very good job. Time is precious to me and taking it out to watch a film, I usually wouldn't watch and yet still enjoy as much as I did this one, was well worth it.

The portrayals were great and the lead did an awesome job.
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A surprisingly good movie
connorq-227468 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I had pretty low expectations going into this movie, but coming out, I can say it was a good movie. The actors playing A do a good job of convincing you they are all the same person. Rhiannon is a good lead, who has a good subplot involving her dad. The rest of the supporting cast fit their roles well, and never feel as if they take too much time, though some could have been more well fleshed out. My big gripe would have to be the ending. It just felt kind of rushed and incomplete. Other then that, it was a surprisingly enjoyable movie, considering I knew close to nothing about it going into it.
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Different but significantly flawed.
raymongracie27 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Minor loop holes don't bother me and I can easily overlook these in order to enjoy an overarching good story. The reason that this story was significantly flawed was because even by its own "rule set" it threw any semblance of coherence and congruent nature out at the end, seemingly for the trifling intent of being different.

The fact that "A" had not met anyone in thousands of "lives" that he connected with at a mental, emotional and perhaps spiritual level at such a depth that the willingness to pursue a relationship until meeting Rhiannon speaks volumes. The reflection and decision to pursue a relationship having had so much experience cannot help but have brought a wisdom that was often shown during the film. Yet at the end the challenges spoken of, leading to their breakup, while definitely different and significant if they were to continue their relationship were far from insurmountable. Given the "once in thousands of lifetimes" connection that the film sought to portray between A and Rhiannon, the story broke coherence when the challenge to fight for the relationship through struggle, thick and thin, wasn't even attempted.

So we are left with 99% of a story doing its utmost to portray a 'soul mate' connection, then the last 1% showing (in spite of the inevitable challenges) how easily they and especially A, who purportedly knew the rarity of their connection, threw it all away (before even reaching and experiencing those challenges which at that point existed only in A's imagination). That last 1% destroyed all belief in any of the meaning that supposedly connected A and Rhiannon during the first 99%. Now if they were to show the strength of their connection through both of them battling through any challenges that came their way, that would keep the coherency and genuinely show how "once in a thousand lifetimes" their connection was. By ending it the way it did it just showed how weak, insignificant and illusionary the connection that the first 99% of the film tried its best to portray.
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New day, different/same .... well you know what
kosmasp18 October 2018
So this is a very high end concept, a good idea and it might also make a great science fiction movie. Or at least a way better drama than the one we get served here. The psychological element goes a bit awry and gets replaced by romance or rather a romantic idea. Therefor the movie also get into the traps of many cliches that riddle romantic movies.

So while the movie has strong foundations, the building on top of it is still quite shaky at best (if you allow me this analogy). If you are young and do not care too much about going deep into subjects, you probably will like this. And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, we're talking movies here and entertainment - and above all taste in things! So take that into consideration and watch if you want a light hearted romantic movie with quite some twist to it
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Its interesting premise and the deft handling of it set this apart from others in the genre.
Pjtaylor-96-13804422 April 2018
You just have to accept its science-fiction or fantasy central conceit because there's never really an explanation, though nor should there have been, and, while its concept is often explored and does certainly play a large role in the narrative, 'Every Day (2018)' definitely doesn't otherwise occupy those two genres as it's deeply rooted in teen-romance territory - fairly realistic and grounded teen-romance territory, at that. It's obviously enhanced by the premise but not really dictated by it, despite the interesting and looming presence it has. The flick may sound like schlocky, sentimental fare but it is far from the sort and actually navigates it's unique narrative rather deftly, quickly getting you on board with its 'out there' elements and making sure that every incarnation of its body-swapping character feels like a proper continuation of the same person. It's never too predictable or clichéd but does usually play it pretty safe, aside from its satisfyingly ballsy and one-step-ahead-of-the-audience ending. It also doesn't go far enough in certain directions that may be tried-and-tested, but are only so for good reason, to compensate for the fact that it also doesn't quite stretch far into its newer territory to be anything other than surprisingly good for what it is, though. It's much better than I was expecting, but the core concept does feel like it could've been explored further. Perhaps that's something to be saved for another day. 6/10
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js-661305 March 2018
Forget polygamy, hows about dating someone new every day? Well, the same someone who happens to inhabit a different skin upon waking. Great premise for a movie, so here we are.

"Every Day" is one of those giddy teen fantasies riding on a boffo, supernatural twist, that attempts to handle a crazy concept in a serious manner. And it kinda works. Works because the topics at hand - relationships, diversity and why we love - are universal enough to carry a twilight zone scenario.

What could have been a comedic mess, or a ridiculous sci-fi drama, instead turns out to be a charming, clever little film, delivering a table full of food for thought. Sure it gets a bit sappy at times, but the tissue industry needs the support.
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strange similarities ...
steve-398524 May 2018
i don't know who's copying the other or the book...but in my opinion there's no point, the korean movie leave to the audience a little more sensuality and deepness...the US one is too much predictable and sound too much "Hollywood", even if none of both movies succeed to be a real good movie ... Korea 1 - USA 0
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Absolutely nothing compared to the book
TheArgentWolf19 August 2018
I absolutely loved the book, and was thrilled to know that it was being released as a movie - until I watched it, and was heartbroken. The perspective is told entirely from Rihannon's point of view, whereas the book is completely from A's. An entire side-plot related to Nathan was completely dropped, barely mentioned as an aside, and pointless characters were given lots of screen time while hardly having a mention in the book. Mechanics of A's ability are completely changed just to suit the 'teen romance' of the movie, and what I felt were important body switches, showing real diversity, were either completely ignored, or underplayed. The movie could've done so much for representation, but it just didn't care to.

If you can watch this and separate from the book, or aren't reading the book at all, honestly it plays as an averagely low-budget, dull teen movie, with nothing special going for it.
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points for originality, creativity and good intentions... but not much else
dave-mcclain25 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Every Day" (PG-13, 1:35) is a (very) LGBT-friendly, romantic drama-fantasy based on the 2012 YA fantasy novel of the same name. Angourie Rice stars a Rhiannon, an insecure 16-year-old high school student with an obnoxious older sister (Debby Ryan) and a mother (Maria Bello) who may be cheating on Rhiannon's emotionally fragile father (Michael Cram). Rhiannon increasingly sidelines her best friend (Amanda Arcuri) in favor of a boyfriend named Justin (Justice Smith) who takes Rhiannon for granted.

One fine day, Justin suddenly starts acting considerate, loving and... fun! For that one day, Justin is inhabited (gently possessed) by a benevolent soul which calls itself "A". A comes to really care about Rhiannon and, after jumping into a new teenage body the next day (and the day after and the day after...), begins to seek out Rhiannon... and try to connect with her on a personal and ongoing level. Of course, that means that "A" must get Rhiannon to believe that he (or she) really is the same "person", even though he/she is in a different body every day - and then get Rhiannon to trust in him/her.

Unfortunately, the story plays out as silly as it sounds (at least on screen, which is, of course, what we're talking about here). The acting isn't very good either. However, girls in their early-mid teens may well enjoy it, as well as members of the LGBT community (and their friends), due to the LGBT-friendly images, dialog and casting. But is all that enough to make for an entertaining movie, generally speaking? Sadly, I have to say no. Points for originality, creativity and good intentions... but not much else. "C"
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man i don't know but you won't miss out if you didn't watch this
nshdnn6 June 2018
Maybe because i watched the korean movie that this was inspired from (i think?) first before i watched this, i thought that this was a weak version of the same movie. this movie is slow and it was just not very good to be honest
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As always, the book wins.
yvonnemcneese13 May 2019
The book upon which the movie is based easily makes it onto my all-time favorite list, but the movie, although there were elements I found enchanting, is forgettable. For the short list of things I liked: they did quite a good job casting the character of Rhiannon; she was charming and believable. I liked the song that replaced Kate Bush's "Running up that Hill" (which is a great song!), and I appreciated being able to see how A embodies other people. However, the movie does a considerably poor job taking on the serious themes of love and identity that underlie A and Rhiannon's love story. The book is an easy read, but it takes on profound questions, such as "Are we humans first, or souls first?", "Who am I?" and "Why do we love who we love?". Moreover, about halfway through the movie, it diverged completely the book in order to close the story arc in its neat 90-minute time frame. While it the book Rhiannon's skepticism about getting involved with A persists throughout, the movie assigns her the task of convincing A to attempt to outlast the 24-hour timetable he had previously believed to be inviolable. In the book, it was a plot twist when A discovered that the Reverend was also a host to another spirit like A. The movie erased this sinister subplot of Reverend Poole and Nathan entirely.

All in all, do yourself a favor and skip the movie but read the book, stat.
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The obvious solution
SamJohnson128 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So why not simply have A wait until he inhabits the body of some unfortunate tall soul with nice shoulders and a skinny frame but without a close family or friends? Then he'd be ethically sound saving that person and able to be with the one he loves...forever. The choosing to leave for a fragmented existence made no sense.
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Weird premise but I felt intrigued by it
lisafordeay2 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Everyday is a teen romantic fantasy about a young girl named Rihannon who stumbles across different teenagers everyday who become intrigued by her. The reason for this is that all these teens are possessed by a spirit who named itself A and falls in love with Rhiannon. The spirit even becomes her boyfriend Justin in the opening of the film and later possesses Rhiannon. But since A isn't an actual person can they ever be with Rhiannon?

The premise is weird as we never see A inhabiting into the person's body only they wake up at 6:30 and have to set the alarm from 11:00 in the morning till 11:50 at night as A leaves that body and goes into another person.

Overall if you like supernatural romantic films like Just Like Heaven or Heaven Can Wait then you'll probably like this film. It even reminds me of that 1980 tv show Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula.

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Great movie!
denverandrea9 April 2018
This movie was simply great. I've seen the trailer and I was like I have to see this someday and then I went to the cinema with my friends and I must say I was impressed by this movie. I didn't know what to expect from it and I wasn't totally hyped for it but after I saw it I couldn't stop thinking about it. It shows love in the most purest way possible and I got somehow attached to it because I still believe that love of this kind is possible in the real World and not only in the movies. The cast has been great. Actress Angourie Rice who played Rhiannon has been awesome and all of the people who played A has been perfect. I truly believed their acting that all of those actors has been the same person. Simply this is the best movie I've seen in a while and I can't wait for it to be released on a DVD. I will for sure watch it again. Loved the book, loved the movie. There should me more movies like this one. Totally love it and totally love Rhiannon and A. Great job. Simply perfect and beautiful movie. I recommend everyone to watch it.
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My Two Cents
jefgg8 June 2018
Here is my two cents about the movie "Every Day". I wish I could still discuss movies, TV shows, actors and actresses on IMDB message boards. Those boards were shut down about a year ago. I don't think I am the target demographic for the movie because I am really old. My movie going is very sporadic. And I usually loath any movie about changing bodies, time travel, coming back from the dead or any rubbish like that. I think the preview caught my attention because it made me think of my friend Jayne (not her real name).

I have lived over 18,000 days. Two of my best days were when Jayne was visiting from about 1,700 miles away. Those were two of the happiest days of my life. The first one was a big surprise because I hadn't seen her in about 20 years and wasn't sure what to expect. Jayne is biracial and bisexual. I think she is biawesome. And "Every Day" is an LGBT related movie and did deal with race a little. I'm not gay. Notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat. Gay kids had a very rough time when I was growing up. I hope it is easier for them now.

It would be awesome if Jayne or someone like her could hang out with me everyday. And it wouldn't bother me if she did it in different bodies. The movie made me think of having a great time with new friends back in the day. If Jayne was in a different body maybe she could sign to let me know it is her. Both of us are hearing people and fluent in American Sign Language.

I don't go to the movies often so the only actor or actress I recognized was Maria Bello. Sometimes it is beneficial to watch a movie featuring actors you are unfamiliar with because you have no expectations. It was interesting to see Justice Smith as A then as Justin.

I started thinking about changing bodies. I would not want anyone else in my body. And I would not want to be in someone else's body ... except for maybe Mariah Carey. I am left handed. How would that work? If someone was in my body they would assume my voice. But what about my accent? What about speaking different languages? What about playing musical instruments, playing sports, etc.? What if the host body got sick, injured or died? What if A got the host body or someone else pregnant? What if A turned bad and broke the law? I guess A only occupied bodies that were the same age so that may have decreased the chance of an issue with the age of consent.

I read a review that described Justin as "neglectful". That was a horrible choice of words. Inattentive is probably more accurate. And maybe he was a little immature. Some young women get tired of immature boyfriends and seek older guys. I would not recommend that. It is a good way to find a pervert like R. Kelly.
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Pretty clichéd and boring, but the premise is interesting (I have to admit).
Hellmant9 March 2018
'EVERY DAY': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A romantic drama about a 16-year-old girl who falls in love with a soul that wakes up in a different body every day. The film was directed by Michael Sucsy (who also helmed the 2012 romantic drama 'THE VOW'), and it was scripted by Jesse Andrews (who also wrote 2015's 'ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL'). It's based on the novel (of the same name) by David Levithan. The film stars Angourie Rice, Justice Smith, Debby Ryan and Maria Bello. It's received mostly negative reviews from critics, and it's performed very modestly at the Box Office so far as well. I found it to be pretty clichéd and boring, but the premise is interesting (I have to admit).

The film tells the story of a 16-year-old girl named Rhiannon (Rice). Rhiannon is popular at school, and she has an attractive boyfriend (Smith), but something is still missing in her life (and her bf is abusive too). Then, unbeknownst to her, she falls in love with a spirit called A. A wakes up in a different body every day, and starts a different (new) life. Rhiannon is the first person A has ever told this to. A very complicated romance develops between the two (of course).

The film feels like your pretty standard YA book developed into a movie. It's a shame because I really like the premise for it, it just feels like they could have done so much more with it. I don't know how generic, or bad, the book is, but this film adaptation is definitely unimpressive and boring. Fans might still enjoy it, but most likely it's just because they love the book so much.
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It was interesting and entertaining, but.....
Apryl27 February 2018
While it was both interesting (kewt premise), and entertaining (some of the characters were quite enjoyable), the movie was just too long for what it had to say. The movie was an hour and a half long? It should have been more like 45 minutes. This is intended for tweens and teens, and they don't need so long to get to the point and let you feel all warm and snugly. I think they explained the ending, but by then, I had fallen asleep. I will not go back to see the end again.
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Every Move You Make, Every Body You Take
rgkarim24 February 2018
The romantic comedy and drama series, are two genres that often go hand and hand. Unfortunately these movies often lack in the unique department, copying each other's story like Hallmark copies its own plots. Yet, they still reign supreme in the movie world, unafraid to remain the cute, cuddly, and melodramatic. This weekend though, another book adapted to movie takes a shot at relieving us from this mundane rush, to add a little flair back into the romantic atmosphere. My review, as you can read, is on Every Day, starring Angourie Rice and a mess of other young actors. What is in store? Read on to find out my friends.


Acting: Many romantic comedies involving teenagers are often overacted performances that are not easy for me to stomach in the volumes I see movies in. Every Day on the other hand manage to keep the acting in check, with performances that felt like kids in every day high school. As the central character, Rice did a fantastic job of handling the teenager caught between so many lives that require her energy to invest in. As for the remainder of the cast, all the extras from the jerk boyfriend (Justice Smit) to the final host of A all have their parts to play, and each represent there lifestyle stigmatism well. Such a dynamic cast kept things fun, and the story more intriguing than the run of the mill romance.

The Morals: The story is primarily a love story, but amidst the kissing, hugging, and cuddling is a strong series of ethical dilemmas that the characters must face. It starts with the common moral dilemma of finding respectful love vs. settling, teaching young kids that love does exist outside the realms of popularity and physical aspects. Soon Rhiannon (Rice) starts crashing into things such as familial discord, self-identity, and trying to move on from something because it's the right thing to do. Her ever changing opposite (A) also has plenty to face with his powers too, as each person he inhabits has issues themselves that constantly challenge his happiness and ability to have a life he so desires. These head scratchers are perfect for the young minds to soak up into and good refresher for any, leaving you reviewing your own ideas upon exiting the theater. Nevertheless, these ideas are well-baked into the tale, perfect to drive the story more.

The Twist: Let's face it, romantic comedies have difficulty with surprising me, the plots so predictable and similar that one can't help but try to fight sleep sometimes. Every Day's twist to the story doesn't defy the predictability in terms of ending, but the concept itself is the intriguing part to this story. The premise of having your love interest switch to a new body every day crosses a bridge most people haven't attempted to and it worked for me. Seeing what new adventures they would go on, how they would solve the next problem, and even how they would make this whole endeavor work were some of the questions keeping me invested in the movie. However, the biggest question of who or what A is, that is the real thing I tried to figure out. So many mysteries amidst the romantic atmosphere makes this movie stand out.


The Predictability: The movie has such a unique twist, one was hoping to have a unique ending in the works as well. Every Day's presentation may stand out, but it's ending falls back in line with the usual endings that this genre is famous for. While a bit vague at points and somewhat lackluster given the build-up they were providing. However, one should be able to see the ending coming from a mile away, and despite being on the realistic, ethically inclined side, it still lacks the emotional shine you had hoped to see.

Problems Swept Under the Rug: I mentioned how much I liked the ethics in this film and the real life portrayals of the problems that plague the world. I also would have liked to see those problems have a little more development, pacing, and satisfying conclusion than what I got. The love aspect get the most attention, there's a surprise, but as for the other dilemmas, well they get the quick treatment. Some of these make sense because again they are one life A must live and maximize, however Rhiannon's family problems are ones that she has to live with constantly, so perhaps they should have cultivated a little more integration of these problems into the movie. It would have made an interesting side story to help integrate her family into the picture, providing yet another aspect to help with this awkward relationship.

Unrealistic: No duh, a person switching lives every day is totally unrealistic, however that's not the component I'm talking about. Instead, Rhiannon's unrealistic component is how little her school work and discipline suffers despite skipping as much as she does. If many had pulled the antics she did, they would have been expelled, fortunately the power of love seemed to have rescued them. This component is ignorable to most, but for me it was cheesy and unobtainable, only taking away for the story.

Unanswered questions: The movie invests an entire ten minute dialogue to try to explain the origins of A's powers. As such, at the end I was hoping for some actual answers and hopefully get a nice tie up to A's journey of body invasion. Once again, story fails to fill in the gaps, giving little information to clarify the fog of A's life, in favor of teaching a lesson about moving on. Yeah, they took the emotionally stirring route, but in terms of story, they should have closed this book much better in regards to answers.


Every Day breaks the mold on the typical romantic comedy presentation with its unique concept of a lover switching bodies with each passing 24 hours. All the morals that come with this responsibility add an extra layer to the a generic plot, helping to keep your mind engaged instead of rapidly decaying into a lazy sponge that rom coms have come up with. And those twists that seemed so admirable, didn't quite reach the pinnacle of what I'm sure the book was able to accomplish. Problems are ignored or swiftly wrapped up, the ending still remains predictable and sadly the questions raised are left only slightly answered. Therefore, this romantic comedy stands out on some qualities, but still drowns in the mundane tactics that Hollywood has become. So worth a trip to the movie theater? Mixed results on this, but overall hold out for Redbox or a date night film at best.

My scores are:

Drama/Fantasy/Romance: 7.0 Movie overall: 5.5
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The books are great, the movie however...
amandajaneiliffe1 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly this movie had potential, started off alright then just went completely downhill. They should have stuck to the perception of A instead of Rhiannon, for starters i mean some of A's days are quite interesting - waking up in a drug addicts body trying to overcome that, the blind person, the chick about to plot her own suicide- which they dont settle by A staying. That was something A was completely against. They could have kept to the Nathan and Poole plot which was good storyline especially coming to sequel... by the end i lost interest. I was okay with then disregarding Nathan but once A stayed it went downhill...
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Excellent potential
tribephinsfan26 August 2018
The storyline in this movie had such excellent potential. It was still a decent story to watch but it could have been so much better. You could see the ending coming a mile away which was kind of a disappointment. Overall though still a five star movie.
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Wasn't that good.
raypowell15 October 2018
"The Beauty Inside" handled this much better, where only your body changed and you kept your own life, rather than to invade another person's body and life. Too many leaps of illogic that were totally glossed over.
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Loved this movie!
rachtherose-9050122 February 2018
This was a beautiful film. It is incredibly timely with themes of love, acceptance and coming of age. I laughed, I cried. Am taking my teenage daughter!
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Interesting concept but not executed well
serendipity16323 April 2018
I saw this film on a whim. I was late to the cinema and had missed the film I wanted to see (A Quiet Place). I thought it was very underwhelming, cliché (although I anticipated this) and at times very, very dry. I'm usually someone who likes to read the book version before I see its adaptation, but I know that if I had read it, I would've been bitterly disappointed.

The one credible thing is the story. It is an intriguing and interesting concept which could have made for a great film. I mean, a spiritual entity that inhabits different people every day, watching over and potentially manipulating their lives...cool idea! And considering the plethora of remakes that are plaguing the cinematic world, a bit of originality is always nice. But despite this, the film really wasn't great, largely due to the poor acting and writing.

It is more suited to be a made-for-TV movie (or made to be released on Netflix), rather than a film worthy of cinematic release. I would have happily watched it on a Sunday afternoon, after a big lunch, drifting in and out of a food coma.
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Just Wrong
hall-sammi1 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was just wrong. Rhiannons character was too bold and A did so many things that never happened like break up with Justin, A would never have done that, ever. There are characters that don't exist in the books like her sister and alot of the insider view is left out that you could have gotten from a voiceover or internal monologue type of thing. So if you read the book, the movie doesn't make sense and is just aggravating. The worst part is if you haven't read the book you have no context of what's happening why is A falling in love with her why her it just doesn't make any sense and neither does who/ what A is until like halfway through.
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