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No need to cry while listening to this one
Horst_In_Translation12 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Here we have the music video for the Ariana Grande song "No Tears Left to Cry" from 2018 and with the lights early on I felt like this could be a Christmas number, but no it is from April 2018 in fact. And still despite being less than 8 months on Youtube, this has almost 700 million views, which says it all about Grande's popularity these days, even if the Grammys are still not feeling her the way the public does. Grande is 25 now and definitely among the biggest stars of her generation. Director here is Dave Meyers again, a highly prolific music video director, and this is also far from the first time he worked with Ariana. Now the song may not be as touching and relevant as the title suggests unfortunately, but yeah you cannot expect this really from this generation of defining pop music artists. Still she is doing fine and her voice is easily recognizable. Also the (close to) rapping parts work well and the chorus is fairly fine too, especially at the very end. Now the video, is it worth seeing or just listening to the record? I think it is somewhat worth seeing not only because of Miss Grande's stunning looks (even with platinum blonde hair), but also because there's some nice visual effects here. Yeah, the thing with the empta face and the three identical masks in front of her is a bit too much and on the pretentious side, but other than that, it's looking fine I guess. Better than a lot of other Grande stuff I suppose and certainly better than most other pop music from 2018. it's an extremely close call, but I give this one a thumbs-up. Worth checking out.
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