Australian sitcoms

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I'm also including mockumentaries in this list. This List was initially submitted (in shorter form, I hasten to add!) as a Poll, but I pulled it due to most polls here having "The dark knight" as a voting option and therefore any poll not having that option would have 0 chance of getting up.

New criterion: for comedy dramas, it's running time determines whether it makes this list or my "Australian drama" list. I.e. shows which take up a 30 minute time slot will go here, whilst programmes with a 60 minute time slot (on commercial tv) will go in my drama list.

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1. 8MMM Aboriginal Radio (2015)

180 min | Comedy

In the middle of nowhere is 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, a magnet for three kinds of Whitefellas - Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits.

Stars: Geoff Morrell, Shari Sebbens, Ian Meadows, Trisha Morton-Thomas

Votes: 48

2. Acropolis Now (1989–1992)

25 min | Comedy

The lives of the owners and workers at a Greek cafe in Melbourne.

Stars: Nick Giannopoulos, George Kapiniaris, Mary Coustas, Tracey Callander

Votes: 297

3. The Adventures of Lano & Woodley (1997–1999)

30 min | Comedy

The bizarre misadventures of two no-hopers who share a flat

Stars: Colin Lane, Frank Woodley, Neil Pigot, Tony Rickards

Votes: 690

4. All Together Now (1991–1993)

25 min | Comedy

One-time Rock'n'Roll star Bobby Rivers discovers he has 15-year-old twins when his former lover dies in a plane crash. They and Tracy, the woman who looked after them when their mother was ... See full summary »

Stars: Jon English, Steven Jacobs, Jane Hall, Bruno Lucia

Votes: 155

I remember the promo for this show when it came out and thought it very funny...the main character of the show was just so gormless. Unfortunately the show wasn't as funny as the promo and I didn't stick with it.

5. Alvin Purple (1976)

30 min | Comedy

A waterbed salesman who is irresistible to women gets a job as a gardener in a convent

Stars: Graeme Blundell, Chris Haywood, Dawn Lake, John Ewart

Votes: 30

6. Angry Boys (2011)

TV-MA | 29 min | Comedy

A mockumentary exploring the issues faced by young males in the 21st century - their influences, their pressures, their dreams and ambitions.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Deborah Jones, Greg Fairall, Liam Keltie

Votes: 4,294

Chris Lilley series.

Got a laught out of "Skateboarding! Gay style!".

Also, when Gran has a heart to heart (I forget who with...probably a juvie, I think) and says something like "I also have a secret"...I kind of expected her to say "I have a penis, son". Didn't happen. Kind of expected it to happen though!

7. At Home with Julia (2011)


This four part comedy series takes viewers into the life of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson, behind the closed doors of The Lodge.

Stars: Mandy Bishop, Phil Lloyd, Michael Denkha, Joel Barker

Votes: 94

Mockumentary purporting to show the life of the then current Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. Didn't particularly grab me...not sure that I saw all the limited number of episodes in the run...might have though.

8. Barley Charlie (1964– )

30 min | Comedy

Joan and Shirley Muggleton are two sisters who inherit a run-down roadhouse/garage from their Uncle Ted in the fictitious locale of Frog's Hollow, located on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne (Australia).

Stars: Edward Hepple, Sheila Bradley, Robina Beard, Stewart Weller

Suggested by JeiceWarrior.

Wikipedia states:

It was the second television sitcom produced in Australia, being preceded by the 1957-1959 series Take That, though that earlier series had only aired in Melbourne; Barley Charlie aired for 13 episodes, produced by GTV-9 and also aired on other stations across Australia. Though short-lived, the series was a ratings success;

Premise: Joan and Shirley Muggleton are two sisters who inherit a garage. Working there is Charlie Appleby, a lazy mechanic.

9. Bogan Pride (2008)

30 min | Comedy, Musical

An intelligent teenage fugly, Jenny Cragg, who lives in the suburb Boonelg with her mother, Berenice Cragg, who is now extremely over weight and has isolated herself in her bedroom.

Stars: Rebel Wilson, Sally-Anne Upton, Lulu McClatchy, Fanny Hanusin

Votes: 141

Rebel Wilson's series.

10. Brass Monkeys (1984)

23 min | Comedy

When a new pretty female doctor joins a group of men confined to the lonely isolation of the Australian Antarctic expedition, she finds that they are keenly interested in her - and it isn't... See full summary »

Stars: Graeme Blundell, Paul Chubb, Kevin Golsby, Ross Hohnen

Votes: 12

Suggested by JeiceWarrior.

Wikipedia states:

Seven Network; "The title comes from the colloquial expression "cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey", in reference to the cold climate of the Antarctic. Brass Monkeys is the story of a pretty female doctor who joins a group of men confined to the lonely isolation of an Australian Antarctic expedition station".

11. DAAS Kapital (1991–1992)

30 min | Comedy, Sci-Fi

It is the end of history. Shitsu Tonka, the giant conglomerate of universal power, has placed the world's art treasures in a giant submarine, the Titanic II. Assigned to protect and ... See full summary »

Stars: Tim Ferguson, Richard Fidler, Paul McDermott, Paul Livingston

Votes: 73

Can't say I remember too much of this series apart from not being that much into it. They were my favourite act on The Big Gig though. This sitcom has elements of sketch comedy too, from memory. A bit of hybrid, in other words.

12. Daily at Dawn (1981)

25 min | Comedy

Life in a newspaper office.

Stars: Noeline Brown, Henri Szeps, Paul Chubb, Terry Bader

Suggested by JeiceWarrior (although the name rang a bell for me).

Wikipedia states:

Seven Network; x13 episodes; "The series was set in the office of a metropolitan newspaper. It was the first Australian comedy series to feature a regular gay character (Terry Bader as journalist Leslie)."

13. Danger 5 (2011– )

24 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

It's Christmas in the 1980s, Adolf Hitler is alive and has two Yuletide wishes: Danger 5 dead and the world under his Christmas tree.

Stars: David Ashby, Sean James Murphy, Natasa Ristic, Amanda Simons

Votes: 4,111

A sitcom featuring Hitler, dinosaurs and...the moon? Two out of three ain't bad!

14. The Ex-PM (2015–2017)

30 min | Comedy

Ellen, a ghostwriter working for the ex-prime minister of Australia Andrew Dugdale, tries to immerse herself in the lives of the ex-pm, his family and associates in a vain attempt at writing his biography for him.

Stars: Shaun Micallef, Nicki Wendt, Lucy Velik, Kate Jenkinson

Votes: 170

Shaun Micallef stars.

15. The Family Law (2016–2019)

27 min | Comedy

The Family Law unfolds in the dysfunctional world of one Chinese-Australian family, as seen through the eyes of 14-year-old Benjamin Law. As Benjamin dreams of soap-opera stardom, his ... See full summary »

Stars: Trystan Go, Fiona Choi, Anthony Brandon Wong, Shuang Hu

Votes: 307

16. The Fast Lane (1985–1987)

Comedy, Crime

Two private investigators, Bryce and Ken operate a business known as The Excelsior Research Foundation.

Stars: Terry Bader, Richard Healy, Debra Lawrance, Peter Hosking

Votes: 28

Created by two well known industry figures in John Clarke and Andrew Knight.

17. Breaking News (1994–1997)

30 min | Comedy, Drama

Based on the making of a fictitious Australian CURRENT AFFAIRS show, Frontline blends invented events with REAL LIFE events. A true reflection of THE TIMES we live in.

Stars: Rob Sitch, Jane Kennedy, Tiriel Mora, Alison Whyte

Votes: 974

I don't rate this highly as many people/critics do. It always seemed to recap the much funnier moments of Media Watch...which wasn't a comedy...but was there first...and often funnier. Frontline seemed more of a rerun/lesser version of Media Watch...or helpfully recycling the same incidents for people who didn't watch Media Watch.

18. Funky Squad (1995)

30 min | Comedy

Funky Squad is an elite police unit of four young undercover cops - Grant, Cassie, Stix and Poncho - who speak the language of the streets. They're young, hip and in touch with the now generation.

Stars: Santo Cilauro, Tim Ferguson, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy

Votes: 64

Not sure how much I watched of this. Didn't really grab me, if I watched it. Less watchable than Danger 5, which I did follow and might do so for the 2nd series too.

19. The Games (1998–2000)

30 min | Comedy

Mockumentary about the organisation of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

Stars: John Clarke, Bryan Dawe, Gina Riley, Nicholas Bell

Votes: 543

Apparently Britain plagariased this show during the run up to their own Olympics. Their version was called "Twenty twelve".

Wikipedia quotes The Games' Brian Clarke as saying:

[Clarke's website later called The Games' writers] "John [Clarke] and Ross Stevenson, who run a charitable institute supplying formats to British television".

N.B. I still recall the classic scene in this show where the organisers are wondering if anyone will notice if the 100m track is a different length. I'm guessing yes...if someone runs 100m in under 9 seconds...or in over a minute...just sayin'...

21. Grass Roots (2000–2003)

50 min | Comedy

The series is set around the fictional Arcadia Waters Council near Sydney, and was primarily a satirical look at the machinations of local government.

Stars: Geoff Morrell, Zoe Carides, John Clayton, Rhondda Findleton

Votes: 77

A satire of local government.

22. The Group (1971)

30 min | Comedy

Various escapades with three guys and two girls sharing a flat!

Stars: Ken James, Gregory Ross, Gregory de Polnay, Jenee Welsh

Suggested by JeiceWarrior.

Wikipedia states:


"Despite its popularity The Group was not renewed beyond its original series of 13 half-hour episodes".

23. Hey Dad..! (1987–1994)

23 min | Comedy

This is Australia's longest running comedy series, following the hilarious adventures of top architect Martin Kelly, who gives up his business to raise his three children. And the kid next door Nudge.

Stars: Julie McGregor, Robert Hughes, Sarah Monahan, Christopher Truswell

Votes: 314

24. The Hollowmen (2008)

27 min | Comedy, Drama

Mockumentary that follows the daily situations in which the staff from the Australian Prime Minister find themselves.

Stars: Lachy Hulme, David James, Neil Melville, Rob Sitch

Votes: 680

Political satire by The Working Dog team.

25. Home Sweet Home (1980–1982)

30 min | Comedy

Italian immigrant taxi driver Enzo Pacelli is determined to keep his old country's traditions alive, his children are, however, true blue Ozzies.

Stars: John Bluthal, Arianthe Galani, Christopher Bell, Miles Buchanan

Votes: 40

Australians/critics maybe used to say that Australia didn't make decent sitcoms...not sure if they forgot/didn't know of this one...perhaps Australia's first decent sitcom...but I haven't watched a lot of Australian sitcoms. "Mother and son" had its fans too.

26. Housos (2011–2013)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

The series is a satirical parody of Australian residents, who are living in Housing Commission public housing.

Stars: Paul Fenech, Jabba, Elle Dawe, Kevin Taumata

Votes: 853

27. It's a Date (2013–2014)


An anthology series in which each episode centres around two dates, with a range of actors, comedians and even a few personalities, playing fictional characters going on a date.

Stars: Peter Helliar, Emily Taheny, Ronny Chieng, Lisa McCune

Votes: 182

Saw promos for this but never watched it. Ronny Chieng was in one promo...he looks funny (as in his comedy style, not physical appearance!). Maybe I should watch this 'one of these days' least for the episode with Ronny in it!

28. Ja'mie: Private School Girl (2013)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

Ja'mie: Private School Girl follows the eponymous school captain during the last few months of school, far removed from the grounds of Summer Heights High and back on the lush manicured lawns of Hillford Girls Grammar School.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Georgie Jennings, Georgia Treu, Laura Grady

Votes: 3,829

Chris Lilley series.

Found the first half of the series a grind, until the character's trajectory changes for the remainder of the series, and shows some pathos, as do others.

29. Jonah from Tonga (2014)

TV-MA | 30 min | Comedy

An adventurous journey into the life of 14-year-old rebellious schoolboy Jonah, his family, friends, teachers and counsellors who are exhaustively trying to help him channel his seemingly limitless energy into bigger and brighter things.

Stars: Chris Lilley, Tama Tauali'i, Jason Moleli, Lafaele Tauali'i

Votes: 2,007

Chris Lilley series.

30. The Katering Show (2015–2016)

Short, Comedy

The journey of a food intolerant, and an intolerable foodie.

Stars: Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan, Ronny Chieng, Lawrence Mooney

Votes: 387

A parody of a cooking show with each episode about 10 minutes in length...originally aired on iView, I believe, but later broadcast on the main channel.

31. Kath & Kim (2002–2007)

Not Rated | 26 min | Comedy

A mother, her daughter, and their respective "hunks of spunk" negotiate life in suburban Australia.

Stars: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Glenn Robbins, Peter Rowsthorn

Votes: 3,191

Never got into this show, though I did intend to. Did watch one special with Barry Humphries in it though. Not sure if dreamed the following line or I actually heard it...Kath is walking with Kel and announces that she is "crowning"'s not pregnant. Ewwww!

P.S. since posting this, I've subsequently seen a repeat episode of Family Guy recently (I'm posting this in July '14', so maybe saw it in June or earlier?] and that show had the same interesting to know who came up with that joke's déjà vu all over again! I remember Fast Forward having a sketch about faux coffee...and the same week another Australian sketch show had the same idea for a sketch...might have been "The comedy company". Great minds...?

32. Kingswood Country (1980–1984)

25 min | Comedy

Australian comedy about life with the Bullpitt family - irascible father Ted Bullpitt; mother Thelma; student son Craig; married daughter Greta, and her Italian husband Bruno.

Stars: Ross Higgins, Peter Fisher, Laurel McGowan, Lex Marinos

Votes: 174

33. Laid (2011)

Not Rated | Comedy

Startled to realize that her former lovers are dying in unusual ways, a market researcher tries to unravel the cause and save her remaining exes.

Stars: Alison Bell, Celia Pacquola, Toby Truslove, Graeme Blundell

Votes: 511

Created by Marieke Hardy. Think I heard that the US was looking to remake this for their market...not sure if that is still going ahead or not.

34. The Librarians (2007–2010)

30 min | Comedy

What happens when you put a Catholic bigot with a panic disorder in charge of a library?

Stars: Robyn Butler, Roz Hammond, Heidi Arena, Stephen Ballantyne

Votes: 469

The promos were funny...kind of like what would happen if Basil Fawlty was a woman...who ran a library. At some point I bailed on the series (maybe at the end of the first series...probably)...they just didn't run well enough with that premise which got me watching in the first place...i.e. a funny but repulsive woman.

35. Maximum Choppage (2015)


Simon Chan has returned to Cabramatta. Whilst everyone thinks he was studying martial arts in Beijing, he was actually at Marshall's Art School, in Melbourne. Everyone thinks he is a kung fu master and the new saviour of their town.

Stars: Lawrence Leung, Dave Eastgate, Stephanie Son, Kathryn Yuen

Votes: 48

I'm recording this but haven't seen it yet. I was amused by the tv guide reviews which mentioned that the main character went to Marshall Arts School. That causes some confusion to gang members...or something.

36. A Moody Christmas (2012)


An Australian family gathers for Christmas. Love them or hate them, your family is for life and forever. Whatever happens, your family loves to welcome you home for Christmas. But did you really want to be there?

Stars: Ian Meadows, Patrick Brammall, Danny Adcock, Robina Beard

Votes: 722

37. The Moodys (2014)


A bumbling Australian extended family somehow finds a way to keep it together over the years with love as the underlying thread.

Stars: Ian Meadows, Patrick Brammall, Danny Adcock, Darren Gilshenan

Votes: 592

38. Mother and Son (1984–1994)

30 min | Comedy

The story of Maggie Beare, an elderly woman suffering from dementia (or so she says), and her faithful, yet long suffering son, Arthur. Despite all of Maggies manipulative ways, he is her carer, even if they don't always get along.

Stars: Ruth Cracknell, Garry McDonald, Henri Szeps, Judy Morris

Votes: 579

39. My Two Wives (1992–1993)

25 min | Comedy

A a divorced man moves into an apartment with his new wife and her daughter, only to learn that his ex-wife resides in the apartment directly below.

Stars: Peter Fisher, Linda Newton, Kym Valentine, Emma Jane Fowler

Suggested by JeiceWarrior.

Wikipedia states:

"The series debuted in Australia 8 September 1992. Only a moderate ratings success the program was not renewed beyond its initial series of 13 half-hour episodes".

40. Pizza (2000–2019)


The show focuses on the activities of Pauly and his fellow co-workers as they deliver pizzas for "Fat Pizza", the Sydney-based pizzeria of Bobo Gigliotti, whose slogan is "they're big and they're cheesy".

Stars: Paul Fenech, John Boxer, Annalise Braakensiek, Paul Nakad

Votes: 516

41. Please Like Me (2013–2016)

TV-MA | 29 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

Twenty something Josh is going through a number of big changes as he navigates his first decade of adulthood. After being dumped by his girlfriend, he comes to the realization that he is gay.

Stars: Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, John, Debra Lawrance

Votes: 14,080

Watched this. Not sure if I'll continue following it. It's amiable. The guy who plays the dad in this is really boring. No, I mean REALLY boring. He's meant to be though. Can't see why he couldn't have been amusingly boring though. He's just annoying.

42. Plonk (2014–2015)


Plonk is a love letter to Australian wine and its people - just with the spell check function turned off. It's Getaway meets Heart of Darkness, Sydney Weekender meets Lost in La Mancha. It's Plonk.

Stars: Chris Taylor, Joshua Tyler, Nathan Earl, Susie Porter

Votes: 23

43. The Private World of Miss Prim (1966)

30 min | Comedy

The story of a secretary, Miss Prim, working in the world of the children's court, who was given to flights of fancy.

Stars: Dawn Lake, Owen Weingott, Benita Collings, Tony Bazell

Sitcom created as a star vehicle for Dawn Lake but was short-lived. Title suggested by JeiceWarrior.

44. Ronny Chieng: International Student (2017– )

TV-MA | 21 min | Comedy

International Student is the story of Ronny Chieng, a Malaysian student who has travelled to Australia to study law. All he has to do is study, get good marks and make his Mom proud. Well, that was the plan anyway.

Stars: Ronny Chieng, Molly Daniels, Shuang Hu, Hoa Xuande

Votes: 601

45. Rosehaven (2016– )

TV-14 | 28 min | Comedy

Daniel McCallum returns to his rural Tasmanian hometown, Rosehaven, to help his formidable mother in her real estate business.

Stars: Celia Pacquola, Luke McGregor, Kris McQuade, Noela Foxcroft

Votes: 847

46. Russell Coight's All Aussie Adventures (2001–2018)

22 min | Adventure, Comedy

Slapstick mockumentary about an enthusiastic Aussie wildlife expert, Russell Coight, whose haphazard and inept adventuring style ensures that he is a danger to anything and anyone he meets, not to mention himself.

Stars: Glenn Robbins, Hermann Iberg, Tom Martin, Birgit Mildenberger

Votes: 1,122