Anthrax’s Blood Eagle Wings Plays Like a Mini Horror Epic!

Around here we’re so happy that the band Anthrax is still alive and kicking. We’re also happy about their latest music video for the song “Blood Eagle Wings.” Directed by Jack Bennett and clocking in at over 8 minutes long,… Continue Reading →

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Lineup for the 11th Annual Rock and Shock Horror Convention Includes Tom Savini & Brad Dourif

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The people who brought to life memorable horror movie characters like Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees, Child’s Play’s Chucky, The Howling’s Karen White, Dawn of the Dead’s Blades, and many more are gathering in Massachusetts with a heavy metal backdrop this October. Celebrating scares and guitar shredding, the lineup for the 11th Annual Rock and Shock horror convention has been unveiled.

Worcester, Ma (October 1, 2014)- “The air is getting crisp. Stores are pushing Pumpkin Spice everything. It’s time to gear up for the biggest horror convention on the East Coast for the Halloween season! October 17th through 19th (with a pre-show concert starring King Diamond on the 16th), Rock and Shock will celebrate their 11th year bringing the creeps and the metal (which are often the same thing) to Worcester, Ma. We’ll be packing the show with excellent guests, killer bands, awesome vendors,
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Sharknado Alert! Tara Reid Headlines Newest Rock and Shock Guest List Update!

Just when you thought it was safe to travel to New England, Rock and Shock announces Tara Reid is among the newest crop of guests attending the 11th annual event. We all know wherever Tara goes, a sharknado can't be far behind.

In anticipation for the October 17-19 event in Worcester, Ma, Rock and Shock organizers have been busy over the past couple of weeks announcing the guest list a few names at a time in true cliffhanger fashion, keeping fans of the event glued to social media to catch the next name.

In addition to Reid, Rock and Shock has announced a slew of other guests, including festival favorites Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and William Forsythe. Also, Andrew Divoff, Tom Savini, Lynn Lowry, John Russo, Kristina Klebe, Justin Beahm, and Jack Bennett have been added as well.

Saturday's headline musical act was also revealed. Gwar will be
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Indie Spotlight

We return with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today’s feature includes details on a Wes Craven art exhibition, the first sighting of Megafoot, a 100 zombie films graphical print, first photos from Australian Horror film, Barrow, an interview with actor, writer, and filmmaker Sean Stone, and much more:

The Horror Legacy of Wes Craven Exhibit Details: “Wes Craven has been feeding our collective horror consciousness since 1972, when his first feature, “The Last House on the Left,” debuted. That film was gritty, raw and terrifying, it still causes a guttural reaction some 40 years later. In his career, Wes has created some of the most memorable moments in horror cinema, from the torture scene in “The Serpent and the Rainbow,” to the Johnny Depp’s explosive scene in “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” to the first glimpse of Michael Berryman’s savagery in “The Hills Have Eyes.
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Taylor Swift, Katy Perry Appear At BBC Teen Awards

'An event like this encourages teens that they can change the world,' Swift said of show honoring inspirational young people.

By Jocelyn Vena

Taylor Swift performs at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards

Photo: Dave Hogan/ Getty Images

On Sunday, a number of A-listers gathered at BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards 2010 held at Hammersmith Apollo in London. The show honors not only celebrities like Robert Pattinson but also inspiring teens, the BBC reports.

Taylor Swift took the stage wearing a crème lace dress. She performed new hits "Speak Now" and "Mine" and Fearless favorite "Love Story." "I think that an event like this really encourages teens that they can change the world and they can make a difference," she said. "It's wonderful to see so many vibrant, passionate people here who just happen to be young."

Other performers for the night included the Wanted, Professor Green and Olly Murs, who
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Edge Of Darkness Blu-ray Review

Mel Gibson got sloppy drunk in a bar and when he got arrested for a D.U.I. he started making inappropriate comments. That incident was made public and all the bad things suspected about Gibson were confirmed. He had had a crazy man beard, hadn’t acted since 2002, and made anti-Semitic and sexist comments. By that point he was nowhere near The Passion of the Christ or Lethal Weapon. So he did what anyone in Hollywood does when that happens: he disappeared for a while and came back doing a variation on what people loved him for, with a mix of pathos in there for good measure. In Martin Campbell’s Edge of Darkness Gibson plays a cop whose daughter is killed in front of him, and so he goes on the hunt for revenge, and unravels a conspiracy. My review of Edge of Darkness on Blu-ray after the jump.
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Mel Gibson Walks 'The Edge of Darkness'

Edge of Darkness begins with three bodies bubbling to the top of an otherwise picturesque river. It's a less than subtle way for the filmmakers to say, "Don't get too comfortable" since the thriller's first few moments would seem innocuous otherwise. The early domestic scenes show both the closeness and distance between Boston Detective Thomas Craven (Mel Gibson) and his 24-year-old daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic, Drag Me to Hell), flashing back to her youth and revealing a persistent affection in the present despite her quietness about her work.

Emma has a secret that she wishes to tell her father, but a killer's bullet stops her confession in a particularly brutal scene that has her slamming through her father's front door. Though the film makes it seem as though Craven's work as a detective made him the murderer's target, the movie's trailers tell us in two minutes what it takes Edge of Darkness
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Mad Mel in Edge Of Darkness

By Susan Granger - Having been absent from the screen as an actor since "Signs," Mel Gibson unleashes his anger in this violent revenge-fueled thriller, playing a grief-stricken veteran homicide detective whose 24 year-old daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic), is gunned down in his arms on the doorstep of his Boston home.

Driven by guilt, believing he was the intended target, Thomas Craven (Gibson) is determined to track down her killer. But during his investigation, he finds her cell phone and Geiger counter and discovers that she may have been a whistle-blower, threatening to expose corporate corruption and a political conspiracy involving a Republican U.S. Senator (Damian Young) from Massachusetts. Emma was a research assistant at Northmoor, a private research-and-development compound with top-secret government research contracts, run by slick .n' slimy CEO Jack Bennett (Danny Huston), who diabolically inquires what it "felt like" for Craven to lose his only child. Craven's
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Review: ‘Edge Of Darkness’

Mel Gibson returns to the big screen after a personal and professional hiatus of over seven years. His last starring role was in 2002’s We Were Soldiers. Many are hailing Edge Of Darkness as Gibson’s “comeback.” So is it? Meh. He is fine as a grief stricken Boston Detective, but he won’t be winning an award any time soon. There are a dozen actors that could have navigated this role equally well. That’s not knocking Gibson, but it’s a pretty generic role.

Edge of Darkness veers into spoiler territory early, and often, and I don’t like to spoil movies, so here is a spoiler-free synopsis. Gibson plays Craven, a single dad who goes to pick up his grown daughter from the train station. It is obvious he loves her very much. She seems slightly distant. Sensing something is wrong, he implores her to tell him what it is.
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Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness

Directed by: Martin Campbell

Cast: Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone, Danny Huston

Running Time: 2 hrs

Rating: R

Release Date: January 29, 2010

Plot: A man (Gibson) investigates his daughter’s murder and subsequently uncovers a horrifying government conspiracy.

Who’S It For?: Fans of Gibson, and those that can be especially patient with action-dramas with a surprisingly low amount of tension.

Expectations: I was kind of hoping that I could use a Gene Shalit-ism like “More twists than a bag of pretzels!” That, or at least Gibson would have a decent Boston accent.

Scorecard (0-10)


Mel Gibson as Tommy Craven: In many scenes he is dwarfed by his poorly-acting co-stars, but make no association with height and power when considering Gibson’s performance in this film. He becomes especially fired up in the third act, (he’s best when he’s angry) and barrels through some scenes
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Review: Revenge is sweet in ‘Edge of Darkness’

For those wondering if Mel Gibson still has the moxie to carry a film, Martin Campbell’s new revenge thriller Edge of Darkness should answer all lingering doubts and silence the naysayers. Gibson is back and he brought enough bullets for everybody.

Edge of Darkness, based on the 1985 BBC miniseries, which was also directed by Campbell, centers on Thomas Craven (Gibson), a Boston detective whose estranged daughter Emma (Bojana Novakovic) is brutally slain in front of his home. Police believe the killing was accidental and that the real target was the elder Craven. As the investigation begins, Craven discovers oddities in Emma’s belongings such as a gun and a radiation detector. Quickly, he believes that the real target was Emma all along and that her association with NorthMoore, a non-governmental research-and-development facility, may have led to her death. The case leads him to the office of NorthMoore chief Jack Bennett
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'Edge of Darkness': Dad Reckoning, By Kurt Loder

Mel Gibson goes nuclear.

Shawn Roberts and Mel Gibson in "Edge of Darkness"

Photo: Warner Bros.

"Edge of Darkness" is a revenge thriller ripped from today's headlines. Well, ripped from the headlines of 25 years ago, anyway, back around the time when movies like "Silkwood" and "The China Syndrome" were mopping up Oscar nominations with their fact-based indictments of the nasty nuclear-energy industry.

The original "Edge of Darkness" was a 1985 BBC-tv miniseries whose director, Martin Campbell, has now turned it into a feature film, relocating the story to Boston. But Karen Silkwood was a real person, and "The China Syndrome" echoed the near-meltdown in the 1979 Three Mile Island accident. "Edge of Darkness" has no such real-world roots, and so its concern with a sinister nuclear-research corporation and the brave young anti-nuke activists determined to blow the whistle on it feels stale and dated. It's a movie whose time has passed.

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Tag Team Review: ‘Edge of Darkness’

Minor spoiler warning for Martin Campbell’s latest, Edge of Darkness.

John Cooper: The heroic revenge film has been done to death, no pun intended. Death Wish. Death Wish 2. Death Wish 3, 4 and 5. Taken is still fresh in our memories. Mel Gibson’s iconic road warrior started out as a peaceful husband in Mad Max, only to go on a killing spree after she’s robbed from him.

So when Gibson’s Craven loses his daughter to the shotgun spray of a masked killer in Martin Campbell’s Edge of Darkness, we already have certain expectations. Somebody will pay, violently, and Craven will be the one dishing out the damage. So does Darkness do anything new?

Philip Barrett: Edge of Darkness goes in a completely different direction and becomes a political/revenge thriller (I stress that word very, very seriously) and is the complete opposite of what the ads proclaim it to be.
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Edge of Darkness – interviews with Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Hutson

Just like The Book of Eli, there is a reason you sit down to watch Edge of Darkness. It’s all about the lead actor kicking butt, taking names, and probably doing a couple of other things along the way. Here’s interviews with Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Hutson. Yeah, that’s right, you’re not just getting Gibson here. We’re throwing in Winstone, Hutson for free. Free!

Interview with Mel Gibson, who plays Craven in Edge of Darkness.

1. On his character.

2. On what happens to him at the beginning of the story.

3. On his character’s mental state.

4. On the challenges of the role.

5. On the character Jedburgh.

6. On the character Bennett.

7. On doing some of his own stunts.

Interview with Ray Winstone, who plays Jedburgh in Edge of Darkness.

1. On his character.

2. On Mel Gibson’s performance.

3. On working with Martin Campbell.

4. On how he
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"Surveillance" review. Effective thriller delivers a shocker ending.

4/5 by Peter Dimako, Editor. Effective thriller delivers a shocker ending. Jennifer Chambers Lynch has a way of delivering shock to viewers in a uniquely effective way. Such was evident in her 1993 film “Boxing Helena;” a release 16 years ago which was Lynch’s last effort at the helm. Now, in “Surveillance” the filmmaker delivers a brutal offering and confirms her capability as a tension-weaving director. The Pennsylvanian-born Lynch is in post-production phase for “Hisss,” a fantasy horror/thriller which she helms and writes; we’ll visit that one too after seeing this memorable film. A gory murder opens up the film with a facially deformed figure decimating victims with the last running down the road before she’s plowed down. Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond enter the picture as Sam Hallaway and Elizabeth Anderson, two feds brought in after another gruesome murder takes place in involving two police officers, a traveling
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Surveillance (2009)

Written by Jennifer Lynch And Kent Harper

Directed by Jennifer Lynch

Featuring Julia Ormond, Bill Pullman, Kent Harper, French Stewart, Pell James, Mac Miller, Ryan Simpkins, Cheri Oteri, Michael Ironside


Surveillance, out in theaters on Jun 26th, 2009, is Jennifer Lynch’s first film since 1993’s strange twisted thriller Boxing Helena, which she made with Twin Peaks star Sherilynn Fenn. Boxing Helena is considered a very bad film by most people who watch films, so it caused some panic when, in 2005, Surveillance reared its head as Jennifer’s latest project. She’s also got another horror film coming out this year – Hisss, about an Indian myth of snake shape shifters. Surveillance has a touch of the comically macabre, something she may have inherited from her filmmaker father David Lynch, embedded in its small town murder spree plotline. It also has some very forced erotica and is gaudiness personified in the last 20 minutes.
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Psycho Bunny's Weekend Wrap: Black Sunday edition

Greetings Fango Fiends! Psycho Bunny here with another look back at the past seven days of deliciously blood-drenched horror goodness. While many of you will be plopped in front of the tele later today soaking your livers in alcohol, munching cheap snacks like a glutton on holiday, watching men fight over the inflatable pigskin, Pb will be enjoying Black Sunday instead. No, not the 1960 Mario Bava classic, but John Frankenheimer's 1977 film about an attack on the Superbowl. Sure it was Miami as opposed to Tampa Bay, but who cares about logistics? That said, let's delve into a look back at the past week in horror, broken down by category into easy to digest little nuggets of death!

Fangoria Entertainment Updates

-Splinter director Toby Wilkins doin’ Chicago Fango con

-You’re Uninvited to Fangoria Radio!

-A trip to the Underworld with a Baghead on the Fangoria Podcast!

Weekly Chopping
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