Review of Legacy

Smallville: Legacy (2004)
Season 3, Episode 17
3x17 - Rewatch (Luthor-Clark-centric)
21 July 2016
You know, I really hate how they make Jor-El seem like a terrible father. He sent his son to earth to save him for goodness sake... that is enough in my book for me to love Jor-El. Plus, Russell Crowe plays that character so I have a whole new level of bias for Jor-El.

Lionel Luthor finds Clark in the cave & tells Lex that they need to get to the bottom of the Clark Kent mystery.

Throughout all of season 3, Lex has really been trying to protect Clark, Chloe & Lana. Give that man some love & some friends.

Clark's stupidity is getting unreal. The dude is always zooming away & expecting everyone to turn a blind eye at his sudden disappearance. Also, the way he accuses & attacks Lex is low-key pissing me off. He is on some Barry Allen-type (The Flash TV show) shite.

Clark & Lana share a kiss. Well, that just open an unhealthy can of worms. Smh. These people have got to stop with this relationship. It is toxic & unhealthy AF. Also, the way Lana went to Lex about Clark... she might as well get with Lex.

I am ready for this season to be over because I am so damn tired of Clark & Lana, the caves & the Kents. I am over here preparing myself for season 4 when Queen Lois Lane makes her presence known.
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