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Great sitcom for kids
junk-87928 March 2006
I rented this series for my 11 year old daughter to watch with me,as I had loved it when I was a kid and it was on first-run. I'm happy to say that she loves it, too. It's a wholesome show for kids to watch that is amusing and has a good moral to every show. I find it very refreshing to watch, and enjoy it myself, even after all these years. It's hard to find shows for my daughter to watch that aren't filled with sexual references, even when the show is supposed to be aimed at kids. Yes, the show is dated a bit, but if you're looking for a fun, entertaining, wholesome show for your kids to watch that hasn't been shown to rerun death already on TV, this is the show for you.
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One of the best sitcoms of the 80s!
Indyfan8223 October 2002
This was one of my favorite shows growing up! It's still one of my favorites now! I watch it all the time on Nick at Nite. I have seen some of the episodes from the 1st. season, but I have to admit that I watched the show in syndication, so I grew up seeing the Powell family. However, the Pembrokes were great too. I'm especially thankful for the "Amityville" episode which explained why Charles was set up with a new family and kept continuity intact. Charles is cool, but Buddy is the best! Anyway, the show rules! (no matter what season)
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Perfect Willie Ames vehicle
tuckhead6 May 2019
This show is the perfect showcase for the amazing talent of Willie Aames. His prodigious talent carried this show and he should have won an Oscar, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. We should all be thankful he graced us with the beauty of his work. Thank you Willie.
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Worst show I've ever watched
kelkel7523 February 2002
This show is probably the worst sit-com of the 80's(Well, it ties with Mr. Belvedere" The actors were horrible and the plots were stupid. The entire show was just as unbelievable as you can get. I'm just glad I don't see it on reruns all the time.
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Good quality entertainment
Spiffy-Tiffy18 September 1999
Charles in Charge was just about the best show you could grow up watching. I love Scott Baio, and I think both families were great! It would be great if Charles were in Charge of me!!! I've always thought that if I ever had a live in babysitter, Charles would be the one for me.
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Unbelievably unwatchable tripe!
Grover9150630 March 2002
This show insults the sensibilities of a moderately intelligent four year old. Scott Baio may not be a very good actor, but in this show, Willie Ames makes him look like Olivier. In all honesty, "Charles In Charge" is down right embarrassing. The scripts have a level of sophistication that may be beneath an elementary school play.
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Excellent Show
I would have to disagree with anybody that says Charles in Charge is a stupid show.It is excellent.It has romance,its funny,and it (in my opinion)is one of Scott Baio's best shows.It was better then most 80's shows out there.It started the career of the shows different actors.Nichole Eggert went on to film Baywatch,and went on to be a beautiful actress.Josie went on to become a very pretty woman.Willie Ames went on to become Bibleman,and the show's first season star,Micheal Pearlmen became a writer.Just because the show didn't have "class" doesn't mean it wasn't funny.I will agree,however,that some of the story lines were a bit stupid at times,but still,this is the 80's we're talking bout here.GIVE THE SHOW A CHANCE!
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Guilty Pleasure for sure
Greatornot27 May 2008
Yes I admit I like this show. I enjoyed the first family more but the banter between Mr. Powell , the grandpa , curmudgeon military man vs. silly,naive, party animal, reckless Buddy Lembeck was truly magic and fun to watch every episode. I thought Scott Baio character was horrible on Happy Days and ChaChi was a shark jumper for that show. On this show , I felt that Scott Baio was a great character as the 'nanny' so to speak. It was a light show and thoroughly enjoyable. Not great acting, not exactly ALL IN THE FAMILY status, but it worked and it did not pretend to be something it was not. A light show with OK acting and good for a few wholesome laughs.
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Charles is in Charge!
Indyfan8217 October 2004
Charles in Charge is a show about a college student who becomes a live-in helper for the Pembroke family, consisting of mom and dad, teenager Lily, middle schooler Douglas, and 10-year-old Jason. From the second season on to the last one, Charles switches families and stays with the Powells, as the Pembrokes are moving to Seattle. The reason for this is because Charles in Charge originally ran in 1984 for the first season and was cancelled. However, it was revived in syndication from 1987-1990 and on the first episode of the 2nd. season, it is explained that while Buddy and Charles were on a camping trip, Mr. Pembroke got transferred from his job in Pennslyvania to Seattle, Washington. Mrs. Pembroke and Jason both show up in the episode to explain things to Charles and to say goodbye. From then on, the Powells are the new family who have leased the house and they also maintain Charles' services. Charles now has to contend with Grandpa, Mom Powell, (Dad is away in the Navy), teenager Jamie, middle schooler Sarah, and 10-year-old Adam. The Pembrokes and Powells are definitely not totally the same but there are some similarities.

In any case, I have seen some of the first season as well as the later seasons and they are all good. Buddy is the best. He is so crazy and hilarious. He and Charles are such good friends and have great times, dating girls and keeping everything at the household under control. It's great. Charles in Charge rules!
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Stupid. Stupid. Stupid!!!
yonko10 March 2003
I am a child of the 80s and I grew up watching Charles in Charge. I never really liked it then but for some reason I watched it. I guess I watched it to drool over Jami Powell. So right now it's 4:30 am and I am watching it on Nick @ Nite. Thank god it's only on at 4:30.

Charles in Charge is soooooo moronic, predictable, and stupid. I think the script was written by 5th grade special ed students. And Buddy Lembeck has to be one of the most irritating characters to ever be on television.

If you can't sleep just turn on Nick @ Nite watch Charles in Charge. It will bore you to death.
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It was better on network television!
Sylviastel19 May 2006
I hate to say this but I preferred the first family, the Pembrokes to the Powells, but beggars can't be choosers. I remember when the show first aired on CBS television. Again after a year, the show had a large following but there was not enough room in the prime time schedule for an average sitcom in the age of Cosby Show's success. If you think about, Charles In Charge paralleled Mama's Family on NBC which attracted probably not the kind of audience that the network wanted for their demographics. Like Charles in Charge, Mama's Family was cancelled after 2 seasons. It resurfaced over a year later on Saturday evening television in something called syndication. The same for Charles in Charge, there was the audience for the comedy. Unlike Mama's Family, Charles in Charge replaced an entire family. The Powells were prettier than the Pembrokes but I liked the first family better. Sandra Kerns who played Mrs. Powell disappeared even though her name and face were in the credits, she left sometime during the production to raise her own family sadly. We never caught much of her again. It was more about Skippy, Charles, and the new kids. So I still watched the episodes but I thought the show got weaker with Ellen Travolta playing Charles' mother. James Callahan's role as the grandfather got bigger as well.
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The originals were the best
Toddaroo1 April 1999
After watching reruns of this show, I came to the conclusion that the original episodes, with the original family, the Pembrokes were the best. After they left, the show went downhill, at least for me. Still, it was a great show and I love watching the reruns!
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Days And Nights, Wrongs And Rights
bkoganbing22 July 2012
Scott Baio after Happy Days concluded its run was lucky enough to grab this second series which gave him quite a few more years in front of the American television viewing public. Lucky because the whole cast revamped in the second season except for Baio and Willie Aames.

Charles In Charge's most current series that is like it is Jessie from the Disney Channel. He's a college student who pays his tuition as a live in Au Pere for a family with three kids. The first season the family was the Pembrokes, but for some reason the family never clicked with the public. So in the second season Baio comes back from summer vacation and finds a whole new family moved in with three kids, two girls and a boy of roughly the same ages and he has to make a case to be hired by the newly arrived Powell family. He does in that first episode and the run for seven years was assured.

The only other regular kept on was Aames who played Buddy Lembeck, Charles best friend who provided most of the comedy. In Eight Is Enough Aames was your all American kid, here he's your all American doofus. I mean who else orders patio furniture without a patio, that was the level of comedy Aames provided, but he was funny.

Like Jessie, Charles was always around with some good advice and ever ready to solve the problems of the Powell kids. Ellen Travolta was in several episodes toward the end and we learned she called him 'doodlebug' as pet name. That didn't help with discipline.

Charles In Charge was a clean wholesome show that had some good comedy and some sound advice for living as well.
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Great show ignore leftist trolls who are trashing this 80's classic
xthefuryx20 July 2019
Great example of 80s classic sitcoms. If you hate this you will hate all 80s sitcoms. Its obvious left wing nut jobs are only trashing this show becsuse Scott Baio is an outspoken conservative. The left loves to try and destroy everything.
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This Show is Boooorrrrinngg!
mariazipetphilange28 February 2005
This show is really boring! I would rather die than watch it again. I hope that you don't watch it either. Charles in Charge has no story line and it has no plots at all this show makes me hate Scot Baio! I'm surprised it lasted more than a month let alone 6 years! I'm surprised that Nick @ Nite is so pathetic that they would even have this show on at 4:30 at night! Instead they should have Three's Company a better funnier show everyone can agree is great and not pathetic and moronic like Charles in Charge. I'm still trying to get that image of a bad comedy out of my head! I hope that the one person that likes this show is in a mental institution because they must be crazy! It annoys me to see such airtime on TV go to waste because some guy was on Happy Days and wants his own show. It is outrageous! It wasn't even his show! Happy Days wasn't about Scot Baio it was about Harry Winkler and Ron Howard those were the main characters. Its people like Scot Baio that destroy peace in this world. HE'S NOT A STAR!
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mid-card typical 80ish sitcom
r-c-s26 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
well, i have a distinct recollection of this series, aired (along with other rubbish TV fodder from the USA ) through the mid 80's. Well, it was your mid-card sit-com: not much of a plot; just good ole' clichéd plots rehashed here & there. I remember the reason most ( me included i guess ) would watch it was the cute highschool girl...i remember girls were infatuated with either Baio or the actor playing Buddy Lambeck. i remember this & other midcard 80's TV fodder (EG M.J. Fox's "Keatons" ) with a smile for their mild entertaining value. Typical "reaganomics" (1980-88, Ronald Reagan's era ) products, they fostered the image of the middle class American riding the powerful wave of welfare&wealth in the "new" conservative USA triumphing over the USSR in the last exchanges of the cold war, "star wars" etc. A transient illusion of middle class betterment, which now casts a shadow upon such superficial products.
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cbrown-313 February 2003
what a great show, scott baio at his finest. Willie Aames one true role, when it came to the families, i think that the powells had more to offer, but the original cast was really funny. When it comes to themes i think that the original pembrokes theme was a whole lot better. all in all 10 out of 10 stars.
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Possible Spin-off Episodes
juvevk25 September 2009
I loved watching this show back when it first aired, and I loved watching it recently on DVD.

I noticed that as the show came to an end, that 3 episode in particular seemed as attempted spin-off pilots for some of the cast.

Season 5 Episode 19 "Lost Resort" Seemed like a pilot for a Willie Aames spin-off series.

Season 5 Episode 23 "Almost Family" Seemed like an Ellen Travolta spin-off attempt.

And Season 5 Episode 25 "Fair Exchange" looked like a Nicole Eggert spin-off pilot.

Is it just me, or did these really do look like Pilot Episodes for shows that never came to be? All 3 were directed by Scott Baio, so they might of just been attempts by him to get into the director's chair, or it might of been in his contract and the producers let him do whatever he wanted. But they seemed like spin-offs to me. Of course, they never came to be. Of the 3 the only one I think would of had a chance at a half season is Fair Exchange, but, the acting was terrible in it. This shows how worse the other two were. All in all, they were interesting concepts, maybe with a re-format they might of gotten picked up.
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Let's Hear It For Josie Davis!
boonewilliams31 October 2001
Charles in Charge had one of the greatest premises for a sitcom ever: that grownups really DO understand, that they are human and fallible, yet reliable and caring. I have come to identify with the noble notion that as adults, we all have a responsibility to help the youth in our community through the rough spots in their lives. I found it excruciatingly ironic that Josie Davis, despite playing a role that revolved around "the beauty within," felt like the "ugly sister."

Several people have commented that the Jaimie character was their first crush, but I always thought Josie Davis was hands down the more beautiful of the two. Having seen her since on 90210, I gotta say, "YOWZA!" Was I right or what? Inner beauty rocks, and Josie's got it inside and out!
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It was great!
baceballbaybee328 June 2001
I loved it so much, thank-you so much to the creators!!!! and Scott Baio looked super cute!!!! =) I think he's a good actor, i loved the series so much, i thought it was one of the best series' i've seen from the 80's(i always watch reruns whenever i see them!!), and it was really good!!
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dreadful-221 November 1999
One of the best comedy series to be aired, referring to the "Powells'" version. Scott Baio & Willie Ames were the best comedy team since Abbott & Costello, and I couldn't be more serious. Watch their timing, the dynamics. It's perfect! Now, add in the rest of the cast, especially Nicole with her own brand of sarcasms, drama & sensuality, and you have it all. something for every one!

A constant supply of really interesting guest stars, and the breaking down of the "4th wall", a la "Dobie Gillis", add really good plots, writing, scripts and storylines, and WOW!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!

Forget I L Lucy, This is where it's at!
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I Want Charles In Charge Of Me
shankar13 April 1999
This has got to be the greatest television series ever. Not without some flaws (Willie Aames), it still has many highlights. Scott Baio, Nicole Eggert, that cool actress who played Gwendolyn, and even Meg Ryan a couple of times. I grew up with this show. It was always on. I've seen 'em all. The Pembrokes were OK, but the Powells were where it's at with me. Probably only because of Nicole Eggert.
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I am hooked
yuppie_duppie14 November 2002
I used to think that this was the stupidest show ever put on television, But I never gave it a chance. Now it is on Nick At Nite I have begun to slowly but surely grown to like it. Josie Davis is my favorite out of them all.And I still cannot believe that is Nicole Eggert as jamie. At any rate the plots are sophmoric yet somehow seem to always get a laugh out of me (maybe I am getting more sophmoric in my old age, although keep in mind i am only a few years older than josie and Nicole and much younger than Scott and Willie) But I just wanted to say I like it and as corny as the theme song is I find myself always singing it. Gosh What has happened to me? Anyway give it a run you might grow to like it also.
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Better Than It Looks..
TigermaveX31 October 2002
At first, Charles In Charge didn't seem like a very good show, to me.. in fact, I found it pretty corny, with the theme music and all the predictable stories. Sure, the music may seem a tad bit corny, and the stories predictible, but it's still a likable and charming sitcom. Willie Aames almost MAKES the show. He is downright hilarious at times and acts his part wonderfully. Scott and him play off of each other wonderfully. The rest of the cast is well balanced, with the grandfather constantly hating Aames character, and the sisters fighting and disagreeing.

Once I started really watching the show, I found myself liking it more and more, and now watch it every morning, if I'm awake. In short, this usually isn't a very deep show with a large message to send (Although almost every show does have some sort of good message), it's a simple, entertaining show that will usually put you in a good mood. Seven out of ten.
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Not terribly bad, but I liked it best with the first family.
Aaron137522 January 2010
Yes, I am probably in the minority, but I did enjoy the first family a lot more than the second family in this show. Other than that it was a rather mediocre show that had its moments, but was really nothing special especially since the first family to me seemed more real, while the second seemed to be a little to much like the perfect sitcom family type. It also seemed strange that the second family would even want Charles in their home seeing as how they never met him in the first place. Still, the show had a few laughs with the second family and was not all bad. The two principle characters from the first season returned as Scott Baio and Willie Ames from the rather funny film "Zapped" are buddies going to school and Charles kind of watches after the kids while having a place to stay. So it is kind of like "The Nanny" or a "Mr. Belvedere" only in this one it is less of a professional and more of just a guy going to college. Of course there are wacky things going on as one would expect from a sitcom of this era as there are problems with the kids and problems with school and that sort of thing. So basically a sitcom that started strong, but with the change of families became more bland.
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