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Spidey-1819 October 1999
Anyone who trashes this show misses the entire concept. It wasn't about making the best drawings, or having the greatest music, or even phenominal action, it was about fun. If you watch this show from a child's perspective, you would understand that this is about friendship and teamwork and just having fun and living because you can. I would watch this show with my friends and then go out and be the Voltron Force. But the cartoons that are on now just can't get the idea. Stupidity isn't what a great cartoon is about. Voltron was designed so that little kids could understand it, and when it gets tampered with (Power Rangers, VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, to name a few) it just ruins the original. Cartoon designers see these classics as ways of making a profit without having to think about it. But Voltron is the best, and will always be the best.
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An underrated cartoon that is fun to watch
4-Kane24 March 2001
I was only 12 years old when this show began, but I can't remember what motivated me to watch it. However, I enjoyed watching it, and seeing it on the Cartoon Network a few years ago brought back a lot of memories. This show consisted of two Voltrons: one that is merged via robotic lions, while the other is formed by means of giant motor vehicles (planes, cars, and what have you). But in each episode, you only see one Voltron or the other. It's a fun cartoon to watch, but it's incredible that it managed to get away with killing a lot of characters. I think Voltron is one of the most underrated cartoons, and I'm not afraid to admit that. If you like animated adventures, I strongly recommend watching Voltron.
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From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend, the legend of… Voltron, defender of the universe!
Old Joe6 February 2003
When I think of all the great robot cartoons, I always come back to the five lions that form the great robot ‘VOLTRON'. With so many stories that were great entertainment, I still enjoy watching an episode or two of Voltron today. I have never forgotten the transformation that takes place by the lions for them to be Voltron. ‘Form feet and legs, form arms and body, and I will form the head!' Once this happens one of the great cartoons of the 80's is in full flight.

Voltron, a mighty robot who defended peaceful planets and justice in the galaxy seemed invincible until an evil witch, Haggar, tried to destroy him. Instead she split him into 5 parts, each a large robotic lion. Each one was powered by an element of planet Arus.... the Black Lion by lightning, the Red Lion by magma, the Green Lion by cyclone, the Blue Lion by water, and the Yellow Lion by the sands of the desert. After the confrontation with Haggar, each lion found themself a hiding place, somewhere in Arus, totally unused, for years. Arus, not being protected by Voltron, is consequently defeated by the forces of the evil Zarkon. Now sent by Galaxy Garrison after another terrible battle, five space explorers flee from planet Doom to find the secret to restoring the super-robot known as Voltron.

The many storylines that were thought up for Voltron were really good. I like how Zarkon's evil witch, Haggar, is always willing to try and destroy Voltron. There also the great bravery that the Voltron force has, which is second to none. With something like 50 or more episodes being made, they really did have some inventive ideas to which they portrayed. This cartoon also has fine graphics and pictures. Voltron is such an impressive looking robot when he is formed, as are the individual robot lions. Other remarkable pictures from this cartoon include the Castle of Lions, Planet doom, and the many ro-beasts that Zarkon has Haggar release on Voltron.

The story has some interesting characters. The five space explorers (Keith, Lance, Pidge, Sven and Hunk) are a great team, with some talents giving them the ability to escape any kind of danger. When they discover the castle of lions, we also get to meet two fascinating characters, that being Princess Allura and her trusted advisor, Coran. They have been through so much with Planet Arus. The baddies have some weird and wonderful people. King Zarkon is an evil man, treating people with contempt and has no conscience while he is doing it. His only desire is to rule the universe, with his adversary's including Witch Haggar, Zarkon's own son Prince Lotor, commander Yurak, and his evil brigade of fighters and ro-beasts.

Voltron has many fine voice-overs from people such as Peter Cullen, Neil Ross, Jack Angel, Michael Bell, B.J. Ward, and Lennie Weinrib. Theses people do so many varying characters that they show how good their voice-over talents really are. Their voices have also been used on other cartoons such as the transformers and other Voltron series, with some being used on some movies as well. There have been many spin-offs to try and top Voltron. You have shows such as the ‘mighty morphine power rangers' that was a series I did not like. Then take the new ‘3D' Voltron. Sure it might have some of the same people voicing the same characters, but the show itself does not have the same ‘nostalgia' which accompanies ‘Voltron, defender of the universe'.

This cartoon brings back so many memories from so long ago. Innocent days spent in front the TV, barracking for Voltron to defeat the evil forces of King Zarkon. There was another TV series continuing on ‘the adventures Voltron', which was made up of ‘a land, air and sea team'. The problem I had with that series was that it did not embody what the other Voltron was about. If you are a fan of Voltron and can not find it on TV, then I recommend that you get a hold of the 4 tape series of Voltron (released in Australia by Siren Entertainment), I am certainly glad that I did.
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Movie Nuttball6 April 2003
Voltron was one of the best 80 cartoons!The series was always action packed and had good music and I loved the advertisement after the credits when it shows the moon.The characters were awesome!I really like the series and if you like the Power Rangers then you'll love Voltron!!
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Great Series With Classic Voice Cast Made For Fine Entertainment
voicemaster716 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Normally, I do NOT like anime. I never even got into Speed Racer,a classic anime show. I didn't even like Voltron when it first came out. I'm not sure what got me into watching it, but I did, starting with bits and pieces of episodes and then finally, becoming addicted. I think the familiar voice cast did it for me. I recall Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime from the Transformers, Neil Ross, Michael Bell, and BJ Ward from G.I.JOE, Transformers, and many Hanna Barbera cartoons and Lennie Weinrib from Filmation shows.

Anyway, I recall two versions of this super robot.

LION FORCE VOLTRON: Easily, the most recognizable robot and by far the most popular. I can see why. It was pretty simplified. The Voltron Force consisted of 5 pilots who flew 5 Lion robots who all form Voltron, the robot who defends Planet Arus from the likes of King Zarkon, Prince Lotor, and Hagar the Witch from Planet Doom and their giant robeasts, which Voltron always destroyed with the blazing sword. I was in junior high school when this series was popular during the mid 80's in weekday afternoon syndication. You had Commander Keith the heroic leader, Lance, the wisecracker, Pidge, the kid, Hunk, the big guy and Princess Allura herself who chose the fly the Blue Lion after that pilot named Sven disappeared. You had simple numbers in the Voltron Force as well as 5 robot lions, one set planet and one set of villains. No wonder the Lion Force was so popular. I recall in 1986, the Lion Force had a second season of episodes. Like everybody else, the Lion Force is my favorite version.

VEHICLE VOLTRON: This series was not as popular and a little more complex. It was like G.I.JOE meets Star Trek with a group of Space Explorers along with their commander and the crew of their ship, the Explorer, searching for new worlds for the people of their overcrowded galaxy. Corny. This Voltron Force had 15 pilots who flew 15 space vehicles that formed land, air, and sea vehicles as well as all 15 forming Voltron, who I thought was the better looking robot. And they battled the Drule Empire with countless generals, soldiers, and their robeasts. Though this series was not as great, I find myself interested in Vehicle Voltron because of its rarity. The air team was similar to the Lion Force. I saw Jeff the leader as a short haired version of Keith and the kid named Chip is actually revealed to be Pidge's brother. I remember the land team was led by an Englishman named Cliff and the Sea Team was led by Crik, an alien who could predict upcoming things with supreme accuracy. Jeff was air team leader as well as the Voltron Force leader, but even Jeff had to answer to Commander Hawkins.

Anyway, I like both series. Although the Lion Force is coming to DVD, I'm going to wait and see if Vehicle Voltron will make it. If they do, then I will buy all sets. Both Voltrons are fun to watch. The Lion Force may be more entertaining, but Vehicle Voltron to me was the better looking robot.
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I'll form...the HEAD!!
The Doomite2 August 2001
I agree wholeheartedly with Canyon-2's review of this series. It's got a LOT more stuff to it under the surface than most people would see. You more than likely have at least one character that you're a fan of if you get into this show. Definitely one of the all-time greatest '80s cartoon series! The new series doesn't seen to capture that essence...
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The best animated series ever!
Eddie McKeirnan29 February 2000
"Voltron -- Defender Of The Universe" is my favourite animated series of all time thanks to the excellent storylines, great voices, exciting action scenes and best of all, a highly memorable music theme.

"Voltron" is a true classic and it shall always remain a classic. So, if you haven't seen it before, go see it now!
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One of my most favorite cartoons during my childhood
sam200021 April 2000
Now I say its one of my most favorite cartoons during my childhood, but I still may find it enjoying if I ever get a chance to see it....but I was almost obsessed with cartoon and concept it gave, and will probably remain as one of my most favorite japanese anime's.....guess I'll never grow up !!!
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**** A perfect 4 stars:Another 80's animation winner.
PJS-510 May 2000
Starring:Neil Ross(Transformers),B.J Ward(Scooby-doo on monster island),Michael Bell(Rugrats),Peter Cullen(New adventures of winnie the pooh),Jack Angel(Tarzan)


Rated Y7:For non-graffic violence(Although one episode did have a cuss word in it I know how trivial that is)

Summary:5 space explorers from the galaxy garrison galatic alliance after when they end up in planet doom they were gonna be sentenced to a slaughter with one of the monsters they escaped. After they successfully escaped the explorers went to a planet called airess they had a tough time adjusting at first but after meeting up with princess allura(ward) & Koran(Cullen) and after some searching around for a few "certain" keys and such they end up to be the voltron force.

The good:Good cast,Good animation,Good stories,Good...well just about everything. Good for anime fans & good for those who remember this during their childhood.

The bad:This is really for those who can tolerate anything sci-fi and campy.

Comment:Dynotrems Connected..Infocells up...Megathrusters are go!-Keith
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The best of the giant robot animes.
montagrappa23 November 2006
NOTE: This review has been edited, so if it looks different, it's not just you.

Another one of my favorite cartoons growing up that I still enjoy immensely. It's also my 2nd favorite anime, next to Sailor Moon. I remember the first time I stumbled across this show. I was in a rental store & I saw a video of it. I got it without reading the back because I thought it looked cool(as I often did when I was a kid), & after watching the 4 episodes on that tape was instantly hooked. Later I enjoyed watching it on Toonami & the CGI sequel(which I loved just as much) somewhere else. Now I own the original on DVD(except for the Black Lion collection), & have 3 tapes of the CGI series & watch them a lot(as I do with only my favorite cartoons now, unless it's something at least one of my family enjoys). Okay, so it's the most repetitive of my favorite shows, but there was a LOT under the surface. The comedy was funny, the characters & plots were interesting. My favorite was Lance. I thought his smart-alecky remarks were hilarious The animation wasn't the best, but it got the job done, & the designs made up for it. The Robeasts are the coolest giant monsters I have seen in an anime. There are little goofs, but nearly all of them were in the animation & not the plot. But this is still one of the very best cartoons around. BOTTOM LINE: ***** - This & Voltron: The Third Dimension combine to form the 7th best cartoon ever.
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Voltron ROCKED!
LrdSlvrhnd9 September 1999
"Form feet and legs! Form arms and body! And I'll form the head!" "Let's go Voltron Force!" You just KNEW you were gonna see some major battle after hearing those words!

My absolute FAVORITE cartoon growing up... totally cheesy, but that was half the fun. When it got released to syndication a couple of years ago, I used to get up at 7:30 every Sunday (after going to bed at 3...) JUST to watch the show. By FAR the best cartoon of the 80s, if not EVER. FAR better than the vehicle-version (does anybody remember those?) or the ultra-cheesy (so cheesy it's terrible instead of good) computer-generated sequel.
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This show was the best!
Jdawgg23 April 1999
I loved this show back in my youth. I would never miss an episode. I am pretty sure there was a movie made about this too. I remember having all the action figures and being obsessed with this cartoon. In my humble opinion this is the best cartoon made post 1980.
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"Form Blazing Sword!!" A Good But Very Repetitive Cartoon/Anime.
Nic_hse22 May 2003
The problem with Voltron is that it's way too predictable. Almost every episode follows the same pattern.

1. Zarkon comes up with a plot to attack planet Arus and/or defeat Voltron.

2. The evil witch Hagar designs a new Ro-Beast guaranteed to defeat Voltron. (yeah right)

3. Zarkon executes his plan.

4. After some turmoil, the Voltron team discovers Zarkon's plot.

5. Hagar's Ro-Beast is unleashed on planet Arus.

6. The Voltron team enter their Lion robots.

7. The Ro-Beast clobbers the Lion robots. (complete with Lion pilots Allura & Pidge's annoying screams.)

8. The Lion robots merge to form Voltron. (complete with REPETITIVE dialogue from Voltron team leader Keith.)

9. The Ro-Beast clobbers Voltron.

10. Voltron team leader Keith FINALLY remembers to "Form Blazing Sword!!". (duh!!)

11. Voltron slices the Ro-Beast in half and destroys it. (Why does it take so long?)

This pattern gets old pretty quick and even as a kid back in 1984, I thought it was repetitive. I used to change the channel as soon as Voltron formed the blazing sword. Despite the repetitiveness, Voltron is still more sophisticated than most American cartoons. However "Robotech's" plots and characters were far more sophisticated and made Voltron that much harder to watch. Anyway it's still a good cartoon and worth checking out. If you like Voltron, you'll also probably like the cartoon/anime "Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs". It has a Voltron-like robot (named Ram-Rod) and team members with a wild west theme.
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a decent anime that was butchered for kids!!!
applejosh199110 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Why this series is getting great reviews on IMDb?, sure nostalgia is a powerful thing, but c'mon when localizing a very violent anime to younger audience of course a lot of dumbing-down and stupid will come out of it. it's "4kids" stupid levels of censorship here.

i used to watch it during re-runs growing up, the concept was fun and the robots design was pretty cool. similar to shows like "power rangers" and "transformers" it had action, adventure, aliens, giant robots, a bad guy that always loses, mainly focus on selling toys. however many years later re-watching again, wow! it's bad it aged very poorly. i tried giving it a chance after all these years but after 20 mind-numbing episodes it completely made me realize how bad it really is. and after discovering the original series it's based on and made me hate it even more.

the shows biggest problem is how much they butchered the source martial. the main 5 characters "Keith" (red) and maybe "Lance" (blue) being at least OK, "Hunk" (yellow) is bland as a brick, "Pidge" (green) is so annoying and never shut's-up!!! i'm amazed the actor who did the voice wasn't fired, and "Allura" (pink) who is every anime princess trope you can think of. the english voice acting is in general terrible (probably one of the worst), every episode is repetitive, boring, cheesy and even stupid at times, probably the worst offender was the amount of censorship.

trimming down the violence, changing the plot from it's original series almost completely, removing anything related to nuclear war, slavery, cannibalism, killing or even characters death (all from the original source martial). the characters always uses stupid lines of dialogue to cover the obvious death scenes such as "injured" or "wounded". there was even an episode "pidge's home planet" that the american version's team had the nerve to ignore a dramatic plot-point when a whole planet was destroyed they will add "all the people have escaped the planet safely". from the animation alone it shows a shocking reaction with tears, it was clear that people died from a nuclear war. there's a lot of darker themes that was heavily edited or completely removed which also explains the choppy editing which ruins the pacing on this series completely.

the only positive thing i can say about the Voltron series, it has a good music/theme and narration by the awesome peter cullen and it introduce me to the better original japanese series "Beat King Go Lion".

just skip "voltron" and check out the original series it was adapted from "Beast King Go-lion" miles better then this garbage. aside from the lame opening theme, it has better narrative, pacing, character development and it's completely uncut with a lot of violence, very watchable.
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Okay cartoon, but a really cool set of toys.
Aaron13754 November 2009
I liked the cartoon okay, loved the toy that was released along with it as I always like the toys that would join together to form one big robot that was super powerful. This show would have three incarnations of the mighty robot, the Lion one which would be the most popular, the vehicle one which was not as popular, but was known, and the three humanoid ones that never saw a release in the United States though oddly enough their toy was. I saw bits and pieces of this series, just not enough to get into it like I did another Japan robot anime "Tranzor Z". They seemed to flip to much between the lion and vehicle cartoon to much so it got confusing. However, the lion version was a bit easier to follow as there were not as many characters in that one as there were a total of fifteen characters driving those vehicles. Also, the lion Voltron just had a much cooler sword than did the vehicle one. The one thing that sucked about the toys was that they never really made any cool bad guys for you to buy to fight with your voltron toys, I mean the ones they made for the lion one were tiny in comparison to the robot when fully formed.
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The First Dubbed-Anime Ever
ja_kitty_7122 November 2007
I was shocked, surprised and flabbergasted by the negativity I heard on Keyframe.com. I've watched this show and frankly I find it AWESOME! and as I said I am a huge anime fan. It's too bad the original Japanese "Voltron" (known as Hyakujūō Golion) has been lost over the years. I would have loved to see it.

I love the Princess Allura and watching her she's like two of my favorite Disney Princesses: Cinderella because she made friends with mice; Sleeping Beauty's Aurora because she is a blond and her dress is almost like the pink dress Aurora wore. You know, I think she and Keith are a cute match. So anyway, all I have to say about this series, folks is that I really love it.
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The best cartoon i've ever seen
Nick S5 September 1999
When I was a child during the 80's this was easily my favorite show (along with Inspector Gadget), I think everyone around had the toys as well. This show really shows quality children's TV. You look at the shows now and you think "how could they?". Children's TV in the mid to late 90's has became poorer and poorer. Being a child in the 80's was full of great cartoons like Gadget and Transformers. But now children are stuck with Power Rangers (ick), they have even gone into this 3D garbage like Beast Wars and i think Voltron 3d (why wreck classics?). Voltron (originals) is an easy 10/10 as far as children's TV goes. I still watch the occasional episode on tape.
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Activate Interlock, Dynotherms connected...
JohnnyJohnHildegaard3 August 1999
Infracells up, Megathrusters are go! Let's Go Voltron Force! When you heard those words you were into one of the most watched TV shows of the 80's. Voltron was more of a non-childish cartoon show broadcasting the best storyline and plot development. Yeah, the animation was dumb, and the music is as repetitive as Dubbed Dragon Ball Z, but it still made us happy as young school boys rushing home from school and rapidly switching channels to find this awesome show. Too bad it isn't showing in afternoons now (you'll have to wait late into the night and watch the Toonami Midnight Run).
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DVD Re-release. It rocked you then, and will rock you again.
magu2k13 January 2007
Awesome. just awesome. Recently re-released on DVD, (Blue Lion and Yellow Lion are out at time of writing, Green is on the horizon)

Audio - They have all the original source material, including an extremely lucky and even more rare original multi-track audio with separate audio for voices, effects, music, etc, and valuable notes about the audio production. This allows for 5.1 surround sound. And wow. It blows me away. The surround is crisp, solid and very well panned over the 6 channels. If you don't have surround or balk at it, thinking it will wreck your experience, that's your problem, however, they included a rebuilt 2 channel stereo soundtrack to match the original. Few people know Voltron was among the first Television shows to be produced in Stereo sound.

Video - The image is quite clear and better than watchable. I think it looks great! The video has been remastered and looks stable, excellently colored, little or no artifacts, and shows well on my 27" HD widescreen (NO the video is not in HD)

Packaging - I expect it would be a 5 box set, one box for each lion. Blue is 1, Yellow is 2, Green is 3. This would closely match the number of episodes with 15 per set, plus extras. However, voltrondvd.com indicates it will be 8 sets. They com packaged in a sturdy tin with multi-folding digipack, similar to the interiors of the LOTR Extended set. the tin is beautifully detailed. It has an embossed head of one lion on the cover, with the uniquely different appearance of each lion. The lion details and contours are embossed, but the excellently rendered cracks and gouges, etc are only printed on. The embossing stands about 2-4 mm. The cover comes off completely as compared to swinging. On the back is a picture of the character associated with the cover lion. On set one, is Allura in pink uniform, with a space mouse on her shoulder. There are additional pictures on the surfaces of the digipack, including Allura and Sven on set one, as both piloted Blue lion. Also included is a small 8pg booklet with synopses of included episodes, a paragraph or two on the restoration project, and a few pictures.

Overall, this will rock your underoos!!! I love it! If you grew up in the 80's and loved Voltron you will love these DVD's.

I rate it 8 out of 10. really 8.5. I could not ask for more on this video set. I expected (far) less on the audio. The packaging could have been better, but is not lacking. If you check voltrondvd.com to check their original case plans... and the problems with it.. you will see they could have made a case somewhere between that and what we got. But still, it is great, all round. I also would like the digipack to fit in the case a little better as sometimes the edges case and digipack get caught on each other, and is going to cause it to wear out a bit unless you buy empty DVD cases for storing your discs.

Only thing I could have asked for I think is maybe some commentary, and some deleted scenes. Maybe an upcoming set will have some *deleted* or rebuilt scenes.
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King of Robots
decatur14179 December 2001
I Must admit...I watched this show well into my High School years. It sometimes got me into trouble. However, it was the best animated series of the 80's... BAR NONE!!! A series with a simple storyline...5 space explorers sent to revive an ancient robot. In the process, they agree to help defend a once proud and beautiful planet. It just marvels me that the bad guys from Planet Doom never realized, that they were ultimately going to get stomped. They send a robeast to Planet Arus, it arrives and begins to tear up the planet. The Voltron Force would first battle the monster with the five lions. When this did not work, they would merge the five lions into Voltron. They would commence to utterly wipe-out the invader. These five space explorers displayed unmatched courage, resolve, and hootspa. Bottomline, this was a series that SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. Also, I am currently searching for a copy of "The Castle of Lions". If anyone out there knows where I can purchase a copy, please DO NOT HESITATE to e-mail me with the information (as to where, web address, and how much $$$$ I will have to spend).
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From days of long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend.
Op_Prime2 January 2000
The best Voltron... ever! I saw the show back in the eighties, but after it ended, I just forgot it. Years later, my cable provider got Cartoon Network and I was back watching Voltron. The show has a lot of great stories and filled with action. The CGI show is a good successor to this show, but this is the better!
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An anime that was more popular outside of Japan.
Java_Joe5 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Here's the thing, Voltron: Defender of the Universe has two seasons but only one of those was shown in Japan. Over there, or"Hyaku Juuoo Goraion" a.k.a. "Hundred Beast King GoLion" was a one and done in Japan. It didn't go over very well and that was pretty much it.

Then it was brought over to North America and it became a smash hit. So much so that they commissioned the Japanese company that made it to make a second season. And when that was done they found another show, that was kinda like it and turned that into another Voltron. There was actually a third and toys were made for it but they never did the localization for it and it never showed up on TV.

The show itself is your typical monster of the week Sentai show. You have colorful characters who pilot five mechanical lions and make up the typical five man band. You have the Leader, Keith who's brave and stalwart. You have the Lancer oddly named Lance who's the hothead. You have the Big Guy in Hunk. The Brain / Small Guy in Pidge. And the Chick in the Princess. And like a lot of cartoons of this type it follows the same theme every week. The baddies send a giant RoBeast to cause havok and destruction.Then they form Voltron and we can all remember the sequence as it's burned into our collective memory. They fight, can't get a clear advantage and must form the Blazing Sword which ultimately saves the day.

A lot of cuts and edits were made and in some cases episodes were chopped up and reassembled to try to make a coherent whole. For example one of the original members, Sven, was defeated and had to go recuperate on some other planet. Whereas in the original he straight up dies. So in this it's a lot like Battle of the Planets VS Gatchaman. The Japanese version showed a lot more violence and death whereas this version was cleaned up for our fragile little minds.

It's not great story telling but it was fun for the time. They have since tried to reboot the show three times to my knowledge with varying degrees of success. There was the terrible CGI abomination. Then there was another version where the original Voltron Force had been retired and some of the members were even in hiding due to reasons. There were new characters introduced to this but I never really got into it. And the new version which seems to be doing much better but it lacks a lot of the magic that the original had.
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The ONLY Voltron!!!
Marynewcomb201310 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Don't listen to the reviews on here from the past two years because they have really only watched Netflix's butcher up reboot!! This is the best version of Voltron, (unless you can get the Japanese version that's unedited) that there is!! It's got everything a great show should have and then some!! It leaves out a lot of "normal" everyday dealings as much as possible!! It doesn't sit on having love interest, it just gets down to what the show is about!! It also is not a PC show & that makes it go right!! They got a voice cast that goes with the characters they are voicing!! Like the "reboot" has a female voice the kid, a different cultured person voicing the white princess, & a Asian person voicing Kieth, (that reminds you of getting a scam call from a heavy accented guy from India saying his name is Grant). This version takes you there when watching it, makes you feel like you are with the people as they fight for honor!! If you haven't seen the original, PLEASE see it before you do the "reboot/remake"
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Another entertaining robot cartoon show.
OllieSuave-00711 February 2018
Another cartoon show I've watched when I was a little kid. I don't remember too much from it, but did remember it to be very entertaining and adventurous.

There are plenty of good guy vs. bad guy action as the lion robots and their pilots fight King Zarkon and Prince Lotor.

Endless battles of transforming machines and creatures - pretty good excitement for any kid and definitely a memorable 1980s.

Grade B
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Still stands tall
Mr-Fusion17 August 2016
Some of the cartoon fare from childhood can be hit-or-miss as an adult. Suddenly the animation quality of "Transformers" is subpar, "GI Joe" doesn't have the same appeal, etc . . . but "Voltron" is different. Something that takes you right back to the '80s while still being entertaining.

It was something about Peter Cullen's voice; that Optimus Prime narrated the opening of this show every episode really left an imprint. The animation is well done, (that lion formation sequence never gets old!) and the anime is appealing, even for a guy who never fancied himself an anime fan.

The only downside I can see (again, as an adult) is that each episode works as a formula: Zarkon sends out a robeast, the lions fail to stop it, cue Voltron and the blazing sword and it's all over.

But this never fails to hit the right notes with me. As accessible as they come.

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