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One of the Funniest Sitcoms Ever
apursansar22 March 2002
Martin Lawrence is absolutely hilarious in this show; the rest of the cast is extremely funny as well. Martin's physical humor is great, this is maybe the only sitcom that has so frequently made me laugh out loud--really hard. Anytime Martin goes nuts over something he starts making all these weird faces and starts jumping and running around, and it's incredibly, ridiculously funny, and it seems to happen nearly every episode. Watch the reruns that come on late night on USA, you won't be disappointed.
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Quite simply the funniest show on TV
Deceptikon22520 December 2002
"Martin" was my favorite show in the '90s and it still is my favorite show today. I set my VCR everyday to record the episodes that are rerun on USA network. Bill Cosby once called this show a "modern day minstrel" and yet I'm still waiting to see "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids" reruns on Cartoon Network, maybe Mr. Cosby won't allow them to be shown because it would eat at his own guilty conscience. Martin is a comedic genius and the other characters, Gina, Pam, Tommy and Cole contrasted well with his over-the-top style, usually ending up the butts of his jokes. Although at some times Martin would come across as crass and surly, by the end of the show his generosity and warm heart would shine through. Long before Eddie Murphy in "The Nutty Professor", Martin mastered playing multiple characters. From Sheneneh to Mama Payne, Roscoe the snot nosed kid, Otis the security guard, Dragonfly Jones, Elroy the mechanic, white boy Bob and who could forget Jerome "the playa from the Himalayas", Martin amazingly portrayed every different character with their own unique personalities. Some of the funniest moments ever in my opinion came during Martin's interaction with the old lady, Miss Jerri, or Hustle Man (Tracy Morgan at his funniest) and of course you can't forget his occasional visit from Bruh Man from the "fiff flo". If loving this show is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. So, to Bill Cosby and all the other bougie black folks that dissed this show, I'll tell you like Eddie Murphy said in "Raw", shut the f*** up and have a Coke and a smile!
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One of the best shows
SMLA114 June 2002
Martin Lawrence is probably one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen. His show "Martin" is hilarious, one of the best shows that was on television. I don't know why they cancelled this show. That was STUPID!!! The show is excellent on every level. the characters are very well-developed and the storylines are hilarious. I love Martin as Grandma Payne.

Overall the whole show is hilarious on many levels and I love it! Rating **** out of ****. (Tied for Second Favorite Show)
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Martin on DVD
angelalyn1461226 August 2003
This has GOT to be one of the funniest shows ever........this needs to come out on DVD soon. I see so many older shows come out on dvd this needs to be one of those!!!! Martin is one of the funniest shows and I would love to put this on my DVD shelf and share with my friends and family
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One of the best sitcoms ever
steviesly16 January 2003
"Martin" is one of the best television shows of all time. It is by far the funniest black sitcom ever created, far surpassing breakthrough shows like "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times". The 70's sitcom "What's Happening!!" is the only other show that comes close. When you watch a comedy show, it is common to smile, chuckle or laugh - but when you watch "Martin", particularly the first two to three seasons, you find yourself laughing so hard it hurts. This is a laugh out loud and stomp your feet show thanks to a brilliant comic talent - Martin Lawrence. Many people who I have talked to about this show have said they "don't get it" and that the rapid fire urban cultural references fly over their heads. I say, exactly. This show is clever and sharp and if you actually laugh at crap like "Will & Grace", you won't "get" this show either. Unlike every other pale, bland humored show out there, "Martin" is full flavored, knock you on your ass funny. Do not miss the chance to see it every time its rerun, you'll be witnessing t.v. sitcom history.
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one of the best
lilant14 October 2001
I love this show it had all you need for a good show this was something new for me. I seen a lot of black shows but this was the best one of all but good things have to end when it was over in 1997 but it was a good show.
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it is simply the "BOMB"KABOOM!
mcpaul4012 May 2004
To call it hilarious would not be doing it justice at all,it is simply the "bomb" KABOOM!.l wonder why they ever stopped running the show.l will give anything to get the complete takes ingenuity to produce a thing like that & assemble a cast like that too.the characters l like most in the cast are Martin,Pam and Cole.Of course this doesn't mean the others are any less electrifying.l always had to set my video recorders timer to record it whenever l was away & quite frankly the little bits l got recorded l never stop imagine how it'll feel getting a complete set of all the episodes in a disc.PRICELESS is the word.My friends & l cant wait to get it.
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Peter T. Movie31 August 1999
This is the funniest, most outrageous, sitcom I have ever seen. Its hilarious! Martin Lawrence plays six parts in this show. When ever he is playing Mother Payne, the Police officer or Jerome, you can expect to laugh until it hearts. Martin and Pam are also what makes this show so funny. Pam is hilarious when she insults Martin and Martin is hilarious when he insults Pam. Martin Lawrence is like a Black Jim Carrey, only funnier. His movies will make you laugh too, but if you want to see Martin lawrence at his best, watch "Martin". You will not believe how funny this show is! I highly recommend this show to everybody.

My Rating: 11 out of 10! (above average show)
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Better than 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld'!
imlilshowoff29 May 2004
My oh my, where do I begin? It's just a real shame that this show never won any kind of Golden Globe or for that matter any kind of acknowledgment from mainstream Hollywood for the work that Martin did on this show. In case you've never seen Martin its about a rude, comical radio disk jokey (Martin Payne) who lives in a modest apartment in Detroit. He has his boys of course: the misogynist dingbat (Cole Brown) and the sensible (Tommy Strawn). Then there's the light of his life (Gina Waters) whose a boogie business woman who somehow finds Martin as irresistible as he does her. And then there's her partner in crime (Pamela James) whose a tough as nails sort of man-hater (especially when it comes to Martin). But the best thing about 'Martin' I would have to say is the all the multiple characters that he played, which I don't think has ever been done consistently by anybody on TV except Flip Wilson. Everybody gave great comedic performances though on here, and yes even apple head, I mean Tisha Campbell was good too. And the writing for each episode was also on point. '92-'95 I'd have to say were probably the golden years of 'Martin', but then between the forth and the final fifth season the show was clearly in trouble. Martin's personal life was attracting more attention than the show, and then came the rumors that he was sexually harassing Campbell. She left the show towards the last season and as a viewer you could see that there was definitely something lacking. I know I lost interest but tuned in for the final episode which was ridiculous because Gina and Martin were never in any scenes together. Like every series finale the Paynes moved to California and left 42 (that's the apt. #). But still 'Martin' has remained on the tube thanks to reruns and we can understand once again why this show had it all. **** all the way. I love you Martin!
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I don't care what they say....Martin was the M-A-N!!!!
raysond5 August 2002
Despite of what some people may say about this series,let me say that this was show was in fact the most watched show on Thursday nights when it ran for five astounding seasons on FOX(from 1992-97). This sitcom was at the height of its time,going up against the grain with other shows of the 90's that including "Living Single","In Living Color","Roc" and the urban crime drama "New York Undercover" as well as the medical show,"ER"(which was on a rival network). Martin in the first two seasons was a radio personality who had his own talk show and was living with his girlfriend Gina(whom later on in the series would get married played by Tisha Campbell),and sometimes hang out with his boys Tommy and Cole and ALWAYS would make sly remarks and putdowns on everybody who stepped up to him in the wrong way and most of the time would insult Gina's best friend Pam. What made that show stand out was the comedical timing and hilarious hijinks between Pam and Martin in which he would put her down and she would get right back at him;in other words Martin Lawrence and Techina Arnold made the show what it was and sometimes it would have me laughing hard and crying at the same time,but there were times when Martin would be some very sticky situations but he always manages to get himself out of them. From the characters that Martin played which included Jerome,Snotty nose kid, Mama Payne,and Sheneaah you never know what to expect. One very hilarious show. Thank God that USA Network shows it in repeats twice a day(and in some markets three to four times a day including weekends on some stations)and to me it was one funny laugh out loud riot. Martin, you're the M-A-N!!!!!
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"Martin" best sitcom ever
misterenriquez30 June 2006
"Martin" is the funniest show of all-time. There has never been a show as funny as this one, but I do hope for another TV show as good or even funnier than this one in the future. Bro' Man steals all the attention every time he's on for those 2 or 3 minutes. I loved Hustle Man, that character had me cracking up. Jerome is truly a classic, as well as the rest of Martin's characters. But to me, Dragonfly was truly the funniest character specially in the episode where he fights outside next to the ATM machine...if you wanna laugh 'til your ribs hurt then you gotta watch that! I wish some day they put this show out on DVD cause I'm sure it has been expected by many for a long time now. Today, the re-runs are being given weekdays at 12:30 PM and I make sure I take my lunch brake around that time to not miss one second of this show. I've seen every episode numerous times and I never get tired of them.
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The Best Show that has hit the small screen
treboogie13 July 2005
"Martin" was the most hilarious show there ever was that hit TV. It was on everyone's TV schedule. This show has never steered anyone in the wrong way and never was 'not' funny. Two of my favorite episode was when Martin and Gina had bought a new bed and the decided to have sex and Gina got her head stuck between the bars of the metal headboard. They tried so hard to get it off by pulling and burning some of the bars off but was unsuccessful. On top of that, she had to give this big presentation at work so she tried to camouflage it with a big scarf and a big Diana Ross wig. It was so funny. The second is when they got married on the tropical beach. That was a dream wedding that included some of the ups and downs that would pop up before the actual wedding takes place. But it has always stood out in my head. "Martin" was the best show ever and I hope that they put it on DVD soon.
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Has anyone seen the series on DVD?
lcole2-115 October 2004

I am looking for the "Martin" series on DVD. Does anyone know when it will be coming out or if it is out already? Please help.

Martin was the funniest, sitcom in the 90's. I would love to take a look at "Hustle Man", "Brother Man, "Dragon Fly Jones", "Shanana" and "Jerome" again. Please somebody let me know.

Remember, "you killed my mama Bird, Gina" God that was classic. I know there are a lot of Martin fans out there. Let's not forget, "Don't ya know no good." I wish there was more shows on like that again, I am tired of reality shows.
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Amazing, funny and relatable
starvital4 December 2013
Funniest show that ever aired on television. So sad that it ended so quickly. Better than all these Seinfeld and friends show. It should have gotten more credit. This show was hilarious. I still watch episodes because it never gets old. My all time favorite show with Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Truly amazing! I recommend everyone to watch it. It will definitely make your day. Every time I feel sad and fail a test I just go online and watch Martin and I will feel better instantly. If you've never watch this show, well your life haven't been made yet. This is a very relatable show, romantic and funny. You will enjoy it I promise.
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pamela-siler15 October 2004
When will they have his entire show on DVD? This is one or two DVDs I will definitely buy. I think it was on for at least 4-5 seasons? Does anyone know when they will be available?

All the characters were very good and I so sorry to see this show end. You can never recapture laugher like that.

All the episodes were funny. I especially loved the one when Martin thought he was being hen-pecked and Gina had the bat to him. I also loved the episode when he went on the hunger strike.

I wonder what the writers of the show are doing now and if they will write something as similar.
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Martin! You so crazy!
smla0226 December 2002

Starring: Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, and Tichina Arnold.

Martin Lawrence stars in one of the most hysterical television show ever. The jokes never stop and old jokes are still funny. For instance, Martin and Pam's constant ripping on each other. It was still funny to the last episode. Another instance is when Tommy keeps talking about his job, when he is unemployed. It may not seem funny but when you see it, you'll laugh you're heart out. Why this show was cancelled boggles my mind, and I think it was a completely stupid move to do that. Catch this show on the WB at 10:30 Central Time.

Rank: Tied for 2nd (with "Everybody Loves Raymond")
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The best of all time
nba_211 May 2002
I think this show rates among the best TV series of all time. Who else can play up to 7 characters and even though you know it's Martin, you still laugh regardless. I wish i had every single episode of the Martin Show; i would simply die for them. This show rates a 3 on a scale of -10 to -1 :) hehe. I wish it came on everyday like the simpsons for example. I laugh on each episode, even if I watched it before! Simply remarkable...two thumbs up!!
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the funniest and greatest show ever made
QDMan523 March 2002
this is the funniest show evermade because martin lawrence is the funniest person on earth except eddie murphy. martin pam will make you fall down laughing. and tommy and cole are great togeather although did not like gina she isnt funny. but martin made fun of her good talking about her head funny. martin is the funniest show because you know every show will make you laugh so hard. the best show is the first halloween show that will make you watch it over and over. i have every episode taped that shows how much of a big fan i am. A++++++++++++++++++++
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Back when "Fox" was a good network
actionmoviestar22 December 2005
"Martin" was the show that everybody I knew looked forward to on Thursday nights back in the early nineties. Forget what was coming on NBC and CBS, we knew that "Martin could supply the goods for us.

"Martin" basically focused on a radio DJ and the comic misadventures he has with his friends. If you already guessed, hilarity ensues from all this. It's real hard to think of anything I didn't like about the show because the show was that good. Everybody on the show, I felt, had very good chemistry with each other and the writing was very strong also. Since "Martin" was popular among many audiences, most notably African-American, I'm surprised this series is not on DVD yet.

Like the same with my one sentence review, "Martin" was on the air back when the Fox channel was still a good network. Now, in my opinion, Fox shows crappy television shows now. We need more shows like "Martin" on that channel.

Whenever an old episode of "Martin" is on the air, try watching it. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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musiq70431 July 2002
those other characters he played (a la eddie murphy) were probably the funniest part of the show. jerome calling himself "da playa from the himalayas" and referring to pam as "junk in da trunk" was hilarious. then he would add the facial expressions and other physical comedy which would have me falling out of my seat in laughter. the inside jokes and "cracks" on each other were the best: tommy always talked as if he actually had a job, but of course he didn't--what made me laugh was the fact that he wouldn't admit it! martin complaining all the time, and him and pam would constantly put each other down (she made fun of his big ears and height <he's short> and he commented about her fake "horse hair" and manly (or beastly) tendencies). i think gina and martin represented how couples simply have their differences because they don't understand the opposite the sex..which is very true in most relationships. cole was just simple and air-headed, (a la homer simpson)...then you MUST NOT forget about the OTHER FUNNY characters: brotha man who lived on the "fifth flo" (but he'd hold up 4 fingers because he had no common sense). there's just too many funny scenarios and characters in this sit-com
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Martin is one of my favorite shows!!!!
neducation10 October 2006
I think Martin is one of the best sitcoms ever!!!! Martin himself is hilarious. The cast makes it even better. Whoever thinks that anyone of these characters(Martin,Gina,Pam,Tommy,Cole)were not funny you must not have any type of humor at all. There are many people who likes to put the show down and call it boring, low class etc. I personally think that they are just hating because they aren't getting money. But hey thats how it is when you have money, fame and respect and others don't.I love how the cast worked together to make this show a classic. We need more shows like this. Nowadays we have wannabe shows. Me and my family loves this show!!!
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Martin is the best show ever
dewdogg2426 August 2005
Martin was the best show ever! All of the characters he played from Jerome to one of the early favorites "King Beef". I can't believe that this show has not come out on DVD yet. It's kind of upsetting to see Cedric the Entertainer have his one season of his show on DVD and it didn't even last a full season. (no offense to Ced) I just can't wait until the Martin show comes out on DVD so I can watch Martin without having to stay up until 1 o'clock in the morning to see it. I have so many friends that share the same views that I do and we sit around and talk about all of the old episodes like Otis the Security guard saying to the man with the jerry curl, "next time you change your motor oil, wear a shower cap." Or Dragon fly Jones getting his butt kicked. I used to just rewind episodes and cry over and over again. It was the best!
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The favorite show Ever
juliettenwagbara27 December 2000
Whazzup!!!!I love this show. It is the best show I have ever laid my eyes on. Martin hot temperture, Pam and Gina's great singing voice, Tommy lying about having a job and Cole's stupidity made this show number 1. My favorite character was Shenneneh who was just so crazy. The show is independant in it's on way and can never be replaced.Martin's movies are also funny as hell. This man is one of the funniest men to me. I rate this show 100out of 10.
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Martin on DVD
tony-hendrix10 April 2006
I still can't understand why this TV series not out on DVD - every show is coming out some have 6 to 7 season series and Martin doesn't have a one. What is the problem, I'm sure it's not because the show won't sell because that is not true. Everyone, I talk to is waiting for the seasons,next time someone see Martin Lawrence live yell from the crowd, "When is your DVD for Martin Coming Out". People we need some results as to why not. I would love to own a copy or two or three of his seasons. Can a brotha get some help. I'm willing to pay for the DVD and not have a phony copy of his show. The show was hilarious and people of all color loved the show. Martin comes on TV 2 to 3 times a day and I try my best not to miss an episode. I'm sitting in front of the TV daily trying to catch his episodes. The DVD series would be a success on the market of retailing. Martin, we need the DVD so the laughter can continue at anytime and anywhere we're at. I wish someone can enlighten me as to an anticipated date.

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