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Purity and beauty for the traditional romantic.
uds328 June 2002
I don't know - I'm way too old for a middle life crisis, maybe its the onset of dementia, but this film really got to me. Never in all these years have I come across as beautiful and pure a character as Jamie Sullivan - and to think I gave MTV the flick whenever Britney-clone Miss Moore, started up her song of the month. Call it manipulative, unrealistic, contrived, saccharine, whatever your pleasure - but I absolutely lost my heart to Mandy Moore's character here. Perhaps the deep-rooted protective instinct in my nature, maybe a reminder of what I never found but always desired, but I would be lying if I did not admit to falling totally in love with Jamie, matter of fact that would be an understatement.

An impossible blend of strength, integrity, natural beauty, youth, feistiness, femininity and vulnerability - Mandy Moore delivered a performance so genuine and moving it totally stunned me. She was utterly spellbinding in every scene she was in - which was most of them. I thought her rendition of "Its gonna be love" during the school play was cinematic magic. She was for those moments, every man's dream and the epitome of virginal translucence.

I was impressed too with Shane West's performance who at times was so reminiscent of a young Kevin Bacon somewhere around his FOOTLOOSE days. At times I agree, the film seemed to be headed down THE MAJESTIC path of over-sentiment but I'm sorry guys, I don't care. So long as Jamie was on-screen ripping my emotions apart, the rest really didn't matter! What a stunning performance from so young a girl with barely any acting experience. The mere fact that this flick has pulled an everage user rating of 6.6 would suggest a LOT of people liked it. It blows LOVE STORY totally out of the water. On reflection, it is the film's very simplicity, lack of pretension and strong supporting actors that serves it so very well.

By the way, it does so help being a hopeless romantic!
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Succeeds where it counts
cvxfreak26 November 2004
I'm a 17 year old male teenager who happened to stumble upon this movie two years ago at school during a free day in math class (when I was 15). I liked it then, but the math class ended before the movie could be finished. Finally, on the WB a few days ago, the movie aired and I saw the conclusion. AWTR contains a heartfelt conclusion to a story where you get to care about Landon and Jamie, two polar opposite teenagers who face peer struggles and the perils of love and death. The situations that occur are very real, and very sad. Once the movie finishes, you'll be left wondering what happens to everyone (heck, even though it doesn't make sense, I want a sequel!).

As a maturing male, I couldn't help but cry inside, and I'm someone who felt indifferent toward movies like Titanic. I found myself wishing I were either Landon or Jamie, because they represent the real virtues of life and love. Aside from the movie's undying message, there are some slight flaws. The ending could have been expanded a bit more (you'll see when you watch it as I don't want to spoil anything) to include more emotion. Otherwise, the acting done by Mandy Moore and Shane West is superb and top notch - these two actors have quite the career ahead of them. You'll see as these two characters develop that you can't imagine any other people doing the job.

This isn't your typical love story, because when it comes down to it, the love is only part of the whole scheme. While I never expected this to touch me so much, AWTR enters as perhaps my favorite movie of all time. You will feel as if you're a part of the movie, you will be able to relate to them, and you will love it. AWTR succeeds in delivering a great experience. Available on DVD now, you'll be wishing the release had deleted scenes, et. all. Highly recommended.
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Shining stars....
mrtufty16 December 2003
This was one of the best films I've seen lately. Mandy Moore shone in her role as Jamie Sullivan, although never to the point where she became unbelievable. Her singing was fabulous, but it was clear that this was not a film about her singing - too many pop artists starring in films wind up in films about their pop careers, whether real or inferred.

The storyline was VERY good. I can't say too much without spoiling it for everyone else, but take my word for it. You absolutely must watch this film at some point - make sure you grab plenty of tissues though, because if you don't get emotional towards the end, you must have a heart of stone.

All in all, fantastic.
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surprisingly good
MLDinTN28 January 2003
This movie doesn't have an original plot, but it is good because of the 2 leads give wonderful performances. Mandy Moore is especially good as the straight-laced preacher's daughter. And I liked how they showed the transformation of Shane West's character. It was very believable. Of course, the ending won't leave you dried-eyed. It's sad, but we get to witness a sort-of "miracle" as the film puts it of how a wayward teen turns his life around. The music was great too.

FINAL VERDICT: I definitely recommend this. It isn't just some teen movie. The film has depth and the acting is much better than you would expect.
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You will hate yourself for loving this movie
sandi_glendinning18 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I can not say that A Walk to Remember was a movie that I went out of my way to see, or even that I recall it being aired in any UK cinema. I happened to watch it on TV one Sunday morning expecting something somewhat usual and predictable.

I must admit I was more than pleasantly surprised, enough so to actually watch it more than once, and consequently feel compelled to write these comments. I find myself struggling not to watch it whenever I see it listed, such a charming movie is this! The plot seems to be initially a rather predictable foray into the traditional territory of bad boy meets good, but sadly plain girl. At some point in the movie, girl momentarily transforms from ugly duckling into swan. At this point I found myself feeling that comfort that we all feel in the knowledge that we know exactly what is going to happen in a movie. I was entirely convinced that the entire culmination of the thing is for girl to gain some peer group acceptance. The presence of a seemingly overly protective father hints at overtones that he may be some kind of parental tyrant figure from whom she may require some sort of heroic liberation.

However as Jaime reveals her secret then all becomes apparent, and a far more absorbing plot unfolds than is initially to be expected.

Performances are competent and heartfelt, Shane West gives an admirable portrayal of an angry young man on a path of reformation. Mandy Moore is strong and almost graceful in her role as Jaime and enhances the charm of this romantic interlude with several pretty vocal solos.

Daryl Hannah and Peter Coyote both fine actors add a lovely depth to the general proceedings and are certainly worth a mention for their respective roles as concerned parents.

It is impossible for me not to like this little film, because I am an insufferably romantic female and A walk to Remember has romance in a monumental dosage. There is little or no sexual content, rather emphasis is put upon the more admirable and sincere aspects of courtship little seen in the average teen movie.

Without going into territory that could be classed as spoiling, it is worth mentioning that some people may place A Walk to Remember into the tear- jerker category, and consign it to a dark dusty corner of their DVD collection which is only delved into in the most girly of moments.

For some, several scenes may be a little too saccharine- but if you don't like romance then this picture probably isn't for you anyway.

In my opinion, this category is a little too narrow to slide A Walk to Remember into. The true themes of this lovely story are in reality- faith, and redemption, which are universal aspects of humanity with which we can all identify in various amount.

The end result for me was that I felt uplifted at the end. Like eating a tub of ice cream or having a nice bubbly bath this is a movie to put on when you feel low or have had a bad day and it's sure to make you feel much better. You will fall in love for the first time all over again for a couple of hours.

You may well sit down to watch with preconceptions about what you are going to see. You men may sit down and watch it solely to win a few merit points from your girlfriend so she'll let you watch the football in peace later. As my title says though, this may be the one romantic movie you will hate yourself for loving.

You don't even have to admit to anybody that you watched it and liked it, but I encourage you to watch it all the same without prejudice.

A little charmer- comforting and sweet- sets out to do something very simple, and delivers well, I give 7/10
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A personal opinion
johanneszor19 April 2008
Let's get this straight:

It's not an artistically excellent movie. It is not a movie with performances that are going to constitute landmarks in the acting profession. It is not a movie with high-end special effects, storming action or astounding scenery. It is not a story that copes with the deepest causes of adolescent misbehavior / frustration / desperation in the sense of a purely sociological cinematography. It can be characterised light (although it includes sadness as a feeling) and shallow (because in its limited duration the director does not have the convenience of "looking" deeper into the characters and - at the same time - include an extensive plot which must be given in order to see a considerable change in Landon's personality)

I could go on giving cons about this film but I am sure you can find many in previously posted negative reviews - and many of these reviews, more or less, hit some quite substantial spots about the film. BUT...

I gave it 10 out of 10 for a single simple reason: whatever its flaws, it made me cry unashamedly and that's something that not a lot of movies can claim, in all honesty. And despite the sadness it inevitably brings (which is not necessarily bad) it also brings innocence, sweetness, optimism - yes, that too - and faith in life and love and the ability of every single person for change, the ability - and the obligation - to become better. It is a movie-edition of an adorable book, and as always, it cannot be better than the book. However, in its own scope it brings out the message quite clearly, quite beautifully, and quite optimistically. It is a film that I have watched repeatedly and will continue to watch with joy. And melancholy.
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A beautiful, powerful movie.
Annakin24 January 2002
This film was such a wonderful surprise. While I was expecting a moderately lightweight piece of teen fare, the film came in with truly profound depth, impeccable performances, solid direction and good pacing through a difficult story. Mandy Moore is a certifiable superstar. And Shane West is really good, and a big surprise was Lauren German, who is not only a very good actress, but so beautiful it is pure joy to watch her. The religion elements of the story are effectively interlaced into the narrative without feeling like the viewer is being force-fed a theological viewpoint. And bring tissues- this one is a real tearjerker which leaves you feeling uplifted and optimistic.
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A great tear jerker, and Mandy Moore's best film.
elsalsero117 June 2004
What can I say? it's one of my favorite movies. It has everything: love, romance, action, sorrow, and happiness. Shane West and Mandy Moore have wonderful chemistry together, and it shows. It makes you feel like you want to become a better person, and not be so selfish, self-centered, and makes you realize that there more important things in life.

Another reason why it's such a great movie is because you see the transition of someone who I guess you can say was "heading on the wrong path" given another chance to make something out of themselves, and that makes you feel good. You have to give a lot of credit to the young main actors in the film (Mandy Moore and Shane West) they did a great job for both of them just starting their movie careers only a couple of years ago.

Although for anyone that has actually read the book, like myself, you catch a lot of the differences between the book and the movie, and in your own way you can note what could have made the film a lot better than how good it was. This was definitely Mandy Moore's best movie, and think it left a big positive mark for her in having a acting career. I undoubtedly give this movie 4 1/2 stars out 5.
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A moving story of faith
Sambarb33725 January 2002
Warning: Spoilers
After seeing this movie today, I walked out of the theater in tears. Jamie and Landon create a miracle. Landon lacks faith in himself, in the wonder of life and in God. Jamie has the faith that Landon lacks.

Teen peer group pressure in the form of a dare causes a young man to be hospitalized. Landon is partially responsible. His punishment is dealt out by the school principal. The principal wants to somehow reach him, to teach him humility. Landon has to do math tutoring for resistant kids, perform janitorial duties around his high school, and perform in the school play.

He's known Jamie all his life. However, his attitude as a cool kid, is to ignore her in public. But due to his community service responsibilities he really gets to know her. And he needs her help in rehearsing his lines for the school play. Through working on the play, Landon starts to fall in love with Jamie. He is softened. He sees her faith. She develops faith in him, and he then finds faith in himself. Mandy reaches her audience in portraying a ministers daughter whose faith helps her to resist peer pressure.

Why she warns Landon not to fall in love with her... that's the point of the movie. The movie will help remind people of the value of life and of simple things!

I give this 5 stars! But I'm a sentimental guy who likes romantic movies.
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icedcold2129 August 2002
I just watched this movie tonight, I dont usually cry, and I will tell you what, this movie really touched me. Mandy Moore did such a good job. And so did Shane! This was great, I give it a 10!!! And I usually am into more like horror movies, a friend suggested this too me, so I gave it a shot. And it was well worth it. I think I just might go buy the DVD tomorrow! ;)
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Not for the cynical.
Spoonmonitor30 January 2002
I saw this movie last Sunday night, and I have to say that I was deeply moved by it. I do not think that it had the cliches of teen films at all. If anything, the movie has a new perspective on teen love. Teen films today are mostly focused on "getting laid" or "turning the ugly girl pretty" (one way or another), just rent American Pie or She's All That. Not that there isn't a special place in my heart for these movies, but A Walk To Remember is in a class all by itself. The movie did have it's share of cheesy moments, due mostly to the overbearing dramatic musical score in certain scenes. Other than that, the characters were very genuine and the performances were most definitely heartfelt. Mandy Moore definitely holds her own in this movie as Jamie Sullivan, showing lots of emotional depth and making a complete transformation from teen pop goddess to modest southern girl. Shane West is a talent that should not be overlooked by Hollywood. He gets better and better in every film that he's in. He can do comedy (watch his underrated supporting comedic role in "Get Over It"), and he tackles drama with ease in this film. Great supporting turns from Peter Coyote as Jamie's father, and from an aged Darryl Hannah as Landon's mother.

On to the topic of this review. This movie is not for cynical people, or people who do not believe in love. This movie's core message is that love can and will conquer all obstacles. This is a movie about teens who love each other in a very adult way. I can relate because I have had the same girlfriend for the past two years, ever since my senior year in high school. We love each other immensely, and we believe that we have a deep connection. People didn't think that we would last, because we just didn't act like all the other teen couples on campus. So when Landon would say these deeply loving things to Jamie in the movie, I cried because someone had said the same things I had said not too long ago to my girlfriend. So, if you don't believe in love, don't see this movie because you won't like it.

If you have a bitterness toward religion, especially Christianity, don't see this movie, because you will just be bellyaching about the manipulation of religion on the youth of America. I am a Christian, not a hardcore one, but I do believe in God. There are Christian overtones in this movie, faith is spoken of many times in this movie, and faith is the cornerstone of Landon and Jamie's love. This movie is not preachy, it does not try to hammer home topics of Christianity with words. The movie prefers to use examples in real life situations and medaphors as well.

I have to say thank you to the director and writer for not including a sex scene or a drunken teen party scene in this movie. It is a tasteful family film, and I'm glad it did not try to be too adult with it's content. The love that Landon and Jamie share is pure, and it is what makes their relationship unique in comparison to the other kids in their town.

People may hate this movie because of the amount of sap or cheesiness. Well, I think the movie is very sugary and sweet, and has plenty of sap. But it is realistic sap. The situations warrant that amount of sap. You wouldn't make a scene where a guy is confessing his love for his lady all dark and gritty, would you? This movie also does have its share of grit, especially in relation to Landon's transformation. But you'll have to see the movie for that.

People may also think that Mandy Moore is not believable in the role of Jamie Sullivan. This is complete hogwash. The point wasn't to make Jamie a real "ugly duckling", but a swan who does not care to spread her wings and show off for the rest of the world. Jamie carries a wisdom manifested from her faith and her life experiences. But her peers can't seem to get past her clothing choices and hairstyles to take her seriously. I just wish that in real life, people wouldn't look at beautiful as the equivalent of popular and ugly as the exact opposite. I knew quite a few beautiful girls in high school that sat at the back of the cafeteria and read books or did homework. That's just the sort of life they chose to lead, not because they were forced into it by being picked on, but because they simply existed on a different level. Jamie is exactly that type of person. Landon is that way too, but he just doesn't want to find that out, until he meets Jamie.

Bottom line, you may love this movie for many reasons, or hate it for many more. This is a movie about soul mates. This is a movie about believing in people, especially in the ones you love. This is a movie about tolerance and not judging a book by its cover. This is a movie about friendship. This is a movie about two people who know they are right for each other. But most importantly, this is a movie about how true love can lift up even the most unreachable souls in this world, and save their lives.

I give this movie a 9 out of 10.
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You're my angel
This movie is so indescribable and unique.I have seen it about a million times and I own the DVD,book,posters,and both soundtracks. I am obsessed!In fact,I am watching it right now.Every time I see this movie,without fail,I cry. Yes...I will admit I am a hopeless romantic and I love to watch these types of movies.But...if there is one thing I hate..its teeny-bop per movies like Mean Girls,and I also hate it when people say AWTR is one.This movie is most certainly not a teen movie.It is a movie for everyone..for the older it gives them something to look back on;for the younger,it gives us something to dream of in the future. Partially..I love this movie because I feel like I am Jamie.And I think it is great to watch a movie that makes you cry and smile all at the same time,and yet come out with such a happy feeling. I recommend this movie for everyone.If you haven't seen it,I will personally lend it to you.
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Absolute Hidden Treasure
wlp3252 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have nothing negative to say about A Walk to Remember. Its few "cons" are totally overpowered by the sheer wonder and sincerity of this remarkable film, perhaps one of the best ever emanating from Hollywood and Warner Brothers – a monumental feat given its small production budget. The subtle power of this film keeps one thinking about it continuously and wanting to see it multiple times. It's a wonderful story about growing up and how one special person can change you forever. It shows how deeply loving someone can transform you to gain the strength to forgive, to accept, to respect, and to accomplish that which you heretofore would never consider. This movie conveys what true love really is, how it can affect people in life and death, and how absolutely beautiful it can be for those lucky enough to experience its deepest level.

The movie is so caring and sincere, it subtly draws you into it. It shows a popular in-crowd teenage boy discovering there is much more to life than reckless, carefree, aimless behavior. When a stupid prank turns harmful, a perpetrator, Landon (one lead character played by Shane West) is "sentenced" to perform community service activities, and these bring him into close contact with Jamie, a non-cool, non-popular nerdy religious girl (the other lead character played by Mandy Moore), who performs the same activities -- by choice. Landon has heretofore always treated Jamie with ridicule and disdain. Though he's known her all his life, through their interaction he suddenly discovers her passion for life, with interests and a depth he never knew existed. He begins to find a new path for his own life, and the ensuing transformation is wonderfully portrayed.

Although the picture's main theme is about Landon and the transformation he undergoes, Jamie is clearly the "anchor" of this movie. She's exceptionally sweet, genuine, innocent, highly intelligent and passionate. She was so interested in astronomy, that she built her own telescope and would venture into their small town cemetery, in the middle of the night, to pursue her celestial passion. She did this, not to impress, but for its own sake. Her beliefs in herself are solid and she never changes. She wears no makeup and wears the same low-key, non-fashionable baggy clothes from the beginning, throughout and to the end of the picture. She actually likes who she is -- the way she is. Unlike Landon, her self-image is not based on what others think.

She has just enough attitude to not take any disingenuousness from anyone – and when being "toyed" with would often "fire" right back. When Dean (a friend of Landon's and leader of the in-crowd "pack") mockingly asked her why her "Higher Power" could not get her a new sweater (she always wore the same one), she responded, "He's too busy looking for your brain." When Landon humiliated her in front of his peers, she coolly walked away at the time, but when he later came to her for help she calmly slammed the door in his very surprised face. She's a strong figure that "sees through" the behavior and demeanor of her peers. Her role demonstrates how one individual of virtue, faith and an up-beat attitude can so positively influence those around her by simply living her life true to her own beliefs, and not succumbing to peer pressure forces, no matter how difficult.

Landon's role clearly demonstrates the power of forgiveness and how its redemptive qualities can bring about caring unselfish behavior. Landon's in-crowd peers, treating Jamie cruelly at every opportunity (and eventually ostracizing him when he defended her), were eventually forgiven by Landon, and when tragedy struck they were all there to offer their support for him (and ask for forgiveness, each in their own way). And in what may be the film's most touching scene (though there are many), Landon essentially forgives his estranged father for leaving his family for another woman, and thanks him for his considerable support in making it possible for Jamie to return home.

One leaves this movie with a number of messages. The movie teaches to always be open to new experiences and to never "judge a book by its cover." The strongest message, however, is that of being a better more passionate person yourself, and to cherish those around you and the time you have with them. You're left with a sense of true love being so deep and pure that just being with the one you love brings such wonderful joy to your life. You would do anything for that person, even putting your own happiness aside for the sake of theirs. Jamie was able to change an arrogant, self-absorbed teenager into a tender, loving person who was willing to do virtually anything for her – and did!

Don't be surprised if you end up falling in love with both Moore's and West's characters. The enduring innocence, sweetness, evolving chemistry and eventual deep love between the movie's leads is genuine, totally heartfelt and compelling – unequaled in any other movie. In the middle of this film are a series of the most incredibly romantic scenes you will ever see in an American firm. They easily flow from scene to beautiful scene, showing two intelligent, thoughtful and sincere people slowly falling for each other. From Casablanca to Love Story to Titanic, no other on-screen pair conveys such an honestly felt passion for each other.

Despite the considerable sadness surrounding their romance, the movie leaves the audience with optimism for life, love, faith and the ability for everyone to change, the possibility to become a better person -- at any age. I watch it repeatedly with both joy and melancholy. Perhaps Pulitzer Prize winner Roger Ebert (renowned longtime Chicago-Sun Times film/TV critic) said it best when he concluded in his film review, "A Walk to Remember is a small treasure."
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This is NOT another teen movie!
Ben24202524 January 2002
I read this book and it is SO good! It's not like other teen movies - and trust me I know, b/c I've seen them all! You shouldn't judge this movie before knowing what it's really about. Yes I know it's about people from opp. sides of the track and it seems so cliche, but there's so much more than that. And even though I don't like Mandy Moore, she's a great actress. Honestly! Much better than Britney. But anyway, this movie will make you cry and laugh and there is such a great message. It's about first loves and opening up to people, saying goodbye, miracles, growing apart, destiny, and letting yourself become something you never imagined, but it won't end the way you think it will. Besides, Shane West is hot. So why shouldn't you like this movie again? Oh, and go out and read some more of Nicholas Sparks books. They're a must read, trust me!
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A punch in the stone hearts
alnu-930-98228411 September 2012
Intense, with the intensity of the teenager heart.

Emotional, with the purity of the untainted feelings.

I will miss the day I saw it for the first and last time, since I'm not usually watching any great impact movie again for years. 9 years have passed since then , and the image of the two leading characters is still fresh, my heart is still trembling of emotion and sympathy whenever I remember of this title. There are things that help us live and things we have no desire to live without.

This movie helps us remember that it's not all about the life's length, but of its quality as well.
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I cried my eyes out!
kungfu_babe2220 February 2003
Warning: Spoilers
This film potrays the model of true love. Jamie Sullivan is a girl with all her moral values and her faith intact. She loves life and life loves her.Along comes Landon Rollins, a rebel with a cause, who after causing injury to another student is forced to participate in the school play, has to accept that he is paying for his crime. The play brings the two together and they fall in love but Jamie has not told Landon she is dying. We expect Landon to run away but he becomes so deeply in love with her that we see a true love until she dies.
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I am the biggest loser!
l-vu4 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am the biggest loser...

I'm a 21 year old guy who's into movies like Van Wilder, Old School, American Pie, Harold and Kumar etc... Although, I was quite a Mandy Moore fan in my teens (Britney and Christina never caught on), I went to see A Walk to Remember not expecting much (quality acting, plot etc).

It turns out that the movie wasn't so bad and Mandy and co. didn't do such a terrible job that the critics actually said they did. I enjoyed the movie very much (I didn't cry of nothing') but was very sad after the end.

Now I'm not someone who reads a lot of fiction, but after reading The DaVinci Code, I decided to go out and buy A Walk to Remember book (because books always give more detail). This was only a day after watching the movie and I'll tell you what, by chapter 13, I would have already broken down and cried (or got teary and get goosebumps) at least about 9 times. Before that I couldn't really remember the last time I cried. The book was really something special and the author is very talented. I was far more satisfied with the ending in the book that with the one in the movie. In the movie we are told that Jamie passes away. In the book, however, Jamie's fate depends on the readers' interpretation and discretion (Nicholas Sparks also says this on his website). Landon concludes with "...miracles can happen."

And so, my confession...I cried like hell after reading the book and for an adult male to do such a thing is unheard of and makes me a loser. But I don't really care, how could you not cry or be saddened with every page that Jamie grows weaker or every page that Landon feels more helpless? The way that the book is crafted make it so difficult not to get your emotions involved because you learn to love the characters and the fact that the story was told from Landon's point of view.

10 out of 10 stars - Fantastic book and movie
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Definite tear jerker..!!
achraj18 March 2012
I recently watched this movie over again on TV and I realized I didn't have it on DVD. So I rushed to the store and bought it. Here's what Hollywood may not know.

1. Relationships can be that pure and WITHOUT sex 2. Christians can actually be moral and non-hypocritical and follow their beliefs 3. Actors/actresses who weren't known as that before can actually give great performances...even if they were pop stars...

4. A Walk to Remember is a sweet, lovable, romantic story that can tear at your heart strings. I don't ever cry at movies. This one made me reach for tissues!
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The best movie I have ever seen!!!
bjlaytonmd7 February 2003
I am 48 and have seen quite a few movies and this is by far the best movie I have ever seen. I read the book and found the movie to be far better; probably because it was "modernized". Shane West and Mandy Moore did an excellent job. It is refreshing to see that the film industry can still produce such a tasteful and wonderful work. I have encouraged my family to watch this movie and to try and be like Jaime-full of faith, hope and charity and like Langdon-willing to change, willing to learn to love and be committed. It was truly a life-changing movie; even for me at age 48. Thanks.
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a must see movie for all those hopeless romantics
md1515157 July 2002
A Walk To Remember is my favorite movie. i thought it was excellent. the hot shot popular guy and the nobody girl who everyone makes fun of fall in love and shane west and mandy moore do a great job of portraying landon and jamie as in the book, and also do a marvelous job of getting you to fall in love w/ them too. it is a definite feel good movie that makes you smile, laugh, and cry. i read a review on this movie and the bottom line said it was forgettable. well me, being a movie buff and all, could not forget about it. it was said that mandy moore sings "only hope" on stage with only a piano for music and on the soundtrack she's backed by a string orchestra, who cares?! i never agree with movie critics and some say a movie stinks if one little thing is not realistic, that doesnt mean the movie is horrible, i mean it is a movie, not real life, who cares!? this is a must see movie for all those who are hopelessly romantic.
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A Masterpiece
essaypp9 October 2009
I do not usually watch movies of the category Love-Romance, its just because i feel like adding some more boredom to a routine life full of responsibilities. So I used to kind of hate them as if they are real piece of torture until I happened to watch this movie.

After watching this, I realized what I have missed during my whole life till now. A Walk To Remember is a story about a guy who unexpectedly falls in Love with a girl who is going to die during her teenage bcoz of a disease. He realises this fact at the very second he proposes to her.

To talk about this movie, especially abt the character Jamie Salluvian..I can just tell u one liner that I FALL IN LOVE WITH HER. She is the real human being, so calm pious religious helping so tender and what not, she is a kind of girl with whom everybody wants to talk with, wants to spend time with. By the word everybody, I mean to say not just guyz, but all kinds of people. Each and every scene in which if i see Jamie, she made me cry. That was the first time i literally cried while watching a movie.

It has left an undelible impression on me which, i cud not able to get over for 2 or 3 months.

Guyz, I don't know whether u believe it or not, its not at all exaggerating to say that I am completely changed after watching this movie. I really came to know what exactly LOVE means. This movie has taught me the real meaning of LOVE - A love for a life time.

I am spellbound with this movie in every aspect. This has become my most favourite movie for my life time. I bet no other movie can replace it for 100% sure.
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amazing movie
desder011 November 2012
This is one of the few movies that I can't get tired of watching it. It is absolutely amazing. The theme and story is just WOW! I was very happy when I first watched it, and I think I've watched 20 or more times after that. Every time I watch it, I cry like a little baby. Plus Shane West and Mandy Moore play their characters extremely well! I just can't get enough of this movie. The whole begins with a stupid little joke that turns out bad which leaves Clay Gephardt (Matt Lutz) in the hospital, and popular kid Landon Rollins Carter (Shane West) in a whole lot of trouble at school. Landon is then forced to participate in different school activities which included the drama club. While in the drama club, Landon is forced to work with Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan (Mandy Moore) who is a very shy, quiet, and book smart girl at the school. Jamie is the daughter of Rev. Hegbert Sullivan (Peter Coyote); Landon and Jamie have known each other for a while but because of their social statuses at school they have been in different spaces. Landon seeks help from Jamie when he has trouble with his lines and that is when they started to get close. Jamie was resistant in the beginning but slowly started falling for Landon. On the other hand Landon tried to hide his relationship with Jamie from his "popular" friends but later on when his friends disrespected Jamie, he defended her in front of the whole school. As they grew closer to each other, Jamie reveals to Landon that she is suffering from Leukemia and that she had stopped responding to the medication. Landon is upset at first but later on changes his mind, and decided to help Jamie fulfill her wish list (this is when the movie gets so good). After a while Landon and Jamie get married, and they live for a while before she passes away. Landon then goes back to see Jamie's dad, they have a little talk. Landon then leaves and is seen smiling at the sunset. The theme of this movie is love clearly. It is a very romantic movie and also sad. The theme was portrayed in a couple of scenes. The first one was when Landon defended Jamie in front of the whole school, which just showed that his love for her was strong that he was willing to confront his friends for her. The second was when he built her kaleidoscope just so she can fulfill her wish of watching a comet (extremely beautiful). This movie can be compared to the Notebook in my opinion. I personally haven't watched the movie but from what I've heard it seems like they are very similar. Lightning technique in this movie was used very well. Every time Landon and Jamie were having a beautiful moment, the light would be very bright, warm and actually peaceful. However during the rough times it would be a little bit gloomy just to match the mood.
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Wonderful movie!
kenday129 August 2003
My daughter had just seen this movie on video and she brought it over insisting that I watch it because I would love it...and she was right!

Mandy Moore's voice is beautiful! She and Shane West's performances are so real that you almost believe it to be their own true story. It COULD be a true story. You never know what life is going to bring your way!

If you haven't seen this movie, rent the video and see it! I only wish I could have seen it in the movie theater instead of on video at home! A definite 10/10.
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jimmysbabe24 January 2002
I just saw A Walk to Remember at a special premiere yesterday and it is a really good movie. Whoever says it's bad movie, is some sour critic who has bad taste. The book was good and so was the movie too. It has good music, great cast, and more. And there's all these comments on how the "ugly" girl is pretty; just remove the glasses and fix the 'do...well if she was ugly how many people do you think would want to see the movie? It just attracts more people to the movie so don't say it's bad because the main character is good-looking, that has nothing to do with it!
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Deeper and deeper
rance-311 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this movie when it came out, and I remember enjoying it as a nice, romantic "weepie" (a kind of movie I'm not averse too on occasion, although I can't watch the Lifetime network for more than 30 seconds at a time without reaching for the airsickness bag).

Then by accident I caught the last hour of the movie on late-night TV about three months ago, and I noticed that, hmm, there seemed to be a bit more going on than just a nice (very nice), heart-breaking love story. In particular, and in contrast to standard Hollywood fare, redemption and forgiveness were in the air. The most obvious examples involve Jamie and Landon, the two main characters; Landon treats Jamie badly, then redeems himself through his efforts in preparing the school plan, tutoring, and confronting Jamie with his feelings for her at school (and don't forget the pink sweater!). At this point, Jamie forgives him. Likewise, Jamie apologizes for not telling Landon earlier about her illness, and he forgives her. Landon's father eventually redeems himself for leaving his family by paying for Jamie's home-care, and Landon forgives him in a scene that, even after a dozen viewings, still "gets me". Landon's ex-girlfriend redeems herself for the hateful flyers she made of Jamie by apologizing to Landon, who forgives her. Etc. Etc.

As luck would have it, I saw the whole film a few days later (thank you, TBS), and noticed other things: how Landon's parents' love for him was so evident, albeit off the screen; how Landon's friends were more than just the evil popular types; how funny Eric is; and how the teenagers in general, rather than stereotypes, round out into plausible characters that I recognize from my own adolescence.

I was well and truly hooked at that point, bought the DVD, and have watched it, if not obsessively, then at least more often than I can say I've watched any other movie. It is so refreshing to see a movie that deals with big issues soberly, but lightly, in the process leaving me simultaneously sad, uplifted and determined to be better than I am.

I know the film was panned when it was released, and this is a great shame, because this is a film whose pleasures exist at many levels, if you let yourself watch the film itself rather than watch the film stereotype. Roger Ebert, who is about the only movie critic I can take seriously anymore, did "get it", though, and more power to him.
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