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A regular job
MaxBorg899 April 2008
Every season of The Sopranos tends to have one episode where nothing too shocking or audacious happens. Perhaps this is done so that audiences can relax for a second between all the emotionally exhausting events of the series. House Arrest is such an episode.

Following the prospect of being arrested for the Bevilaqua murder (fortunately, the witness chickened out after finding out who he had to do with), Tony is advised by his lawyer to spend more time at one of his legitimate work places, as a precaution, instead of hanging out with his crew at the Bada Bing all day. Because of this, the NJ boss starts sitting behind a desk at Barone Sanitation, which he finds to be quite boring. Equally bored is his uncle, who has to face the negative sides of house arrest when he runs into the widow of an old friend at the hospital and hesitates when it comes to revealing his current status.

Aside from tensions rising more and more between Tony and Richie, nothing of true importance happens in this low-key episode, at least in the gangster area. Dr. Melfi, on the other hand, faces a new, unexpected development as she flips in front of her son at dinner over a smoking guest. Not only does that scene (and Melfi's subsequent therapy session with Elliot) allow Lorraine Bracco to unleash the suppressed rage she mastered so well in Goodfellas, it also implies the relationship between patient and therapist will evolve dangerously over the years to come. Also foreboding, though related to a shorter time-span, is Richie's "alliance" with Junior, a suspenseful plot thread that suggests things will get dirty in the concluding shows of the season. On second thought, maybe this episode isn't that relaxing after all...
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Dealing with tedium
ctomvelu-112 August 2008
A quieter than usual episode, HOUSE ARREST sees Tony spending time behind a desk at his carting company, and he is quickly bored to tears. Junior is under house arrest after some surgery, and quickly becomes frustrated when the not-entirely unattractive widow of an old pal reinserts herself into his life. He struggles with how much he should tell her about his situation. Tony meanwhile pisses and moans to Melfi, to no avail. And she is drinking more than ever, which leads to a dramatic moment in a busy restaurant. Tony attends a carting contractor gala and promptly collapses. after yet another run-in with Richie, who later in the episode makes a sarcastic reference to Junior about Tony's "grand mal" spells. Gandolfini nails the situation when, with nothing to do in his new office, he doodles and then starts picking at a stress-induced rash on his arm. The episode starts out with an amusing bit involving a garbage truck dumping a huge pile of trash in a deli owner's parking lot. Of course, it's not funny to the store owner. A phone conversation between the owner and Richie is not to be missed.
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House Arrest (#2.11)
ComedyFan20109 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
After having all the police attention on him Tony concentrates more on his job that is his shield. And he is very bored sitting at the office. Junior is also not happy with his house arrest, especially as he spends more time with a female he knew for some time. And Tony also has issues with Richie selling cocaine.

A pretty quiet episode that still brought us a few important stories and moments.

First of all, the issue with Richie is something I think will escalate in the final episodes of the season.

Second, as we started this season with Dr. Melfi having her own psychologist, this episode actually showed her having some issues, such as drinking and losing it at a smoking restaurant guest.
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so i shut it off..
Arth_Joshi23 September 2018
The Sopranos

A classic take on the most beloved genre which clearly suggests the crazy love it received from the audience but also left a long lasting impression on critics and awards shows where it took away five justified Golden Globes to its home. The Sopranos is a character driven series about a family that basically runs the whole town, just illegally.

The writing is adaptive, gripping and ground-breaking on terms of its structure that is so eerily easy as it slips away from the audience like some jelly; it is sweet, nutritious and immensely pleasing. It is rich on technical aspects like its metaphorical cinematography, sharp sound effects and up beating songs along with palpable background score. The series is shot beautifully, each and every color sparks up neatly; especially the visuals that are taken in sunny days are amazing.

The performance by the cast is plausible since the effort is clearly visible but Gandolfini, Bracco, Falco and Imperioli stands alone due to their easiness in their acts. Gandolfini; at the heart of it, oozes power and the aegis nature which is what helps makers keep the audience rooting for the character.

The relationship between Gandolfini and Bracco is the highlight of the series due its fragile tone which is soothing to experience as it lights up the series in a whole new way. Pragmatic conversations, three dimensional character, gut-wrenching politics, brawny dialogues and brilliant execution are the high points of the feature that makes it one of the best series.

Season 02

Unlike the first one, the second act is weaved to run for a longer time, it adds up few characters and shakes the old ones and milks out the apt and diverse than the previous one which shows us, the boldness and maturity of the makers to visit such newer territories.

House Arrest

It is surprisingly hilarious and equally smart, it doesn't shuck away its integrity or intensity just so that it lacks enough content to be competent for its runtime, the honesty and uncompromising script is what makes it electrifying.
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