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Sex & Nudity

  • A porn video is played on a big screen. Selinas face is photo opted into the video
  • There are several scenes that imply sex. They are never onscreen except for one instance between Tom and Selina. There are also a few kissing scenes, that are also brief.
  • Tom and Selina have sex, there is some thrusting and moaning and Tom is shown grabbing her breasts. A man accidentally walks in on them. There is no nudity in this scene.
  • Four naked men dance around a woman fully clothed. All of the men's genitals and buttocks are pixelated. This scene is very brief.
  • A man walks into a room completely naked, his genitals and buttocks are pixelated.
  • Amy and her fiancé attempt to have sex. It is implied that he is inside her. He asks her to talk dirty to him but then they stop. He then asks her if he can finish.
  • Under the influence of alcohol a man takes off his pants and shows a police officer his testicles. They are pixelated. All of this shown on a dash camera
  • A main character is married to his step sister.
  • There are frequent graphic sexual references, with references to sexual organs and masturbation.

Violence & Gore

  • Selina walks through a glass door and the glass completely shatters unexpectedly. She had several cuts on her face and her hands. Blood is on her face and hands.
  • A man tries to attack a woman when her daughter intervenes by punching the man in the face.
  • Garry's nose starts to bleed quite a bit in one scene.
  • It is implied that a man shot himself in the foot. We briefly see a clip of it on the news and the man in the hospital.
  • It is implied that a man was killed in an explosion on a boat.
  • A man dies from chicken pox. This is comedic and at the same time fairly dark.


  • Constant and pervasive strong language.
  • There is also a use of the religiously profane expletive 'Jesus F**king Christ'.
  • Throughout the course of 7 seasons, there are 1,235 uses of "fuck" (an average of 19 per episode), 520 uses of "shit" (an average of 8 per episode), 46 uses of "asshole", and 19 uses of "cunt" (though 15 of which are in a single episode). 6 uses of "cocksucker". "Bitch", "dick", "pussy", "cock" and "bastard" are also frequently used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A young woman offers a middle aged man some drugs to help him focus. He is shown taking a few pills.
  • Verbal references to drinking are frequent.
  • Drug use has been referred to but not seen.
  • It is implied that one character is an alcoholic.
  • Smoking is rare, but has occurred.
  • Drinking is shown on occasion

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A few character have heart attacks.
  • There is an overall lighthearted tone to the show. No frightening or intense scenes whatsoever.

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