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It's 4:57 am here and In all the years of my life, this is my first review.Only because I was so amazed by this little piece of art that I just want to write.
jasmann-narang17 October 2019
Let me just begin(or geek out XD) by saying this show is absolutely phenomenal, for someone who can tolerate intense drama or maybe everyone. Even if you don't have a taste for drama and you start watching this show I think you'll love it. All the small moments leading up to the big ones are just timed to well, at the end of the day when I'm tired,instead of watching those sitcoms with the same stories I just watch this show to be amazed, By the warmth of the characters, their acting and of course their timing everything just so damn perfect. It's really amazed me that even after 3 seasons the flashbacks and the story that's going on in the present just make so much more sense. You know in other shows it's usually the finale in which I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and shocked,but "This is US" damn it every episode, I feel so shocked, amazed, and excited at the same time. To be able to maintain this for almost every episode is just fantabulous (*inserts more made up words). The amount of issues this show deals with is also quite vast and honestly surprising at the same time because it's so darn good. If any one of you is reading this review do know I've seen shows from Sherlock,BB,GOT to Stranger things and Sex Education, but this my God, it's just so amazing! The reason I didn't give a 10 is partly because I wanted to give 9.5 and it doesn't allow me to. The only thing that sometimes I wonder about is, the only possible"discomfort" that the critique in me could find in this is that sometimes they do not give us adequate time to deal with the sudden buildup bursting withing seconds, what I mean is, sometimes their buildup is so devastating that when it comes to rest we need a minute to react and the next second the scene has completely changed. All things aside, I'd recommend you to watch the pilot at least and then you'll understand what I mean ;)
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It's like looking at love through a window.
missmayhillary3 September 2018
So, this will be my first official review on IMBD. I believe it's warranted because I have absolutely fallen in love with this show. The writing, the characters, the emotion..everything just feels on par and real. I'm really not much of a TV watcher. This show though, and specifically the relationship between Jack and Kate, reminds me so much of my own relationship and it's just a reminder of how much I love and appreciate the amazing man that I have. This show will make you feel things. I really can't say it any better than that. Leave all of your politics and judgement at the door, and give this a chance.
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Heartvarming series
faisal-1597021 February 2019
Think the World Will be a better place if most People would watch this show.
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Pleasant Surprise
Harun_Karali21 September 2016
I think we can all admit that it's hard to create a show that stands out, As we are at a time where television is at it's pinnacle point. So when I started this show I was expecting a mildly entertaining series. What I got, is, a show that is real. So much so, that it brought tears to my eyes. That should tell you all you need to know about this beautiful tale about life. The story revolves around a few characters that seem to be unrelated. Just like the facts that were stated in the beginning of the show. However they have more in common than you realize. What sets this show apart from most, isn't the ending, But the journey you take in-between. As someone who's seen many new shows this year, both comedy and drama, I can say with absolute certainty, this is the most memorable. Not only because of it's outstanding story telling but because of it's cast, who bring life to the story.
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Give Kate a real storyline
RebeccaKeys8416 October 2019
This is one of my favorite shows, but the writers really do a disservice to Kate's character. We're in season 4 now and every storyline of Kate's -at all ages- is about her weight. We get it: she's overweight and has struggled with it her whole life, but come on. Show her taking classes, show her hobbies, whatever. Give the woman some new content to work with.
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So perfect until Season 5! :'( DON'T RUIN THE SHOW!!
carleybeee29 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This show has had me absolutely engrossed and emotionally invested. I lost my father and my home in a short space of time, too, and there's a lot that I resonate with. The show has addressed issues throughout the first 4 seasons like grief and abusive relationships, however, there is TOO MUCH GOING ON in season 5! We're only 4 episodes in and we're bombarded with COVID, BLM, further issues with race, eating disorders (both Kevin and Madison), anxiety, abortion...etc. These issues ARE IMPORTANT but do not need to be squashed into Season 5, especially so quickly. This has taken away from the entire authenticity of the show - JUST ADDRESS 1 OR 2 ISSUES - we don't need this many triggering topics all at once!!! (plus, nobody wants to be seeing MORE of the pandemic). I really hope the rest of Season 5 is redeemable!
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Best Pilot in ages. (Spoilers)
echozdog21 September 2016

First I am a hard person to fool. The Village. Figured it out. Many others. The Sixth Sense and Fight club got me and that's why I love them. I love to be taken down a path and then realize everything wasn't as it seems.

When the fireman lit the cigarette I realized it was 1980. But I still didn't get that those three would be raised together until the nursery with the knit onesies. I'm good at this stuff and the acting and characters blew me away that I wasn't looking for it.

Best Pilot ever. IMHO.

Then I thought. Well they can't do that every episode because if you are looking for twists you find them. If I was told there was a twist at the end, I would have figured it out (everyone's birthday on the same day, etc). But the fact one was black and the other two were twins threw me. PLUS the fact one was "Ryan Gosling" body and the other was overweight threw me that they were twins. Both played on stereotypes which I Loved they made us look into ourselves a little.

So where does the show go from here? It has a great premise. Dual time lines. You can do a lot with that. Have stories play out with flashbacks to tell a larger story (ala Lost). The casting was nailed with exceptional talent. I was interested in every character. They even nailed it by casting Simon and Simon vet Gerald McRaney. He was the glue that MADE that story line click. He speech on the chair was Emmy worthy. I hope he is a regular cast member and explore his wife's death and the death of his one child.

I'm hooked for at least season one. No need for twists. The dual time lines and great characters is enough for me. They can bounce all around in the 80s when the "triplets" are 4 or 10 or 15. triple time lines or more. Milo and Mandy can be made to look older and cast kids to play the parts at different ages. So much room to explore. I predict a good 4-7 year run.
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Without equal so far this season....
michaelrthomson16 October 2016
All too often one ends up writing a review about a show that is less than amazing, often out of frustration, annoyance or plain old bored at yet another half as*ed attempt to get viewers to tune in with little effort on plot, dialogue or acting.

I'm so pleased to say, this show is the opposite of it all, it is a delight to have found amongst the tedious modern take on entertainment.

The tale is one of life, of seemingly unrelated people who share something in common, well that is the opener, the twist reveals itself blatantly at the end of episode one, and I didn't see it coming, so far episodes 2 and 3 have not delivered quite that surprise, but what they do deliver is excellence in acting, excellence in storytelling, and a compelling narrative and the continued potential for greatness.

The characters are increasingly well developed with main and side stories in abundance, it has so far kept me interested and perhaps most importantly for a show, invested in who these characters are, and the journey they are on.

There is something spine tingly about the show, as others have stated it can be an emotional journey, with moments of humour and moments of laughter and joy.

It is merely 3 episodes in, but I am hoping we continue to explore the stories being told here, that the cast continues to deliver compelling acting and that the script writers take us on a human journey with all the typical highs and lows that involves. I am looking forward to more, much much more.

If you hadn't noticed, I'm impressed by the acting cred of these people, with a couple of exceptions these actors aren't one's I've seen before, but they are doing an awesome job here.

So for a change, i'm so please to commend this show to others, to say it needs to be watched with patience, with curiosity and and open mind and heart.
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Beautiful Series
samhitapothuloori27 September 2016

Beautiful, Simple and heart warming, this show is one emotional roller-coaster. I've been awed, shocked and surprised, crying and smiling to myself. Loving it.

One of the best pilots i've seen in a while, giving me the best quote, "There's no lemon so sour that you can't make something resembling lemonade." it's simply amazing. It's very rare to feel amazed and fall in love with the show just by watching it's pilot, this is one of them. Two episodes down so far and it has given two amazing and shocking ends, and i just can't wait how it will turn out.

Trust me, Go watch it and you will not regret it. :)
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Season 5 is a total derailment and disappointment So far.
breemichaelwarner17 November 2020
My husband and I have been obsessed with this show and binged watched every episode these last few weeks to get caught up for season 5. We've loved everything about the series until now. What a huge disappointment to see it suddenly take a massive left turn with corona virus and race wars overtones as if I'm simply reliving 2020. Which by the way most of us would rather move forward or least have a momentary reprieve from. This show has always been such a beautiful escape from current events or if it did incorporate historical events they did so with neutrality, letting the audience formulate its own opinions. Not this season.

The jump from season 4 to season 5 seems like the series has completely derailed from its originally intended direction and storylines. Problem is the previous season included flash forwards sans Covid that they are now trying to mash together in a rewrite and it shows. "Trying too hard" comes to mind and its obnoxious. Every scene just about becomes focused on social distancing, masks, the 'world on fire' and how the Pearson's apparently are racially ignorant according to Randall.

I thought I had seen somewhere that the series was designed for 6 seasons but honestly if the show keeps going in this direction I have a feeling there won't be an audience for a 6th season. The storytelling is utterly biased in season 5 and the tone has dramatically changed. Makes me wonder if they have new writers or are just more concerned about being socially relevant than staying true to the format.

If Covid restriction made things difficult for filming (ie no additional actors on set then necessary, limited sets or locations, socially distanced actors etc...) I would have rather waited on season 5 until Covid subsides than trying to make a show revolve around the virus. Because again, it's obvious and annoying.

Then when you add in the social commentary on the BLM movement with no balanced perspectives... it becomes the narrative "you're wrong, I'm right" attitude that's clearly biased and one sided. I don't want to give spoilers but there were a number of moments in season 5 so far that show how Randall, his kids and his wife suddenly perceive their white family members as completely ignorant to their struggles based on skin color.

Ironically just last season when he was running for Councilman he was told he couldn't possibly relate or understand the needs of the community he wanted to serve because he lives in an affluent community, had a prestigious education and essentially grew up in a two parent loving and supportive family. But now he tells Kate the very same thing as if he was the oppressed and she was part of the problem. To me that seems like a stretch or at least a commentary by the writers that they are not interested in telling both sides of the story but merely placing blame. There are three sides of a story He said, She Said and somewhere in the middle The Truth.

Sadly this season isn't interested in the truth anymore, they just want to jump on the bandwagon of being socially relevant and that's disappointing,
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Loved the first episode !
eddieo196921 September 2016
I don't write many reviews I'm often tempted but don't get round to it. It might be because most of the time when i'm tempted it's because a series or a films is really really bad, so instead I decided to spend my time tying to find something that's good to watch. Now, I have only watched the first episode and normally I would want to watch a few more before making my mind up but I the case of "This is us" I feel compelled to comment on the pilot episode.

I LOVED IT ! It was wonderfully written, cleverly written, well acted with a good cast. I felt for the main character, they werre interesting and I want to know what happens to them. I was going to go into details about the main characters but I don't wont to spoil anything for you, all I will say is watch the pilot episode I will add that this is not the type of programme I tend to watch "family's struggling in the modern world" the "ups and downs of life" but after one episode I cant recommend this series enough I just hope it continues in the same manner.
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Amazing Drama
enterprisingbeauty2 October 2016
Wow, what a come back for TV Drama. This is a multi layered, moving and totally relate-able show and so so entertaining. I am already so invested and have only watched two episodes. The leading cast are amazing with some of my all time favorites (looking at you Milo) and supporting cast seem more than adequate to keep up. The writers have their finger to pulse of what is really important to people today and throughout all of time... LOVE. It ticks so many boxes for me. I have been waiting for a show that I can safely watch with kids in the room, without soft porn, violence, bad language, and in general inappropriate story lines. This incredible show proves to be not too soppy, funny enough to break tension, loads of character diversity, Mandy Moore, I mean so many more reasons to fall in love with "This Is Us". That is all. Peace out
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Going in the wrong direction
crazybaker-846932 December 2020
I was really into this program and looked forward to watching it every week... Last season was such a downer and sappy that I lost interest. The characters are whiny , politics should stay out of it... it's bad enough to see it everyday on the news ... enough!! Won't be watching anymore
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What happened?!?
abrittz29 October 2020
We used to enjoy this show quite a lot. Both story and character development kept it interesting and it was nice to watch something "clean". Now with season 5, the writers decided to make it political and within the first 10 minutes of season 5 its only virus this and virus that... People watch TV shows to disconnect from reality, not be reminded of the circus that is the world right now. 2 thumbs down, "This is us"
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They ruined a good thing
ToyBoy127 November 2020
I was a faithful follower of this show. I watched every episode every season. This show made you feel, it tugged at your heart, it made you laugh, it made you cry, it made you nostalgic, it left you inspired. Such a good formula and so nice seeing a modern work of fiction mixed with some reality. The characters were relatable, the stories were creative, and it just worked for everyone.

Unfortunately, things started going downhill after season 3. The stories started getting less emotional and relatable. The attention on all the characters started to change and some started getting more screen time than others. In fact, Jack is nearly obsolete in season 4. The attention has pretty much shifted to Randall all the time. The show started to take place in the more modern times and introducing politics that literally no one asked for or wanted.

Finally, we get season 5 and it is a disaster five minutes in. From the pro left leaning politics, everything being all about poor extremely successful and privileged Randall, and being reminded of this nightmare virus and how we must comply with it or we aren't "woken up" as Deja says, the show lost its original formula. The show was practically perfect but it went downhill and has left me and many others disappointed and straight up disgusted. This show has always stressed family, healing, and love. But now even that feels lost as Randall only seems to care about his black family and not the white family that loved him unconditionally growing up. Enough of the racial division, enough of the virus, enough of shoving your left wing politics in my face. You ruined a good show.
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Are they trying to please the angry people on Twitter?
rogerdob17 November 2020
This once absolutely great show has now become a mouthpiece for all the people who cry out that this country is horrible (they usually spend most of their time on Twitter). The rest of us just want to sit back and enjoy a decent drama without being pounded with a biased social message. The show has become a miserable mess!
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How to spoil a good show in 5 mins
camilanoronha4 November 2020
I share the opinion of many people here, in this tragic year ALL we want is to sit and watch something that will take our minds off this reality and not a tv show that lives our reality... NO WAY! This will never cause awareness because we know too well what is happening. I am done with this show, sadly over.
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A little shocked at the direction...
dweil-0957915 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Get ready for some white guilt and racism.

Randall picks his therapist based on the color of his skin and the show CELEBRATES this as if it's not racism.
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Fall 2020 Huge Disappointment
Htisc2 November 2020
I have enjoyed this show since the inception. However, I only made it through about 10 of this fall season. Totally politically motivated! There is so much politics around us, why do television producers have to shove more down our throats. I deleted both episodes and took it out of my DVR queue. I know from friends I'm not alone in doing this. I will miss the show it used to be.
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Season 5 too Political
peanutcarlykilo29 October 2020
I absolutely love this show. I love the characters. I love the storyline. I love everything about it. However- After a long wait for season 5 I'm exactly 9 minutes in and already disappointed. We deal with politics of some sort everyday. Whether it be in our lives, online, the news. It's all around us. COVID-19 as important as it is I don't want to see it or hear about it during tv time. If I did I'd tune in to the news. And 9 minutes in now we're on to a black man death and riots. I sympathize but again why during entertainment time? Tv time should be your sacred place where you can unwind and be entertained and not think about all the injustices of the world. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket. So give us one outlet where everything is ok. Covid and black injustice are two horrible things. But I want a few minutes a day to not think about it. It's not that I don't care or think they aren't important. But this show isn't the news nor is a documentary so if I wanted to be depressed by these things that's what I'd watch.
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nicolevkeren11 November 2020
I loved this show and the way it made me feel as a mother, as a wife, as a friend, as someone's child; however this new narrative is beyond upsetting. The left agenda is no longer being nudged, but forced. I am deeply saddened by the direction they have taken. I am no longer interested in this show.
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WHAT ??? Happened ?
kq9993 November 2020
When I began watching this show way back at Episode 1 I thought it was one of the most brilliant series I have seen in a very long time. It was different, totally new in every way, tons of nostalgia, tugged at the heartstrings, got one's mind off the crazy world...

I was so looking forward to this season. I started to watch and could not believe what I was seeing...I felt like I was watching the news. It was slow and boring, repetitive, too many scenes from old episodes and too much inserted into the episode of what is going on in the world today. Totally different from every other season. Possibly new writers? Bottom is BAD.

Great series usually begin to dwindle at a slow pace and then they just don't come back. BUT they leave one with a good impression...the original feelings one had for the show...for me, that is gone. I have never seen a series take a nosedive so quickly. They should stop now...their only chance of a save is if they make a 100% turnabout in the 2nd episode.
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The story should be renamed to 'This is Randall'
doarsaalimi22 November 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I start? I cannot even put into words how disappointed I am with season 5 starting.

  • I used to love Randall and his story with the adoption, his biological father and all. But enough is enough. It is season 5 now and they are still talking about his biological parents, his mom being alive and stuff and it really loses credibility.

  • The story is supposed to be about the triplet: Randall, Kevin and Kate, but it is really RANDALL, RANDALL, RANDALL since day 1. And I am so fed up with this already, because his stories take 70 % of the show. I want to see more of Kate and of Kevin.

  • Kevin & Madison: What can I say? Although being a hardcore Kevin and Sophie fan, after season 4 ended, I decided to give it a try since I found it somehow thrilling that these two would fall in love, even though they hated each other. But, honestly, I DON'T BUY IT. Like, really ,there is ZERO chemistry between those two. And it doesn't make it any better that they have not had any real intimate scene so far. Dan, if you don't want your wife to kiss Justin, why do you even come up with this idea? Like, really give us Sophie back. Kevin has always been that romantic guy just as Jack is, who should have it all: Wife and kids. But no, the writers messed up this one, because they were probably too busy coming up with the next Randall-centered story.

  • Last, but not least, why would they bring Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter into the show? We are fed up with these topics, we suffer enough from them. All we want when watching a show is to drift off reality and enjoy a TV show which has different problems.

Like Melania Trump would say: "Give me a ... break", for realz.
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So far season 5 sucks
mporter-710782 November 2020
I don't watch TV for political and racial bias. I'm done with the show.
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Innovative and Surprising
drjgardner28 September 2016
This is a very inventive story line so I won't refer to it, except to say that both the first and second episodes have real surprises. Avoid reading any reviews with spoilers. It will dampen your joy as you figure things out.

The acting is excellent and the script is well written. This looks like a comedy but in fact it has some profoundly dramatic moments. I want to single out some of the actors who were terrific – Milo Ventimiglia (played Rocky Jr), Mandy Moore ("Tangled"), Ron Cephas Jones, Sterling K. Brown (Chris Darden in "OJ") and Susan Kelechi Watson ("Louie"). Gerald McRaney does a cameo in Episode 1 which may be some of his best work ever.

The disadvantage of a TV series like this is that it requires the audience to participate and fill in the gaps. Many people will not understand what's happening, so this is the type of series that is best viewed twice, or however long it takes you to get it.
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