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Never Show Your Weakness!
ahmetkozan22 December 2018
I think the British are usually successful in thriller genre. And I've seen that they are really successful with this series. The series made an excellent beginning with the opening scene. I can say that, the first 20 minutes of Bodyguard are arguably one of the best thriller scenes. From that moment onwards, I knew I had to watch all of episodes as quickly. At some moments the tension was so high that I could feel the excitement.

Action scenes were very successful, directors and cinematographer did well. The scenario is not unnecessarily extended, the series has a realistic fiction in general, and you get excited while watching. The action is so good so that you can't talk about some scenes being stagnant because there is a team that reflects emotions very well. What's really impressive about this series are the breathtaking action-packed scenes. It's here where it really deserves. As with most dramas, it skews dark, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for the world it is portraying.

There are two things that make Bodyguard stand out from a lot of the other similar series in this genre and the first is the way it good manages thriller. The first twenty minutes of the first episode is a really good example of this. The second one is acting. The entire cast is giving very good performances, in what are at times really difficult roles. The acting, particularly from Richard Madden, is outstanding. Best known for his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones (2011), Richard Madden has an incredibly difficult job of playing someone whose world is starting to fall apart. 8/10
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Absolutely gripping!
nemo-0615924 September 2018
This show was a roller coaster from the beginning till the end. Great characters, superb acting, and most of all, the storyline was awesome, with twists and turns that you wouldn't expect. Best show I've seen in years! Really hoping for a season two.
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Good show ruined by really bad last episode
tablemountain191223 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Very disappointing ending which ruined the whole show for me. The last episode was disappointing for these reasons: How does Budd manage to run away from the crack police services after he disarms the bomb? Why does everyone suddenly have the need to confess and give up the conspiracy? Why does the crime kingpin not disappear after he sees Budd prancing around with a suicide vest all day - surely he must've reckoned that Budd would tell the police of his involvement. How did Budd get into the ex assistant's flat and how does her crime kingpin boyfriend not notice that he's being followed by her car? Why does the crime kingpin go to his police source's home to confront her at the front of her house? Why did Nadia reveal all at the end - she would've probably been released if she would've kept stumm but she brags about being a jihadi engineer who saw an opportunity with Budd when he talked her down from blowing up the train. Somehow she deduced that he could be used to create greater havoc (like killing the home secretary) even though she had no influence over his assignment or anything else. Aaargh!
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Extremely good show
Herbalicious_69016 December 2018
Strong acting, well written dialogue, strong acting and direction. The show is strong enough to be either binge watched and hold your interest throughout, or to watch in a series of mini-binges (e.g. two at a time instead of a movie). I am not sure I could leave it a full week between episodes, each episode had me wanting more. The length of the series is short but perfect, not overly drawn out, nor rushed towards the finish line. The cast is well chosen, and they do way more than just deliver their lines, a result that draws you in and keeps you guessing. The directions and mis-directions to keep you guessing do not under-estimate the intelligence of the audience, nor try to spell out every detail so it does require some attention, but is all the better because of this. A very very strong show, and I really hope they can bring a second series to air with a different bent to it, but a second series would be a really big challenge to top or equal this first. I highly recommend this as a must-watch.
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Brilliantly tense, exciting and entertaining - best from the BBC in a while
The best from the BBC in a while, Bodyguard leaves you with no fingernails after 20 minutes of the first episode, and you'll be craving the next episode as soon as the one you're watching ends.

The tension is far more believeable as this drama is circulated around the times of today with terror attacks imminent and frequent on the streets of the UK, as most of us can remember seeing a situation like this unfold on the news in recent years.

Every shot leaves you wondering just what is going on inside of the characters heads, and stomach churning moments of realisation during the storyline give you a feeling like no other. One or two characters are played slightly weakly and don't help the story on its way but the main leads are fantastic.

Yes it is the route that most crime/police dramas go down but for entertainment purposes this is the best show to grace our screens in a while, definitely worth the watch.
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I now have an ulcer.
philneil27 August 2018
Fantastic opening episode. I can't believe some have rated this lower than a 5. My stomach was in knots, especially for the first 20 minutes. The best way I can describe it is that it has the holding one's breath suspense of 'The Night Manager' mixed with an uneasy, on-edge feel of 'Spooks'.

I can't wait to see the next episode.
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A glorious ship slowly sinking through the season
ChrisIhao26 October 2018
I loved the first few episodes. Then everything suddenly started falling apart a few episodes in. So many ridiculous «magical solutions» and purely illogical and nonsensical things start happening, and the cliches are so thick that you can use them as pillows. Episode 5 is bad, but compared to the «grand finale» its nothing. I basically cringed more than a dozen times during those 75 minutes or so.

Suffice to say. Extremely disappointed in this show. The only reason I'm giving it a 5/10 is because... well, half the series was good. Would probably have been a 8 or 9 if it kept the feel and the flow throughout the season.

Lastly, I dont get why people review a series after one or two episodes, especially when its only six episodes in total. I can bet my life a lot of those 10/10 grades wouldnt stand if the reviewers saw the whole series before writing. Anyhow, I for one hope there wont be a second series. Nothing more to see here.
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Best BBC drama for years!
angelaedmonds-896363 September 2018
Yes some might say it reeks of propaganda but suspend all political views and just enjoy a damn good gritty drama! Keely Hawes is a class act always and does not disappoint but top marks to her 'Bodyguard'. Thoroughly enjoyed - well done to the BBC. Now what was in that briefcase...
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Started well, and ended poorly!
a-b-c-x-y-z18 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I watched all six episodes in one day, hoping that it would make the plot easier to follow, as opposed to waiting a week between each instalment. I was wrong. The first three episodes were thoroughly enjoyable to watch. There were some great moments, such as the totally out-of-the-blue shooting from the office block. Sadly, after Julia had finally been killed, the quality dipped and the plot became convoluted. First it was the Government who killed her, then the Secret Service, then some crime ring, then the Secret Service, and so on... I finished the series not really sure which parts of the murder the Government, Secret Service, and gang each contributed to. The last episode was really quite boring, and I found myself checking how long was left a couple of times. The final confession of the Jihadi woman was hard to understand. Why couldn't she go ahead with the train bombing, but was more than happy to blow up a school?

6/10 - And it would've been lower had I not enjoyed the first three episodes.
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Grips you in the beginning, then it lets you down.
victordamian-4944323 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Julia Montague was a key character, that brought an exciting dynamic to the plot, for her to die in the middle of the season was disappointing, the story drags and Madden can't keep the series by himself.
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Disappointing ending
chitza9 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In the last minutes of the last episode everyone confesses for no reason at all.

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Knocked a star off for the dumb ending
auzzymoose25 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Excellent, tense and certainly gripping right from the start. Well acted and with a feel of realism that is maintained well, right until the final episode in which things get silly. Budd manages to escape the suicide belt scene with absolutely no issue, despite apparently being surrounded by thousands of police. He then makes his way straight to the corrupt police commander's home (again with no issue, despite being Britain's most-wanted) and catches her red-handed with the organised crime boss in which she subsequently admits everything, and he goes on to live happily ever after with his wife. It's really, really silly and poorly written. Something which is unfortunately becoming a theme with BBC spy dramas which start of great and descend into stupidity (London Spy).
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A few gripping scenes try to mask an improbable, long-winded drama
Carter_Darkly3 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This series started promisingly with the always interesting Keeley Hawes convincing as Julia Montague, a rather patronising Conservative Home Secretary. who is pushing a controversial new counter-terrorism bill through parliament.

Richard Madden as her Bodyguard Budd does ok considering he has to contend with a character who in turns is conscientious, lucid, smart, naive, stupid and downright creepy. His more negative character traits are superficially dismissed as 'problems', originating from trauma suffered in active service

In the latter episodes, one can forgive much of the cast when they struggle to convince, because their main function is simply to pass on information to the audience and explain what is going on. Episode 5 was particularly frustrating in this regard, giving the viewer a headache with an hour of almost endless exposition. Nor is there anything inventive or humorous in the dialogue or the performances, making it something of a trial to sit through. However the script cannot be blamed for Nina Toussaint-White's terrible miscasting as someone we are supposed to believe was an experienced detective. The director should have demanded more from her than a constant, pained expression. She brings nothing else to the role at all.

How different to the promising first episode, where silences, measured pauses and slow build-ups created a tension-filled atmosphere with ease. The show started to slip when Montague and Budd's relationship took a ludicrously unbelievable turn, and one which was quite unnecessary for the overall story. It would have been so much more powerful to leave their relationship professional with nothing more than hints at an ever-growing friendship and mutual respect, but no, the writers couldn't resist going over the edge and it was all downhill from there.

The setting is unrecognisable as modern-day London with snipers, political assassinations and attacks on schools; it feels more like a war zone, but the dull and cliched news reports - which were put there presumably to give the series some authenticity, actually have the reverse effect, treating these catastrophic events like business-as-usual.

The final episode was the most ridiculous, which managed both to be highly far-fetched and nonsensical.

Although there were 3 or 4 scenes in this series that were amongst the most gripping I have seen on TV, they cannot make up for the amount of time where little is happening beyond tired descriptions of an increasingly implausible plot.
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Absolutely gripping
rikmayall-535244 September 2018
Got my attention from the off. So tense and brilliantly acted. It's good to see Richard Madden playing such a multi-faceted character. Does it to perfection. Loving the plot, trying to work out where all the true allegiances lie. Really good cast and story line. Can't wait for the next episode. Hoping already there will be another season. Love it.
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Here's my list of 15 massive plot holes in the series and why I rated it a 3 and thought it utter nonsense.
markfranh5 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The plot of the Bodyguard is like the finest Swiss cheese: full of countless holes. I tried to count, but gave up at 15.

(As the point of this post is entirely a list of spoilers, consider yourselves warned before you read on.)

Here's my very incomplete list and why I rate this series so poorly.

1. The open scenes are full of suspense but in hindsight (as so many of my criticisms will be) nonsensical. To begin with: Who called in the 'terrorist threat' to London transport? I assumed that rather important point would be pursued and be an important link in the solution it was so silly but it was just one of those threads that made no sense. I know it is a standard plot device but it remains a weak one. How did somebody come to spot a suicide bomber getting onto the train? No explanation is ever given. (And even then, it was the wrong person - i.e. Nadia's husband, not Nadia!) 2. Those who reached the end of the series (we came close to giving up) know that Nadia ends up revealing herself as the master bombmaker and (apparently) the mastermind behind the series of bomb attacks in London. Huge point this one: master bomb makers generally don't blow themselves up. They are way too valuable to the organization to be allowed by their colleagues to blow themselves up in a suicide attack. They could make dozens and dozens more bombs killing hundreds if not thousands of people if they keep themselves alive but will only kill a handful of people if they volunteer for a suicide mission on a train. Terrorists get the 'foot soldiers' to sacrifice themselves, not the bombmakers. And, in any case, she certainly wouldn't have tried to suicide attack while her work was unfinished - i.e. the later bomb attack on Julia. 3. Why would Nadia even be wearing a suicide vest? At the time, it is meant to appear that Nadia is an unwilling 'volunteer' to the terrorist cause. However, in hindsight we know that she is very willing and wants to make the attack. But a suicide vest in this situation makes no sense at all once we know (in hindsight) that Nadia is the mastermind. More likely would have been a fully concealed bomb inside a piece of luggage which could NOT have been accidentally spotted and could then have been triggered by the pressing of a discrete button. There are situations for suicide vests but this clearly was not one of them. If you are walking into a police station or an embassy or government building where a large piece of hand luggage would be viewed with suspicion, then a vest is probably the way to go. But on a train where luggage and bags are routine? That's definitely NOT how to do it if you are a willing bomber. Think it through viewers. It made no sense in hindsight other than to try and mislead viewers from the stop with a bogus scene. 4. Worse, why suicide at all? It was totally pointless. Nadia is an engineer who is a genius and who put together a series of complicated devices including one that was triggered by a clever pressure switch. Don't you think just maybe she could have built one that could have been triggered remotely or with a timer? Get on a train at Heathrow with some luggage just as hundreds of others are doing at the same time. Place the luggage in the luggage area. 5 minutes later, disappear to the toilet, leaving the luggage behind. 5 minutes after that, get off at the next station. 5 minutes later, boom. No need for a suicide mission at all. It was an unbelievable bit of the plot and yet critical to completely and unfairly mislead viewers. 5. Why does Nadia even confess at the end? All they really hit her with is that she knew about where David's kids went to school. It would have been dead easy to talk her way out of that one but instead, after putting on her innocent wife for several weeks at every interrogation, she decides to suddenly confess everything. Why? It made no sense. 6. Yes, they go on to mention that her DNA had been found inside the final bomb control. WHAT? Her DNA? What did she do? Spit into it? Lick it? Pull out one of her hairs by the root and leave it inside the bomb control? Cut herself when making the bomb and drip blood into the device? Ridiculous. Just handling it might have left fingerprints but not DNA. There is no DNA in perspiration if that's what they were implying. It was a stupid suggestion. 7. Finally and in any case, why did Nadia back down in that opening scene and not detonate the bomb if she really was intent on being a suicide bomber. She gave a very convincing performance in the opening 10 minutes as the poor innocent wife. But if she intended, initially, to blow up the train, then why didn't she do so when David confronted her and she was surrounded by passengers in the first few minutes? Again, it made no sense. 8. Nadia claims to have passed messages from inside prison to the outside co-conspirators on how to plant the Julia bomb. This seems a very remote possibility at best. Not impossible; just very implausible given the high alert situation in London. Maybe I'm being picky on that one, but it seems very contrived and borderline unbelievable that she would have been in a position to pass messages. 9. Why drive a truck loaded with explosives at the school as a suicide mission? Again, it was hardly necessary to have a suicide mission. It would have been far simpler to simply park the truck in front of the school gates overnight, stand a few hundred meters away, and when you have a crowd of kids (including David's) enter the school in the morning push the remote button to detonate the bomb. Again, there is a time and place for a suicide truck (like driving a loaded truck at the US embassy as happened in Beirut decades ago) but not in a school situation when it is NOT an obvious target unlike an embassy or police station where a truck parked outside would have been a huge issue. You don't waste good terrorists in a suicide bombing when it isn't necessary. 10. The blood on David's face throughout the final episode. How ridiculous was that? David is claiming loudly that he did not put on the vest himself but nobody believes him. And yet nobody in the police confronting David ever says "hey, maybe he's telling the truth if he's been beat up like that as he obviously didn't do that to himself." Nobody even once mentions the blood he is covered in during the entire, what, 30 minutes he is walking around London. Not once. Not credible. Not in the least bit believable. 11. In episode 4, suspicion falls on one of Julia's aides after the planting the bomb at the school where Julia was giving the speech. "Why wasn't he vetted," asks one of the police or security people. "Of course, he was vetted" is the reply, "anybody working for the Home Secretary" is thoroughly vetted ,or words to that effect. But then we have the fired aide, Chanel, who is openly seen in the company of someone who is known to be a leading figure in the London crime world, Luke, and who obviously had been in a relationship with him for ages. Yet somehow that was missed in the vetting process for Chanel??? Maybe if the relationship was hidden but she was hardly trying to hide it with him picking her up at work and she was frequenting his club. Again, just not believable that a proper vetting wouldn't have spotted this. 12. We see David carefully hiding his gun behind a wood panel in his home and spending rather a lot of time sealing the panel and disguising it carefully so that it can't be found if his home is searched. Later, a police search of his home discovers the panel but the gun isn't there. Why? We find later that David opted to move it. Why did he move it after all the careful disguising of the hiding place? No explanation is given. And where does he move it to? To a location in his home that any thorough search of his home would have detected (behind an easily accessed ceiling light that only needed to be pushed lightly to reveal it wasn't attached) and which would have been a far more obvious hiding place than the panel. Again, silly. 13. David returns to Julia's flat and it takes him all of two minutes to figure out where she has hidden the missing device. In a location that (again) the previous police search of the flat would have unquestionably checked. Behind a photo? Come on! How do you not check that??? 14. In a closing scene, David confronts Chanel in her flat. I missed a word or two but the next thing we have is David driving with Chanel to David's boss's house??? Why has she directed him there? It makes no sense unless I completely misunderstood what was going on. Anyway, that's were they go and there he has the extraordinary luck to arrive at the very moment the crime lord is confronting the corrupt police chief in her driveway about her lack of controlling the situation. Amazing luck isn't it? He arrives at the exact second that Luke decides to openly contact the corrupt boss. Just amazing. Or was it just awful sloppy lazy writing. 15. Why was David's clip replaced with blanks? The reason given at the end was something to do with the bad guys wanting him to be used as a patsy. Right. So they knew he would try to kill himself and thought it best to keep him alive by replacing his bullets with blanks so he didn't? How unrealistic is that? One: he could still have chosen to kill himself a different way. Two: wouldn't it have been better to actually have him kill himself and then leave evidence in his flat (like a typed confession?) that he was indeed in cahoots with the killers? Far better than letting him live and run around for 3 episodes trying to find the killers don't you think?

Anyway. I've had enough of going back over this series trying to remember all this nonsense. It's a shame many viewers didn't reflect a bit more on what they had seen before giving the series a 10 and praising it so highly. Was it well made? Sure. Was the lead actor excellent. Yeah, I'll give you that one. But was the writing of the plot in the least bit decent? Er. Not in a million years.
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Strong start...awful finish
reaver80808-552-799929 January 2019
The series opens very strong. Great characters, tough subject matter, intrigue and affairs. What could go wrong....

Everything apparently!

From the mid point of the series, it all falls to pieces. The plot holes are so enormous the entire cast falls into them, never to be seen again.

I won't go into spoilers, for those who haven't yet given it a go, but to be honest, if you like a solid thriller, you won't like this. It's just silly towards the end.

The acting is solid by the leads, but the supporting acts are a little weak at times, mostly due to some lazy, cliched dialogue. The effects and action are all handled well. It was so close to great at the start.

It's just those plot holes!!!! Possibly the worst I have ever seen in a series or movie, or book even! It totally ruins what could have been a real winner.

How this ever got above 8/10, I will never understand.
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The third episode was a mistake IMO
freddygomerres4 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I dunno, I think it's rather lost its way without Julia - clearly she was the glue holding the drama together, and she was very definitely the sparkle. I haven't a clue what's going on and I'm not entirely sure I care - for Madden character only.
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Started promising, went down the drain
shaunvanhaelewijn10 November 2018
I really enjoyed the first three episodes. The quality was incredible, and the feeling was growing on me, that this could become one of those rare gems, that are hard to find these days. Episode 4 was the tipping point for me. It's as if the writers didn't know what to do with the story they created. So they let the lead character, who first was such a rational person, make irrational decisions. Episode 5 was even worse. The final episode I couldn't stop sighing and rolling my eyes. I couldn't hardly finish the episode because of all the stupid stuff they came up with. Because of the nature of the series I was expecting something that made sense. It gets a 3/10 just because the first three episodes were strong and really good story telling and acting. The other episodes were pure garbage, in my opinion. Such a shame, this had some real potential.
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Wide of the mark
BadBoyClub24 September 2018
Having been a fan of Line Of Duty & also a fan of Keely Hawes I was the ideal audience for this drama. Unfortunately it was extremely wide of the mark.

I'm happy to suspend a certain amount of belief in the name of entertainment but the colossal plot holes were too big to overlook.

The dialogue was particularly cringeworthy & I found myself embarrassed at watching it at certain parts. The most tedious aspect was the writer assuming that the audience would not be able to follow what was going on & the need to bang you over the head with what was happening & telegraph it ahead of time as you would with a drama written & performed for children.

The quality of acting was chronically poor with the performance of Nina Toussaint-White standing out most profoundly

It was impossible to invest any empathy in any of the characters which led to you not caring about them.

To top it off the final episode was a dull & drawn out set piece with zero drama & a ludicrous narrative ending in complete confusion as to 'whodunnit' & no will at all to attempt to figure it out.

I even rated "Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?!" one star higher than this amateur tosh
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Not so gripping ...
wentworthstreet26 September 2018
I really wanted to like Bodyguard. Like many, I am a huge fan of Line of Duty and so tuned in expectantly to watch Jed Mecurio's latest creation.

I know that many viewers found Bodyguard exhilarating, unfortunately I was not one of them. I found the whole conspiracy plot completely unrealistic and totally preposterous. In addition, there was zero sexual tension between Budd and Montague. The sex scenes were laughably awful and went on waaay to long! All in all, it was impossible to care about any of the characters.

For me, Richard Madden proved to be an uncharismatic leading man. I would have loved Jack O'Connell (so brilliant as Gary Hook in '71) take the role of David Budd. He would have given a truly electrifying performance opposite Keeley Hawes.

I am really surprised that the convoluted plot of Bodygard came from the same mind that gave us the truly gripping Line of Duty.

Roll on 2019 and the return of AC-12 with Super Ted, Steve and Kate. By then Bodyguard will hopefully be a distant memory.
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Akkaryn10667 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Lost me in the first 20 minutes, sheer nonsense. The idea that that they wanted to shoot the surrendering terrorist was laughable, especially when an officer dealing with the situation is telling them to stand down. Garbage!
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atmydesk-1544928 August 2018
Great characters, interesting plot that will probably get deeper and darker, well made/filmed/directed and altogether a real treat from the Beeb, it probably won't be enjoyed by the soap opera brigade as can be witnessed by some of the negative reviews ('The audience know what to expect and that's all they're prepared to believe in'). Recommended.
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Why so many female are spec ops
slavenkrizic3 October 2018
Thoght this was drama show instead we got scifi. In episode 1 Swat leader going first with the kevlar shield and its a women with full makeup ..... also a sniper women and a bomb defuser/ negotiator a women. Wtf happend in minds of people filming this. Dont they know that maybe someone who do this for loving will watch bad. Such a waiste od time
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Goes sour after Keely Hawes leaves
fuljah27 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I think that after the 3 episodes Keely Hawes left the series.. And later they had to change the script.. It is really awful.. Especially the last episode is unbelievable, nerving and stupid.. It is a waste of time..
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Mercurio is the best there is...
morganpedwards-1542027 August 2018
Excellent episodes 1&2. The pacing is masterly. The action is gripping. The surprises are, er, surprising. The performances are all outstanding. Even better than Line of Duty 3. And that's saying something.
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