Strictly Come Dancing: week nine – as it happened

The dancers were in Blackpool this week – so who rocked the Tower Ballroom, and who took the first bus home?

8.01pm GMT

Jonnie and Oti take a final turn around the dancefloor to “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”. Bit dusty in here.

On that sad note, this year’s Blackpool Special is over! Service will resume as normal next week, with only seven dancers left fighting for the four places in the Grand Final on 16th December. Kick off is at 6.50pm, so join me then for another sparkle-filled Saturday night. Thanks for joining in, and have a great week! Hx

7.58pm GMT

All the judges vote for Debbie and Giovanni, which means Jonnie And Oti are leaving the Strictly dancefloor.

He thanks the judges for judging him as an equal, and hopes the next person with a disability who performs on Strictly can tuck their bum under better than him.
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Strictly Come Dancing: week one – as it happened

At last! This year’s ballroom stars took to the floor for the first time, and we followed every step of their dazzling danceathon

8.41pm BST

So that’s It for the first Strictly live show! Thank you all for joining in, it’s lovely to be back. I’m dashing off to Paddington to get my train home, so will read all your comments on the way back (Gwr Wifi permitting). In the meantime you can find me on Twitter @heidistephens, so do come and say hello and share your tip for this year’s glitterball winner. See you next Saturday! Hx

8.38pm BST

Time for a quick reminder - how good was that for an opening show? I have a good feeling about this year, which is just as well as we’re here until Christmas either way.

8.37pm BST

Scores: 7,8,8,8 - a total of 31 for Aston and
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Strictly Come Dancing 2017: the launch night – as it happened

Glitter gang, unite! Strictly is back and there’s a whole new batch of ballroom stars waiting to be paired with their partners. You joined us for every sparkling second

8.41pm BST

So that was the first instalment. There might not have been any big stars, but there was charm, glitter and great moves by the bucketful. Thanks very much for joining me. Here’s a final thought from sojomo.

I had forgotten how long it goes on.

Legs crossed time.

Must remember for the coming weeks: really shouldn't have so much to drink.

8.36pm BST

So judging by the group dance to Kenny Loggins’s Footloose, Chizzy is a useful mover, Debbie McGee can dance, Charlotte Hawkins has all the animation of a fossil and the hip-thrusting Rev is this year’s Ed Balls.

8.34pm BST

So that’s it, everyone’s paired off and Strictly 2017 can commence. Bruno
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Alexandra Burke, Mollie King and Debbie McGee join Strictly Come Dancing

Jonnie Peacock, Susan Calman and Ruth Langsford also among contestants taking part in new series of BBC’s hit show

A reverend, a former magician’s assistant, a talent contest star, a soap actor and a chef. They may sound like the subjects of a long-winded joke, but these are just some of the contestants who will be featuring in the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The lineup, which seems more eclectic than ever, will pit figures such as Debbie McGee, the widow and former assistant of magician Paul Daniels, against former Saturdays singer Mollie King, broadcaster the Rev Richard Coles and X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

Related: It takes two to tango: ‘How I found love on the dancefloor’

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Celebrity Carry On Barging review – these stars could use a touch more sauce

Watching Nigel Havers and chums take a boat trip through the countryside was perfectly pleasant – even if the show never delivered on its bawdy title

I don’t understand what the Carry On element of Celebrity Carry On Barging (Channel 5) is. Debbie McGee may have a hint of Barbara Windsor about her, and she does mention that her late husband never wore PJs in bed. But her bra doesn’t fly off on the canalside, and Nigel Havers doesn’t do a Kenneth Williams impression, flare his nostrils and give us an “Oooh I say” as the barge slides into a tunnel.

No, it’s just four celebs (the above, plus Lorraine Chase and Simon Callow) on a canal boat for a few days. It’s not unlike the shows Prunella Scales and Timothy West did, or John Sergeant. Celebrity barging – it’s a TV thing now.

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Caroline Aherne obituary

Award-winning writer and actor best known for The Mrs Merton Show and The Royle Family

Caroline Aherne, who has died aged 52 of cancer, was responsible for some of the most distinctive and memorable comedy creations of the 1990s. From Mrs Merton to The Royle Family, her characters were waspish but warmly observed, and gave audiences an all-too-rare taste of comedy that reflected their relationship with television and love-hate feelings about celebrity. She was one of the few members of the British comedy pantheon not to be male, metropolitan and privileged, and her work often drew on her background.

Aherne made her name with The Mrs Merton Show, a chatshow featuring the eponymous horn-rimmed, chintzy-sleeved northern housewife who fired faux-naive questions at her hapless celebrity guests: “What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?” she once asked his wife, Debbie McGee.

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Eamonn Holmes set for Strictly Come Dancing

Paul Daniels has been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. The great British entertainer and magician, aged 77, has been given the sad news by doctors that he has terminal cancer of the brain, his family has announced. His wife and stage assistant Debbie McGee has taken to Twitter today (20.02.16) and posted the words ''with sadness'', beside a link to a statement on the home page of Paul's website. The statement reads: ''We can confirm that one of our greatest magicians and entertainers of all times, Paul Daniels, has sadly been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour. ''On behalf of Paul, Debbie and their families, we thank you for
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Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, fantasy and childishness

The BBC’s Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell isn't a silly, childish, Harry Potter rip-off. So why do people keep saying it is?

As described in a 1974 essay by author Ursula K. Le Guin, Americans are afraid of it, the French haven’t had it for centuries, Germans have a good deal of it, and the English “have it, and love it, and do it better than anyone else”.

That thing? A literary tradition of adult fantasy. Our national bookshelf (with thanks to Ireland, Scotland and Wales for the lend of Swift, Stoker, Lewis, Stevenson and more) is packed with the stuff, from epics to folklore, the Gothic and the satirists to the Romantics, Victorian moralists and Edwardian golden agers, to Tolkien and the twentieth-century conjurers, all the way up to today’s imaginative tale-spinners.

Such an august library should speak for itself. With all that precedence, you’d think the
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Love rats, Lycra & Les Dennis: 13 of the best Celebrity Big Brother stars

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee in the hot tub with Gary Busey; Helen Flanagan weeping relentlessly in the Diary Room; and David McIntosh parading around in Those short shorts.... the possibilities for this series of Celebrity Big Brother are endless.

So, as we eagerly await for the mystery(ish) celebrity guests to enter the famous house in Elstree, we've decided to reminisce with our favourite ever star contestants below:

1. Jackie Stallone

"Yeah, Jackie," were the only two words uttered from the side of Jackie's heavily siliconed mouth as she entered the house, draped in fur and dripping in jewels. Her entrance soon became one of the most memorable moments from the entire series.

It was part-Jackie's presence, part-Jackie's face that really shocked Brigitte Nielsen back on the show in 2005 when her former mother-in-law entered the house on day five.

Fellow housemates had to refer to Jackie as the Queen Mother,
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Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee on CBB? Classic pictures in anticipation

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee are rumoured to be entering the Celebrity Big Brother house next week, and we are more than excited at the prospect.

The 75-year-old magician and his 55-year-old wife and former assistant - who have been married for 26 years - are reportedly in last minute talks with Channel 5 producers to take part in the summer series on August 18.

Let us not forget that the couple are no strangers to reality TV - having previously appeared on ITV's The X Factor: Battle of the Stars, Channel 5's The Farm and Wife Swap on Channel 4.

Daniels also competed on BBC One's Strictly Come Dancing in 2010.

They could join fellow rumoured housemates including Helen Flanagan, Gary Busey, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Goodger.

So, as we anticipate the possibility of Paul and Debbie in the house, we thought we'd celebrate with a selection of classic pictures of the
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Is breakfast TV the perfect training ground for politicians?

The news that Selina Scott is thinking of standing for the Conservatives adds yet another name to the growing list

It is a question to rival Mrs Merton's famous inquiry of Debbie McGee: "What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?" What do political parties see in the telegenic, media-savvy, warmth-and-empathy-laden presenters of populist breakfast television shows with their huge, loyal followings among people who have neither the time nor the inclination to engage with politics, or vote for anything other than a face they recognise and associate with good times and somehow the uber-trustworthy face of Everyman's Everyman Phillip Schofield?

Esther McVey, the minister for employment promoted to full member of the Cabinet in the recent reshuffle, is only the latest to have completed the journey from the morning sofa to the corridors of power. In the 1990s, she was a presenter of ITV's GMTV by day
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Strictly Come Dancing new contestant revealed: Vanessa Feltz

'Inordinately excited' DJ and TV presenter reveals she is to star in next series of BBC1 show beginning on 7 September

Vanessa Feltz has been unveiled as the first contestant for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The DJ and TV presenter revealed that she is to star in the BBC1 show, which starts on Saturday 7 September, on the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

"I've got sequins on my lingerie and I intend to wear nothing else until I get turfed out," she said, speaking with Zoe Ball, who also hosts Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two. "I'm inordinately excited."

When asked which professional dancer she wanted to be partnered with, The 51-year old said: "I'd like someone patient. Someone virile, oozing testosterone, but patient. I don't want anyone who shouts at me or gets cross. That would be just terrible."

Feltz has previously appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, as well as Celebrity Fit Club.
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Dynamo, The Apprentice, Howzat! Kerry Packer's War: This week's TV

BBC One and ITV have attempted to bring magic back to primetime on a number of occasions in recent years, but without fail it's always bombed. Why they haven't got their chequebooks out for Dynamo and snaffled him away from UKTV remains almost as big a mystery as some of the Bradford lad's tricks.

The third series of his Magician Impossible show launched this week and if I could only watch one show again from the last seven days, I'd make it this.

One of the biggest problems with magic tricks is that they are all variations on a similar theme. Dynamo's repertoire is no different and the majority of his skits in this opening episode can probably all be explained with a similar methodology.

But it's his down-to-earth Yorkshire charm and the swanky production that means I don't care if he's basically pulling off the same trick with
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Now You See Me Review

Director: Louis Leterrier.

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman.

Certificate: 12A.

Running Time: 115 minutes.

Synopsis: An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.

Whether you’ve grown up in a generation fascinated with the exploits of Harry Houdini, Paul Daniels (not a lot) or the genius mind-manipulator Derren Brown, magic and the art of illusion still astounds despite the efforts of rebellious individuals breaking the magicians’ code. Louis Leterrier, the French filmmaker behind the likes of effects-heavy Clash Of The Titans remake and The Incredible Hulk, is an obvious fan of such things and his latest venture in Hollywood is easily his finest film to date.

Like the plot itself, Leterrier attempts sleight of hand in bringing together four uniquely skilled,
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TV BAFTAs 2013 preview: The shows and stars that should win on Sunday

The TV BAFTAs are back this Sunday (May 12) and we're jolly excited. The BAFTAs are the closest that Britain has to its own Emmys, allowing our TV talent to put on their best suits and glad rags and slap each other on the back for a couple of hours.

Graham Norton blends a sharp wit with professionalism as the host, the nominations shortlist pulls off the tricky balance of populist choices with critics' favourites and, most importantly of all, Ant & Dec don't win every single year.

The TV BAFTAs may not always get it right (Towie? Really!), but they take TV seriously and even if they are occasionally a bit stuffy or they get it wrong with a winner, it still gives us a chance to all have a right good row ("So and so was robbed!" "How did that win?!") while sat on our sofas at home.

Who should
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The Incredible New Still From Burt Wonderstone

Here are two magical stills from The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, the new comedy starring Steve Carrell, Jim Carrey, Steve Buscemi and Olivia Wilde.

If there’s a better promotional image for a movie this year, we’ve yet to see it. Carrell and Buscemi star Wonerstone and Anton Lovecraft, a successful Las Vegas magic act who secretly despise each other. As their partnership gets even more strained, an edgy new magician named Steve Gray (Carrey) threatens their place at the top.

It’s a fun premise with a superb cast which also includes James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) and our hopes are high. However, lets not forget Mitchell and Webb’s The Magicians (2007) which had a pretty similar plot, a great cast and even had the writers of the brilliant Peep Show behind it, and turned out to be as popular as a Paul Daniels/Debbie McGee sex tape. But with Potter long gone,
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Paul Daniels poses as topless David Beckham - picture

Paul Daniels has posed as a topless David Beckham for a new photoshoot. The magician wore drenched trousers and fake tattoos for the image, which appears in this week's Closer magazine. Daniels, 74, and his wife Debbie McGee have posed as David and Victoria Beckham in the past, famously replicating their 2009 Armani billboard. Asked what he had in common with the La Galaxy footballer, Daniels said: "We've both got lovely wives. Although I'm sure he's very jealous of my manly physique." Of meeting David in 2005, Daniels said: "He was with the kids and his missus, and surrounded by all this security. But he was very charming and very normal "We called our (more)
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Why it's the theatre that's given us a Ladykillers to die for

Graham Linehan's stage adaptation of The Ladykillers succeeds where the Coen brothers failed: it's actually funny

Graham Linehan's new stage adaptation of the classic 1955 Ealing movie The Ladykillers, directed by Sean Foley, is up and running in London's West End. My colleague Michael Billington has delivered his verdict and I went to see it the other day. The questions this production throws up – apart from "Wasn't that brilliant?" and "When for goodness' sake can I see it again?" – are "How has Mr Linehan bucked the trend of film-to-play adaptations being so cynical and awful?" and "How has he succeeded where the Coen brothers failed?"

Joel and Ethan Coen produced their own remake of The Ladykillers in 2004. The original had a wacky criminal gang, led by Alec Guinness's loopy professor, renting a room in a tumbledown old house in London's King's Cross from a sweet old lady, whom
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Four Weddings: Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Spencer Smith, Tina Malone and Lyndsey Dawn MacKenzie

This week’s Celebrity Four Weddings features magician Paul Daniels renewing his vows with wife Debbie McGee in a circus-themed day, Big Brother’s Spencer Smith marrying his fiancé Jo Ellison and Shameless actress Tina Malone and glamour girl Lyndsey Dawn MacKenzie also tie the knot – but not with each other! The winning celebrity will donate money to their charity of choice.

Spencer reveals that he has fancied Debbie McGee since he was a teenager, and thinks she is a legend – which seems to be echoed by all the participants who all take a shine to her.

Lyndsey’s Marbella Wag extravaganza is described by Tina as her ‘idea of hell’, and the biggest clashes occur between Spencer and Lyndsey.

Who will take the Celebrity Four Weddings crown?

Find out Tuesday, 9pm Living
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Strictly Come Dancing 2010: week four live blog

Last night the Strictly celebs danced either a charleston or a tango. Or – if they're Ann Widdecombe – flew. Scroll down for the results!

Good evening and welcome to tonight's Strictly liveblog. Tina O'Brien and little Jared are back this week after the pox struck their performance last Saturday; but we're missing Brendan Cole who's in New Zealand following a bereavement. That does mean, however, that we can bid a warm welcome back to Ian Waite, who's partnering Michelle Williams.

That's the roll-call over. We lost magician Paul Daniels last week, which also meant farewell to defending champion Ola Jordan and her plethora of beautiful yet inexplicably tiny costumes as well as the chance of spotting The Lovely Debbie McGee in the audience. Who will go this week? Will Ann's use of a harness be any use to her whatsoever? Will Katya get so frustrated with Gavin that she punches him in his teak-coloured face?
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