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Star-crossed lovers: Clark Kent and Lana Lang--- Such a powerful episode.
Chuck_Bartowski0073 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be one of my favorite episodes that explores Clark and Lana's love. Ever since Season 1, Lana was always the girl next door who Clark loved and he was willing everything to do anything to protect her, except in this episode, she no longer needs that protection. Gaining superhuman abilities as a result of the Prometheus Suit that she now inhabits, Lana is now on par with Clark's abilities and as a result they can now commit the act which is barely ever named on the series(which I find hilarious): sex. Yeah, I have read people's comments on how making Tom Welling do so on the show is somehow defacing the Clark Kent icon of an hero, but seriously they just made the show more realistic by doing so and it shows how much Clark and Lana love each other.

Anyways, another cool part was that they introduced the Toy Maker and brought back Lex (not played by Michael Rosenbaum however) for a little bit. Showing how Oliver and Clark veer off their same path is pretty interesting to watch since it stays true to the comics, but Oliver blowing up Lex's truck was totally unexpected. If you have been following Smallville since Season 1, it truly is heart-breaking watch Lana and Clark say their goodbyes. It was a good way of letting Lana leave the show and I applaud the producers for doing it in such a way.

Love, hate, violence, sacrifice, pain, suffering, and endless tears are all in here. It was an amazing episode. My vote is 10.
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The 8th season is a symphony
igoatabase6 February 2009
I was a bit disappointed by Power and after reading this episode overview I wasn't even planning to watch it. The whole super Clana action sounded far too boring. However I changed my mind after reading some interesting reviews about how good the episode actually was.

This time it was a lot about character development. In the past episodes the relationship between Clark and Oliver got darker and darker. It seems they're drifting apart from each other, a bit like what happened between Clark and Lex years ago. However I really hope Oliver will manage to get back right on track or else his attitude could lead him to a "Dead End" (Batman short film). An interesting twist could be a confrontation between him and Clark. In fact Green Arrow is a bit like Batman because they have many gadgets to compensate their relative weakness compared to a powerful super-hero like Superman. The other interesting relationship was Chloe and Oliver. I'm surprised how close they got and how well they understand each other. The reference to Chloe's past action was also very well done because Oliver's one felt less bad. And last but not least, Clana. As much as I don't really like Lana I was gladly surprised how well the writers turned her into a character to help Clark to grow up and get stronger. The last scene was also a great moment and I really felt sad for them.

An other interesting thing about this episode was the justice and morality elements. I think the intention was to clearly define how far Clark would go to save someone and protect the people he loves. In the past episodes he confronted Oliver about his obsession of killing Lex but this time Chloe was in the middle. She's such an interesting character and without her there would be no Smallville. However in the plane I found she changed her mind a little too quickly but you have to admit that Clark's arguments were very convincing. For the fans it was probably a "comics" moment because his words felt really strong, like if they were said by The Man of Steel himself. It could even open a debate on death penalty. Does even a Nemesis deserve to die or is there always a peaceful solution to save its soul ? In the past episodes it wasn't clear if Clark was willing to kill Lex or not but this episode finally put an end to it, thanks to Chloe and Oliver.

Requiem was also a great episode because it was well written and directed. Watching it was as pleasant as listening a classical symphony. There were funny moments like the bed accident and the scene between Oliver and the toymaker at the hospital. Oliver mocking jokes were just hilarious. The pink nurse was also very easy on the eyes. However the overall mood was sad and most of the scenes were quite dark. In fact it's probably what I appreciate the most in season 8, its relative maturity. It's still a bit too "teenagy" on the edges but there have been so many strong episodes (Prey, Identity…) that the contents has taken over the form, the visual effects and production quality for example.

Now I can't wait for Lois to come back to see what happens between her and Clark because I was a huge fan of Lois & Clark. Erica Durance is no match to Teri Hatcher sex appeal but her performance in Bride was quite impressive. I also hope we'll learn more about the "merging" that happened between Tess and Oliver. Cassidy Freeman is so beautiful and her acting in Power was very convincing.
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Memorable Episode
cynthia00836 February 2009
That's one episode that fans should never forget.

The episode was centered on Clark/Lana and it was refreshing to see them act as a team and like young adults in the bedroom instead of the usual angst and mature stuff.

Of course it's Smallville, angst is a second nature in this series.

An ending that made fans cry, at least I cried and TW and KK chemistry was simply amazing, the scene was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

One of the best of the season. Give it 9 stars out of 10, there were some things that weren't that great but I'm such a sucker for this love story.

Clark/Lana : Epic
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Powerful episode with Minor setback
Rcwilkinson12328 August 2010
Anyone who is emotionally involved with the characters of this show will definitely feel those strings being pulled as they watch this episode of the eighth season. Clark and Lana both enjoy the opportunity to defend Metropolis together, as superpowered beings, one natural and the other surgical. At the same time, a surprising merger between LuthorCorp. led by Tess Mercer, and Queen Industries, headed by Oliver Queen, begins to be shaken from its outset by the mysterious Toyman. These developments lead to a confrontation of the two super-beings with the very villain behind the terrorist act itself, behind the Toyman's doings: Lex Luthor. As the episode's end proves, only Lex could pull a manueveur to separate Clark and Lana forever despite the fact that they share such a bond and secret with their abilities. Though many may have believe that the Clark/Lana relationship, something explored off-and-on with the show since season 2, ended fine at season 7's end, the way this separation developed is only more powerful, because it was severed by the very nemesis of not just Clark, but Lana as well, by this point. At the same time, the viewers can see the direction that Oliver Queen is going to, and probably already has, taken in his obsession with ensuring Lex's demise, especially since learning this season about the Luthors being behind the death of his parents. This is a shift, especially in the light of Tess Mercer lighting herself up since learning that she was a pawn in Lex's bloody hand. This episode acquires a 10 through its acting and emotional pull, but there should never be any way that any media whatsoever portrays Superman, or the one-to-be, as a fornicator, as he has been both on this episode, a season 5 episode, and a brief arc in season 4, not to mention Superman Returns with the hero's connection to the boy Jason. It's for this reason that a scene of that nature bumps the episode slightly lower than it might have been, not to mention the glaring question of why Chloe isn't more concerned about her fiancée, who has been in critical condition; lastly, who gave the Kryptonian knowledge crystal back to Clark, and how the sender was able to obtain it.
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I miss Lois Lane. Also, thank you so much LEX LUTHOR.. you did the impossible.
DCSassyQueen5 July 2017
7.2 Lex Luthor was good for something because he was the only one who could break up that tragic couple: Clark & Lana. Lana really brings the melodrama and I have had enough !!

Why did the writers have to f-up so badly when it comes to the Clark-Lana relationship & LOIS? When I re-watch this series again, I will DEFINITELY skip all the episodes Lana appear in this season.

Oliver finally does what most of these idiots could not do... finish Lex Luthor. Also, I am so Oliver called Chloe out on her BS.

Oliver & Lex are the MVPs of this episode.

The great Lois Lane is back in the next episode and I am so grateful because Clark will put his big-boy pants on and will become the man that he is suppose to become.
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The wicked witch is finally dead!!!
saratonin2414 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
***Possible Spoilers***

I hate those episodes that try to force the emotions from you when they just won't come. This one is definitely at the top of my list. It's impossible for me to feel sorry for either Clark or Lana at the outcome of the situation when I've been waiting 8 seasons for this atrocity to end. Any sympathy I had for either character is long gone. I really don't understand how the writers could have their heads in the clouds so long in regards to this situation. Maybe if we didn't know the outcome with Clark and Lois I might have been able to swallow this annoying thing with Lana but as it stands it's just not happening.

And let's not overlook Lana's new and powerful suit that makes her such a special new girl. Lana needs to look up the definition of borderline personality disorder because she's definitely got some issues. No matter how many different ways I hear it I'll never believe that Lana wanted that suit just to "save the world". Lana wanted power and she proved that before whenever she had Clark's abilities for a day. Her whole power hungry vengeance was brushed aside and blamed on the powers but the truth is the powers didn't change her personality. Lana's definitely got a little identity crisis that she needs to deal with and giving her an all powerful suit is probably not the wisest idea. Not to mention that it feels almost like blasphemy that she of all people received those "special powers" to make her fit in with Clark. But yet again we end this episode with Lana being the perfect little martyr. It proves just how far writers were willing to go to make Lana and Clark work for some insane reason.

It also makes me a little angry that writers chose to end their relationship the way they did. Personally I would have liked for once to see Clark stand up and say you know what, maybe I do really love you but this just isn't going to work. And God knows they had their fair share of chances to make things work. There comes a point whenever you just have to accept the fact that it isn't working and count your losses. The fact that Clark wouldn't do this and kept fighting until the end, for something we know wasn't destined to be, honestly effected my opinion of him.

I thought back in the Season 7 finale that for once Lana did the honorable thing and decided to back away and let Clark live his life but even that was uncovered to be just a rouse. Instead of letting the characters take the moral high ground they chose instead to made it so that the two were forced apart by circumstances out of their control and by doing so put a damper on any relationship with Lois in the future. We're left knowing that given the chance Clark would still be with Lana and nothing would have ever happened with Lois. It's almost a disgrace to assume that Lois Lane is the rebound and that Clark is "settling" by being with her. Lois Lane isn't second best to anyone, especially Lana Lang. I just love how writers also chose to leave Lois out of all of these episodes involving Lana only to no doubt bring her back in the next episode as if nothing has even happened.

To a certain extent I can deal with it because, hey, real life is just as messy sometimes but the fact remains that it was always meant to be Lois and I feel that writers really screwed that up by taking the direction they did with Lana. Granted she's never been a character I liked and I always enjoyed Clark more with Chloe but whenever Lois came on the scene even Chloe got pushed to the background. I even understand that Clark is allowed to have more than one serious relationship but in my opinion the whole Lana situation was blown so way out of proportion it literally wasn't funny. To be honest, Lana was the main reason I quit watching the show live after only a few seasons.

We also get our first real glance at Lex since the finale of Season 7 and the absence of Michael Rosenbaum is definitely noticed. We're also seeing a darker side to Oliver which is interesting because I love his character. Hopefully now that the annoying Lana Lang is forever banished I can start enjoying the show again.
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Another pathetic attempt by this show to make me feel something for Clark and Lana
colaof8 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Why is it that everyone but Clark can see what a threat Lex is? Clark gets to act like he's taking the moral high ground by not killing Lex, even though Lex has killed, and will continue to kill if he's not stopped. By not killing Lex, and not allowing anyone else to Clark is in effect causing the deaths of whoever Lex decides to kill next. I also feel the need to agree with another reviewer over the way Clark and Lana's relationship ultimately ends. Not because either choose to walk away, but because they don't have a choice. The season 7 finale would have been a better way for their love story to end, but the writer's just couldn't resist forcing Lana back in there for one more go round. I'm sorry, but Lana's story should have ended 3 or 4 seasons ago. Dragging it out only hurt the show in the long run, and this episode's lame attempt at making me feel something for these character's "heart-breaking" sacrifice is pathetic. I stopped caring about Clark and Lana long ago. That is if I ever cared about them in the first place. I don't think I did. I always thought Chloe was a better fit for Clark, but Lana always stood in the way of that. As another reviewer said this makes it seem like Clark is settling for Lois in the end, and that if he'd had a choice he would have chosen Lana. Clark and Lois are meant to be, but the way this show is written you would think it's Clark and Lana who were meant to be. The whole thing is just ridiculous, and not fair to the character of Lois. Lois deserved better than to be Clark's consolation prize on Smallville. If I weren't (for some insane reason) dedicated to seeing this thing through I would walk away right now. Good riddance Lana. By overstaying your welcome you have essentially ruined any chance at a believable Clark and Lois love story given the limited 2 1/2 seasons remaining. It's wrong to put this blame on the character though? It's the writer's who are truly at fault here. Just one more addition to the long list of things Smallville got wrong about Superman. What else is new?
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The long awaited end to the Clark/ Lana love quagmire.
seyramb26 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I am longtime devotee to the Smallville franchise. I took a long hiatus from the show and only recently came back when I purchased seasons 8 through 10 on DVD.

I cannot tell you how excited I am that Clark and Lana are finally over. Oh dear god their love problems while initially cute and endearing, became the ball and chain that weighed down the progress of the show.

The writers of the show have done well to end their relationship in this manner. While the two of them will never be together, devotees of the are left with the memory of the passionate and tumultuous love the shared. Simultaneously, it brings closure and allows show devotees (and Clark and Lana) to move on to a future that contains more opportunities of love.
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