Batman vs Superman Movie Review Essay

The beginning of 2016 is characterized with the creation of a new superhero film called Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The DC Comics fans have been looking forward to watching this movie whereas it reveals a new story about their favorite characters Batman and Superman. The film serves as continuation of the Superman film, Man of Steel. At the same time, it is the first part of a new trilogy related to Batman. The further parts of the trilogy, Justice League Part One and Justice League Part Two, will see the world in 2017 and 2019. The movie is directed by Zack Snyder, a famous director who is known for such films as 300, Watchmen and Man of Steel. The genre of the film is a superhero drama. It is possible to say that it is a classical dark and serious DC Comics movie.

The plot of Batman vs Superman is curious and imposing.
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It's official: Batman will get more screentime than Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It's official: Batman will get more screentime than Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has confirmed that Ben Affleck's Caped Crusader will get more screentime than Henry Cavill's Man of Steel.

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Snyder explained that it's the shadow of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy that's causing the imbalance.

"[It's] because it's a different Batman than was in the Chris Nolan movies, so we have a little bit more explaining to do – and you just had a whole Superman movie," said Snyder.

"You need to understand where Batman is with everything," he added. "And that's more toward the beginning, but it evens back out as it goes on".

In the same interview, Snyder also called out Marvel's Ant-Man, while Lux Luthor himself, Jesse Eisenberg, recently beamed with pride about just how good Batman v Superman will be.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, and you can watch
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11 things you may not know about Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson

11 things you may not know about Tomorrowland star Britt Robertson
Although she may not be the most well-known name in Tomorrowland, here at Digital Spy we think Britt Robertson is a star in the making.

With Disney's Tomorrowland opening in cinemas across the country today (May 22), here are 11 facts about the actress which you perhaps didn't know.

1. Britt comes from a Big family.

Brittany Leanna Robertson is the oldest of seven children - talk about sibling rivalries! With three half-siblings on her mum's side and three on her dad's side, growing up in the Robertson family sounds like it could have been quite hectic. No wonder Britt moved out at 14, to search for her fame in Hollywood.

2. She acts way younger than her age.

Pardon the cliché, but in Tomorrowland, Britt literally does act younger than her age, playing a 15-year-old character despite actually being 25.

Speaking about the drastic age difference, she said: "If I can play 15 when I am
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Fox Announces 2015-2016 Fall TV Schedule

Fox Announces 2015-2016 Fall TV Schedule
Dana Walden and Gary Newman, Chairmen and CEOs, Fox Television Group, today unveiled the Fox primetime slate for the 2015-2016 television season to the national advertising community during its annual Programming Presentation at the Beacon Theatre. Here's what the CEO's had to say in a joint statement.

"Building on the phenomenal momentum created by Gotham, The Last Man on Earth and, of course, Empire, we're infusing next season's schedule with new ambitious dramas, smart comedies, aspirational unscripted series and big live events and specials - all from the best creators in the business. And our strategy with these bold creative swings is simple: schedule them strategically, market them relentlessly and create events that break through and captivate viewers across every platform."

Tuesdays are all-new this fall on Fox, with new comedies Grandfathered and The Grinder, followed by killer comedy-horror series Scream Queens. The new comedies kicking off an all-new Tuesday are Grandfathered and The Grinder.
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The X-Files Slated to Return on January 24th, 2016

We now know when Fox is planning to bring FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back to the small screen, as the network revealed that part one of The X-Files six-episode event series premiere will air on Sunday, January 24th.

In their 2015 - 2016 fall TV schedule announcement (which also includes information on Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens, slated to begin airing on Tuesdays this fall), Fox revealed that the return of The X-Files will take place on Sunday, January 24th, between 10:00pm - 11:00pm Est after the Nfc Championship game.

The second half of the two-part premiere will air at 8:00pm Est the following night on Monday, January 25th, with subsequent episodes also airing on Monday nights. Filming on the event series begins this June. For more information, see the official press release below (The X-Files details are highlighted in bold text). Also included in
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‘Fury’, ‘Foxcatcher’, ‘Mr. Turner’ headline BFI 58th London Film Festival 2014

Fury (David Ayer)

[via the BFI]

The programme for the 58th BFI London Film Festival launched today, with Festival Director Clare Stewart presenting this year’s rich and diverse selection of films and events. The lineup includes highly anticipated fall titles including David Ayer’s Fury, Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher, the Sundance smash Whiplash, Jean-Luc Godard’s Goodbye to Language 3D, The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Mike Leigh’s Mr. Turner, Jason Reitman’s Men, Women and Children and Jean-Marc Vallee’s Wild.

As Britain’s leading film event and one of the world’s oldest film festivals, it introduces the finest new British and international films to an expanding London and UK-wide audience, offering a compelling combination of red carpet glamour, engaged audiences and vibrant exchange. The Festival provides an essential profiling opportunity for films seeking global success at the start of the Awards season, promotes the careers of British and
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Blue Jasmine, Prisoners, Greedy Lying Bastards: this week's new films

Blue Jasmine | Prisoners | Greedy Lying Bastards | Mister John | Hannah Arendt | Runner Runner | It's A Lot | Girl Most Likely | Smash & Grab: The Story Of The Pink Panther | Austenland

Blue Jasmine (12A)

(Woody Allen, 2013, Us) Cate Blanchett, Alec Baldwin, Peter Sarsgaard. 98 mins

In the downward trajectory of late-era Allen comes a startling spike to remind us how great he still can be, especially when it comes to women's roles. This show belongs to Blanchett, playing a Manhattan one-percenter brought down to earth. Propped up by alcohol, drugs and her sister, she's an accident that's already happening, and a magnificent, tragicomic creation.

Prisoners (15)

(Denis Villeneuve, 2013, Us) Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul Dano. 153 mins

A kidnapping case refuses to crack in this weighty, slippery whodunit.

Greedy Lying Bastards (12A)

(Craig Scott Rosebraugh, 2012, Us) 90 mins

Climate-change deniers get a dose of their own medicine, as this impassioned doc lays out a history of hypocrisy.

Mister John (15)

(Christine Molloy,
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Full line-up for the BFI London Film Festival announced

With Venice underway and Toronto beginning this week, festival season is in full swing, and next month it's the turn of the UK capital for the 57th BFI London Film Festival. This morning the BFI's Clare Stewart announced the full line-up for the festival, which is set to include a total of 234 fiction and documentary features, including 22 World Premieres, 16 International Premieres, 29 European Premieres and 20 Archive films. Here's the press release in full....


Opening & Closing Night Galas

The Festival opens with the European Premiere of Paul GreengrassCaptain Phillips a high-stakes thriller based on true story of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates with Tom Hanks playing the eponymous lead role.

The European Premiere of Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks will close the festival, the film which tells the untold story of how Mary Poppins was brought to the
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12 Years a Slave, Gravity, The Zero Theorem & More Lead BFI London Film Festival Line-Up

  • HeyUGuys
The 57th BFI London Film Festival line-up has officially been revealed, and it is led by a slew of incredibly promising films, many of which have already been buzzing on the festival circuit, and a number of which will be making their debuts here in London.

As previously announced, Paul GreengrassCaptain Phillips will open the festival next month, and John Lee Hancock’s Saving Mr. Banks will close it, book-ending the festival with Tom Hanks leading two highly prominent, Oscar-primed movies.

Stephen FrearsPhilomena was also previously announced as the Lff American Express Gala, with The Epic of Everest announced as the Lff Archive Gala.

And leading the line-up alongside them this year will be some of the most Oscar-buzzed movies of 2013, including Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, Jason Reitman’s Labor Day, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity (in 3D), Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis, Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem,
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Full Line-Up Revealed For The 57th BFI London Film Festival

Our own Sam Carey has been nestled in the Odeon Leicester Square for the last hour and a half where the full line-up for the 57th BFI London Film Festival has been revealed (you can see his live tweets over at the @thncom twitter feed). We can now provide you with the line up for this years festival in its entirety via the press release below.

Key films screening at the festival include Paul Greengrass helmed Captain Phillips, the George Clooney/ Sandra Bullock space epic Gravity, Tome Hanks starrer Saving Mr Banks, Stephen FrearsPhilomena, 12 Years A Slave from Steve McQueen, the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis, Jason Reitman’s literary adaptation Labor Day starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, Ralph Fiennes’ second directorial feature The Invisible Woman, Abdellatif Kechiche’s Blue Is The Warmest Colour, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon, Alexander Payne’s road-trip Nebraska and Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive.
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Star Trek Into Darkness, Mud, A Hijacking: this week's new films

Star Trek Into Darkness | Mud | A Hijacking | The Reluctant Fundamentalist | Our Children | Deadfall | Vehicle 19 | Village At The End Of The World | Journey To Italy

Star Trek Into Darkness (12A)

(Jj Abrams, 2013, Us) Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg. 132 mins

Those cinemagoers won over by Abrams's first Star Trek movie (even if they can barely remember it now) won't be disappointed with this finely tuned follow-up, which deftly balances action crises, sci-fi repartee and the ongoing Kirk/Spock bromance, but adds enough surprises to keep things interesting, largely by way of Cumberbatch's shifty supervillain.

Mud (12A)

(Jeff Nichols, 2012, Us) Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Reese Witherspoon. 130 mins

Another distinctive, beguiling southern parable from Nichols, this time tracking the friendship between two boys and the mysterious fugitive they find down by the river. It's like a mix of Stand By Me, Night Of The Hunter and Terrence Malick.
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This week's new films

Killing Them Softly (18)

(Andrew Dominik, 2012, Us) Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, James Gandolfini. 97 mins

With a cast like that, no prizes for guessing this is a gangster movie. But despite the well-trodden ground, it finds its own patch thanks to an up-to-date landscape of economic hardship and all-round criminal incompetence. Thus, Pitt's suave assassin breezes into town to clean up a mess, but only gets caught in a bigger one. It's tough, violent stuff, but with a certain sleazy finesse.

Savages (15)

(Oliver Stone, 2012, Us) Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Blake Lively. 130 mins

Stone gives up the politics and returns to crime, with a violent thriller involving two pot-growing California dudes and their run-in with a Mexican drug cartel.

Hysteria (15)

(Tanya Wexler, 2011, UK/Fra/Ger/Lux) Hugh Dancy, Maggie Gyllenhaal, 99 mins

The invention of the vibrator and the phenomenon of women's "hysteria" are viewed with jaunty decorum but some political savvy in this Victorian romcom.
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The 27 meanest high school girls in the movies

Louisa Mellor Caroline Preece Jul 28, 2016

High school, as Buffy The Vampire Slayer literally reminds us, can be hell. Here then, are 27 movie mean girls who make it so...

Some are smart and conniving, some as dumb as a bag of hammers, some are literally evil, some just high school evil, but they all share three things: they're girls, they're mean, and they go to high school. Join us as we count down the 27 meanest high school girls in the movies...

27. Betty Rizzo - Grease

Ah Grease, with your insidious message that taking up smoking and dressing like a massive-haired figure skater was the way to your true love's heart, you truly are a classic amongst teen movies.

Even after seven seasons playing the First Lady in The West Wing, Stockard Channing is still best known as spunky Rizzo, the girl with an acid tongue and a quick, if not always intelligible,
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DVD Playhouse--July 2012

By Allen Gardner

The Samurai Trilogy (Criterion) Director Hiroshi Inagaki’s sprawling epic filmed from 1954-56 is an early Japanese Technicolor masterpiece, rivaling the scope of filmmakers like David Lean and Luchino Visconti. Toshiro Mifune, Japan’s greatest actor, stars as real-life swordsman, artist and writer Musashi Miyamoto, following his growth from callow youth to disciplined warrior. The three films: the Oscar winning “Musashi Miyamoto,” “Duel at Ichijoji Temple,” and “Duel at Ganryu Island” are an incredible story of human growth, tender love and sublime, blood-soaked action. Not to be missed. Also available on Blu-ray disc. Bonuses: Interviews with translator and historian William Scott Wilson; Trailers. Full screen. Dolby 1.0 mono.

The 39 Steps (Criterion) Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 story of spies, conspiracies and sexual tension put him on the map on both sides of the Pond. Robert Donat stars as an innocent thrust into a deadly plot alongside a cool blonde (Madeleine Carroll
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Aishwarya Rai's post-baby body forces India to confront its attitude to women

The former Miss World is due to appear at the Cannes festival as a debate about her weight rages in her home country

Aishwarya Rai is no stranger to Cannes. The Bollywood actor and former Miss World has attended the film festival 10 times, but her appearance on the red carpet next week is set to be her most talked about. The cause of a controversy raging in India lies not with her latest film – Rai is there to promote a cosmetic brand rather than a new movie – but instead, bewilderingly, with recent photographs which suggest that, six months after giving birth to a baby girl, Rai has yet to regain her pre-pregnancy figure.

Many in India are asking whether the woman routinely referred to as the most beautiful in the world, and who occupies a place in Indian popular culture akin to Kate Middleton or Victoria Beckham, has an obligation
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23 High School Movies That Get The Passing Grade

Considering it's where most of us (bar the weird home-schooled kids) spend our crucial formative years, where we have our first fights, our first loves, our first tentative steps into adulthood, it's no surprise that high school has long been a popular setting for movies. A range of genres (though generally leaning towards comedy) have taken place in those hallways, particularly from the 1980s onwards, when John Hughes, among others, made an entire career out of the lives and loves of 15-18 year olds.

The latest film to head back to class is "21 Jump Street" (review here) the big-screen reboot of the '80s TV show, which stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as youthful-looking cops who are sent back to high school in order to bust a drug-running ring. While you might assume this to be another lazy remake, you'd be very wrong, as Tatum, Hill, co-writer Michael Bacall,
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38th Telluride Film Festival Announces 2011 Festival Lineup

George Clooney, Pierre Étaix and Tilda Swinton

to receive Silver Medallion Awards Over twenty-five new features plus revival programs

and unique programming from Guest Director Caetano Veloso will be presented as part of the 2011 exhibition

Telluride, Co (September 1, 2011) . Telluride Film Festival (September 2-5, 2011), presented by the National Film Preserve, announces its program for the 38th Telluride Film Festival. Featuring diverse programming from around the globe, Tff once again sets the stage for some of the year.s most highly anticipated films.

Tff opens its 38th year with over twenty-five new feature films plus special artist tributes, Guest Director programs selected by Caetano Veloso, Backlot programs, classics and restorations, shorts, student films, seminars and conversations, each introduced or proceeded with a Q&A by its filmmaker, actors, writer or producer. Telluride Film Festival opens Friday, September 2 and runs through Labor Day, Monday, September 5.

The .Show.

38th Telluride Film Festival is proud
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Kirsten Dunst: Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day

HollywoodNews.com: Our selected celebrity to be included in our “Hot Hollywood Celebrity Photo Gallery of the Day” is Kirsten Dunst.

Kirsten Dunst ◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 11

Kirsten Dunst - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Melancholia" Photocall - Palais des Festivals - Cannes

◄ Back Next ►Picture 1 of 11

Kirsten Dunst - 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "Melancholia" Photocall - Palais des Festivals - Cannes

Kirsten Caroline Dunst (born April 30, 1982) is an American actress, singer and model. She made her film debut in Oedipus Wrecks, a short film directed by Woody Allen for the anthology New York Stories (1989). At the age of 12, Dunst gained widespread recognition playing the role of vampire Claudia in Interview with the Vampire (1994), a performance for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. The same year she appeared in Little Women, to further acclaim.

Dunst achieved international fame as a
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[DVD Review] Dungeons & Dragons: 2-Movie Collection

There are a lot of bad movies out there. Some are bad and some are just plain awful. Dungeons & Dragons and its made-for-dvd sequel D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God fall under this category. Both films based on the popular fantasy role-playing game of the same name have now been released in a Blu-ray 2-movie pack. Joy.

The first movie D&D takes place in the mythical Empire of Izmer, a place where two classes of people inhabit the land, Mages and commoners. The Mages possess special magical powers and the commoners live in poverty and often resort to crime. An over the top Jeremy Irons stars as an evil Mage named Profion who plans to dethrone the ruler of the land Empress Savina played by a wooden Thora Birch. Aware of Profion’s sinister plot, Savina must obtain the Rod of Savrille, a powerful scepter which controls dragons.
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Jay-z, Kardashians And Other Celebs Hold New Year's Eve Bashes To Crash

We take a look at the parties hosted by everyone from Rihanna to 30 Seconds to Mars on Friday night.

By Kara Warner

Jay-z and Chris Martin

Photo: Kevin Mazur/ WireImage

Ah, New Year's Eve. A night for outlandish celebrations, noisy party favors, fireworks, countdowns, kisses and, sometimes, plain-old debauchery. The haters out there refer to December 31 as "amateur night," referring to the common phenomenon of revelers' tendencies to overindulge themselves with partying and adult beverages. The non-haters, however, take advantage of the holiday's merry theme to get dressed up and attend a fancy party. Maybe even a fancy party at a nightclub, hosted by a celebrity.

For those looking to possibly rub elbows with a celeb, if you live in or are heading to Miami, Las Vegas or New York, you're in luck. The soirees hosted by famous faces are a-plenty in those towns.

The biggest event in Vegas looks
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