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could be really fun
wraptile7 September 2022
The premise is very interesting but it bogged down with too much filler. Many of the stories are so forced and fake.

Some sections don't even show the house for more than few seconds. There's very little detail and value put on the real estate itself. It's full of forced drama with really unlikable people who for the most part seem to be in it for a cash in.

I hope the second season can focus on more unique houses rather than toxic house flipping. The location highlights are really nice but very tiny if you're not familiar with US real estate market you would be missing out on what makes big chunk of the value itsself.

It's one of those shows that'll have few great highlight clips on YouTube and that's where I'd advice to watch it.
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Painful to watch, but I watched it
Nac897 March 2023
Shark Tank for home buying, First and foremost, they need to show more of the actual house and less of the backstories. It's hard to see the house when they only show a quick video and a couple pictures.

Mostly arrogant and annoying homeowners stand in front of 4 real estate "moguls." One of the moguls is the Glen Kelman- CEO of Redfin. He likes to let you know by saying it over and over in every episode.

I gave it five stars bc I did end up watching. It's a quick watch that will pass a few hours away.

Just don't expect to be wowed. You will be disappointed.

I'm not expecting a season two.
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I binged watch ,it's so good.Please bring Season 2.
freespiritricha14 September 2022
I really loved the show. The real estate tycoons ,each have their own personalities and they are wonderful and very polite people. The most of the people selling their houses have their stories and are also wonderful. I binged watch the show and finnished it in one go. The houses are of so many different styles and also the price range is versatile. The prices offered and bargained are also justified. Its also not over dramatic or flashy like many other reality shows which i love. The real state investors are very genuine znd down to eart people. I really like each one of them I am eager to watch season 2.
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Not sure about this one
brambold7 September 2022
I am a real estate agent and any of these homes can sell on the open market. Every. Single. One.

The Redfin offers were ridiculously high and would be a bad investment if the markets were what they said they were. But ok whatever.

Any city has plenty of real life, non tycoon type investor buyers. If houses don't sell, it's always the price compared to the condition of the house and the comparable son the open market. So if a house doesn't sell, it's usually the sellers not budging on the price. And none of these tycoon investors on this show would pay any more than open market offers would get you, otherwise they would go broke. And that wouldn't make them tycoons.

BUT I do like the parts where they invest in the people, not the houses. So that part is awesome!

So again, what's the point of this show when thee homes could sell on the open market??
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Grotesquely insensitive
catschasemice959416 March 2023
A bunch of rich real estate moguls selling ugly houses. No one in this show seems aware that there is a housing crisis in this country. The problem isn't just finding homes for the unhorsed. It's also about affordable homes for folks with moderate incomes. The cost of building apartments and single family homes has gone up because these insensitive real estate moguls have one goal in mind. Maximizing profit. Throw in rising interest rates and the short supply of costly building materials and you have the mess we see in this country. Shame on Netflix for this utter trash. How about getting these people to come up with solutions that would help America. And that's not maximizing profit on a place with a water sucking pool.
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American dream of owning your own home may be over
kejjr-2708019 March 2023
I'm not saying I wouldn't sell my house to the highest/easiest bidder. Nor am I saying if I had money that I wouldn't invest in real estate. But this show makes it so clear that single family homes (including townhouses/condos) will soon be in the hands of the wealthy. I hope those who want a house are able to find a way. From my first house for $10,000 in 1974 through to my dream house now, it has been a source of adventure and accomplishment.

I guess I need to do more words. Well, throughout the years, I've painted, ceramic tiled, switched/installed light switches, fixed toilets, installed landscaping block walls for garden beds, instaled in-wall stereo speakers, etc.
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Before it's time, but still great.
IhaveKandy2 December 2022
I feel like this show would be so much more interesting in a down market. Right now sellers have no incentive to sell their houses, which is a main ingredient in what makes shows like this great. The way the market is right now would make for an amazing season 2.

I want to see guest hosts! Danisha and Pam are great, but Nina, Glenn and Brandon are a little flat. I like that this show doesn't try to over dramatize moments to the point that it's clearly fake and forced. It's the perfect balance of getting to see someones cool house, get some take away and seeing how the buyer evaluate the property. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing apartment complexes or investor real estate or a camp ground or laundramat.
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